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  1. Has anyone used a sticker remover in a back pack with wfp with any success ?? Fighting a losing battle here
  2. Trees

    A customer of mine had theirs up the day after halloween! I literally couldn't believe it
  3. I always thought one of them hand held steam cleaners would have been useful for it. Though they seemed useless for everything else
  4. Mine lasts me ages. No idea what my tds is going in but I'm deffinetely thousands out of it
  5. For the PRO diy er, help wanted

    You don't use the white wires as your putting up a new fitting . Your supposed to fit them in but I always use bigger connector blocks so they fit in with ease as it's a pain in the ads trying to fit them into the blocks they supply
  6. For the PRO diy er, help wanted

    Black goes into the negative. Earth into the earth and the middle red into a separate connector and the remainde reds into the live
  7. Black Friday deals

    Happy days thinking of upgrading my electric reel to an Hd
  8. Well is any suppliers doing black Friday deals again this year?
  9. Have you squeezed the trigger to let the remainder water out
  10. Thought about it before , with over 500 customers thats a lot of envelope licking
  11. Aworka help

    Yes it is
  12. Aworka help

    Flip I didn't no you could text out of your own phones minutes. Yes I agree with that. Every few days I put the laptop on and reorder houses etc. The swiping bit done my head in. If you get the app for it on your phone and arrange everything on a laptop or tablet it makes life easier. Couldn't best it for the money
  13. Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review

    I honestly don't know how I worked before having one. To me they are a must on any pole
  14. Aworka help

    Go cardless is integrated, I've never used any of the text options. Regarding the work. It comes up on a planner and it's simple to move runs or days work back or forward. I trailed cleaner planner and to me it's the same except just doesn't look as good