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  1. every 2 weeks or ever 4 weeks

    The problem with that is with bad weather it can run into 6 weeks. I say 4-5 weeks
  2. A Gardiners discount would be quite nice 😁
  3. Bare metal on pavement is safer than feet. It acts like an ice pick

    I still do lots of straight pulls, especially patio doors. Quicker than fanning
  5. Pricing up this job

    £200 for something that big
  6. Thank you

    Well does anyone who went fancy sharing any new products that are in the pipeline??
  7. Caravan Parks?

    Ask for permission. I went onto one near me without permission and the manager wasn't happy and then he asked permission from the site owners and everything was fine
  8. It does fit Into the ninja. I've been using it for a couple of years. Also fits the newer green unger boab
  9. Put a nice fresh bit of ply in it
  10. Time Saving

    The exact same imo only aworka is cheaper. Cleaner planner looks better
  11. Pump problems

    Yeah I fiddled with mine weeks ago before it got worse and it worked but then I thought it was a coincidence that I moved them and it worked. The corrosion had travelled up the wire to where I couldn't see. Hope you get sorted
  12. Pump problems

    I wired the pump directly to the battery and it was fine. And had a problem with my backpack and the dealer contacted me and they said if the controller is working and then not working its a wiring issue possibly due to corrosion. So I rewired everything And it seems to be fine. Will know tomorrow for sure if it's ok
  13. Bank Holiday plans.

    Well on my way to work this morning it was like a Sunday. No cars in the road. Done a few odds and ends. Home now
  14. Bank Holiday plans.

    Work of course lol
  15. Pump problems

    So I auto calibrated mine last night and all was well. It buggered about first thing this morning. I disconnected the pump from the controller as the controller wouldn't turn on and then reconnected it up again and it all magically started to work again. About 2pm today it just stopped and the controller wouldn't turn back on even with the pump disconnected. Not long home and I push the button and the controller turns on like nothing is wrong!!! Is a new controller on the cards or what is the problem??? Doing my scone in