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  1. CHWS

    ‘Zebra stripes’ on Fascia

    I’ve only used it by hand. It’s more apply and then wipe any dirt off with a clean cloth
  2. My connectors getting a battering in the top when doing frames . I might try the bottom for a change
  3. CHWS

    Unger resin

    Ive had no bother from unger resin
  4. Injectors are the big problem . Gearbox also from what I remember. I had a very good vivaro and sold it and 3 months later the Lad who bought it the injectors went
  5. CHWS

    ‘Zebra stripes’ on Fascia

    Cellulose thinners is the cheapest option. Literally just wipes off
  6. CHWS

    Worn gooseneck

    I had my swivel a month and the pin fell out . The brush managed to stay on until this past week . Got fed up with lifting it out of the van and the brush falling off so I had to put a bit of insulating tape around it and then put the brush on!
  7. CHWS

    Goods received from customers

    A few people have offered me stuff . Usually **** u would dump yourself. I have actually got a few good deals in buying stuff of them . Had a customer I bought a full Halfords tool chest drawer things for £70 . They where like brand new and her husband had passed away. Looked at them online and it was near £400 worth she then said anything else there you fancy just take it
  8. That seems to be it . Thanks for your help . Are you able to buy them seals or would you just have to buy a new pod
  9. I fixed that seal in the second picture around the inner of the other seal but it’s not a perfect fit
  10. I measured it and it coming out at 4
  11. Yes it’s a 10 inch. My tap water TDS is only 42
  12. CHWS

    Views on this bit of kit

    My next van will have something like that . Far more tidier looking
  13. Hi I’m having a bit of trouble with my RO from Colin’s water products. I think it’s a 350 gpd. Anyway it was producing water the very best and then the TDS crept to about 3. So changed the resin (unger) and it persisted to remain at 3. Changed the pre filter and still it remained around 3. The next step was the resin must be off so ordered tulsion. Changed the resin and it’s coming out at 1. Why isn’t the resin doing the job and bringing it to 0. Any ideas in what the problem might be ?
  14. CHWS

    Stop valve on tank ?

    Look up on eBay fish tank auto filler . You just drill a hole in the tank and put it on and add a hose lock connection to the side of it and then attach your hose to the side of it
  15. CHWS

    Introducing the Perry Pump

    Unforutantely I fill with pure and then run through resin bottles. But would be good if I did bypass and had normal tap water in the tank

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