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  1. I’ve worked to 6 or so before, it’s embarassing after 4 imo , especially when people are getting in from work and are prepping their dinner
  2. CHWS

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Not to worry Alex because the next reel will have a barbed connection. Just stuck wether to wait for the new water works or to go for the grippa reel
  3. CHWS

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    My conotour handle came today. First go and it feels really good to work with and so smooth. As someone mentioned straight away I felt a slight strain in my hand. No lines with liquidator channel in. I’ll give it a proper go on Monday
  4. CHWS

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    no and I won’t be is what I’m saying. The male thread is barely existing as it is due to me originally over tightening the swivel back when I got it, the next time I take the connection off it probably won’t go back on so it will in turn need to be replaced. I’m upgrading the reel soon anyway so no worries
  5. CHWS

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    No i know it is not but what I’m saying is i rung the male thread when I got it originally because I over tightened it so much as I didn’t think it was possible for the leak to come from the swivel part
  6. CHWS

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    No there was another guy had the same problem . It’s from the actual swivel To to be honest I’ll probably not even try it because i practically rung the threads where it screws on to the hose reel because the last time I tried to tighten so tight to stop the leak.
  7. CHWS

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    No disrespect to Alex Gardiner but regarding my brand new swivel connection for the reel that leaked from day 1 I was told just to stick ptf tape around it. Surely that shouldn’t be the case either with something that is new
  8. CHWS

    Facelift Phantom Pole

    I like idea of no glue
  9. CHWS

    Car show rooms

    I have a car show room and have recently started with an excellerator on the slx for inside. The way the building has beams going across I still have to climb for the very tops but then I pole the bottoms . But then I have to go up and detail the odd bit on the bottom because it’s very hard to close out. The windows are very high but it seems easier and quicker
  10. CHWS

    Swivel Threaded Adaptor Leak

    If I get a chance over the weekend I’ll send u a video
  11. CHWS

    Swivel Threaded Adaptor Leak

    Hi alex I contacted the customer service team before and sent pictures or a video from what I remember and they asked for it to be posted back etc so just wasn’t worth the bother for me so I just went back to the fixed connection.
  12. Couldnt agree more with this. I miss the odd day off here and there without falling behind
  13. CHWS

    Swivel Threaded Adaptor Leak

    Mine doesn’t tighten any more. It leaks from where the elbow swivels
  14. CHWS

    Swivel Threaded Adaptor Leak

    Mine was the exact same! I bought one from Gardiner’s that done the same thing and was a complete faff with them to get a replacement so I ended up just opting for a fixed one. The problem with my fixed one is after a few months the brass wears on the connection and then leaks. No matter how hard I tightened my swivel etc it made no difference at all. The water just ****** out of it
  15. CHWS

    from one pole set up to two help

    Yes it’s fine . There’s no difference if I was to turn one pump off

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