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  1. Is it just me or is a nightmare to browse this forum now? First time I’ve actually went through the actual forum to find a topic instead of doing unseen posts. Really quite annoying
  2. Leaving grey lines

    The suns a pain in the ass. I pole my own windows and have a bad seal on my front window. Thought I didn’t get a drip this time round until the next day the sun was on it and was as bad as ever
  3. I would still run a quote for insurance mate to see. They do a non turbo 1.9 engine aswell if the insurance was to be any cheaper ? I’ve heard it sucks on power though. My advice is stay away from them newer berlingo/partners , horror stories with the one I had
  4. Best small vans about are 1.9 vw caddy’s .i honestly wouldn’t enetertain any other Small van
  5. Didn't even bother going out today with snow and ice. Roads where like a bottle
  6. I didn't like my natural hybrid. It burnt out in no time
  7. Brilliant job. How much did that cost
  8. Buying rounds , saved me canvassing as did a website. Wasn't long until it paid for itself
  9. work phone thats relible 0777771

    Past few phones have been a Samsung. Due an upgrade in February think I'm going to get an iPhone. Make sure you get a cover asap for the s7. It's the only phone I've ever broke the screen on. First week i had it it dropped about a foot and cracked. The crack has now started to shatter the whole screen
  10. wet January

    The worst about it all is though the time off with Christmas and now further days off
  11. wet January

    Poor start to the new year weather wise here
  12. Payment

    If banks etc can do it then I'm sure we can. They just didn't ask to see the small print lol
  13. Payment

    Surely though when they are talking about administration fee that involves your unpaid time off delivering the letter and so many times calling back for payments from them?
  14. Took today off . Weather was a bit poor. Few requests for tomorrow . The rest can wait until the 27th

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