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  1. With what I’ve learned re these backpacks and their innards, if I were to rely on one for extended day to day use I would modify it right off the bat. First, the pump. They are sturdy little pumps but with one big issue. The micro switch in the built in pressure switch is not up to much. They give out quickly the way most of us use them (Switching them on and off constantly). Modification: I would wire an automotive 40amp relay (eBay £2.29) into the circuit to carry the current responsible for this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Automotive-Changeover-Relay-with-Bracket-40A-5-Pin-Car-Bike-Van/282011957360?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Second, the flow controllers. The controllers used in these backpacks seem to fail often from what I’ve seen on here. Modification: Remove the controller altogether or if flow control is required, fit a cheap PWM controller (eBay £3.25) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-40V-10A-PWM-DC-Motor-Speed-Control-Switch-Controller-Volt-Regulator-Dimmer/173191125741?hash=item2852fedaed:m:mWMCyrNL0oy8LyX-DSszMLw Third, I’ve opened up two backpacks, (one from Gardiner’s and one not) and both were poorly wired. Almost all the connections were loose. I would either tighten or remake all the connections with connectors I trust. Also make sure all hose connections are watertight. They weren’t in one of mine. If you make these mods there’s no reason why these backpacks shouldn’t last years with a little maintenance from time to time.
  2. Marko067

    Gardiner Swivel Neck

    I beleive the reason to be that most of us probably wouldn't use a 47 for doing ground floor work and at height a swivel is hardly needed if you've got a brush with good splay and it could also be quite difficult to operate at that height. I wouldn't be without mine for regular residential work though. If you take it off its like having your wrist fused
  3. Marko067

    wfp trolley / backpack advice

    If you fancy a bit of DIY, try and pick up a second hand PF trolley (standard version) minus it's guts and fit a 4-5lpm Backpack style pump. (Cheap on ebay) Use minibore hose throughout. Get rid of the battery and box and fit a 10ah battery instead of the monstrous 26ah jobbie they come with. These are complete overkill IMHO if you're going to charge it every night. A 7ah battery will be fine if you are not using it all day Fit pnuematic tyres. And this is particularly important, wire a 40amp automotive relay into the system to take the load of the piddly little microswitch in the pressure switch mounted on the pump. This is the primary reason why these pumps fail us as windies in my experience, as they are not designed to be cycled anywhere near as much as when we use them. Other than that these little pumps are pretty robust. These mods will virtually halve the weight of the trolley making it easy to lift in and out of your vehicle. I'd recommend keeping a spare wheel and battery on board for those odd times you will get a puncture or forget to charge your trolley. Or you could buy a Nano. (I already had the standard version to hand) If weight is not an issue, ignore the above and use it in it's standard form. My first one was used all day, 3-4 days a week, and lasted seven years and I only replaced it as it was getting really tatty. With a good maintenance routine and a little TLC I recon you could make the non-consumable parts of the standard trolley last ten years. These are not as bad as is made out
  4. Marko067

    Pole hose keeps kinking

    The hose kinks up because it's got twisted. If you remove the twist it should stop kinking. This what I've found anyway. When we finish a window we will more often than not turn away from the window in the same direction depending on whether we are right or left handed. As a result we will inadvertently be feeding a twist into our hose. If you don't remove the twist your hose will eventually tie itself in knots (kink up). I use a tubeless setup with a JG conector at the base of my pole. One advantage of this is that if my hose begins to twist up I can disconnect the hose here and untwist it till the hose lays flat and reconnect. Another way is to try to make yourself more aware of which way you turn when you leave a window and if you nearly always turn the same way then turn the pole one turn the oposite way when you do, thus undoing each twist as you put it in. I do this most of the time but invariably I'll have to disconnect once or twice a day and remove a twist. Since working this out I seldom have problems with twisted hoses
  5. Marko067

    Never trust a first clean

    I think with a subject like this there are always going to be exceptions in part due to the huge variety of different types of windows that we all clean. There are too many variables. My goal is to clean my customer's windows to a sufficiently high standard that they are happy customers. If they are happy then I'm happy. If they complain then I'm not happy and will do my best to work out what is causing the problem and resolve it.
  6. Marko067

    Never trust a first clean

    I know this is going to sound odd but I actually find using fanjets better when cleaning around vents. I have a bigger problem getting water inside vents when using pencil jets. I know this is not everyone’s experience but it’s definitely mine.
  7. Count me in for the Xtreme when they are ready Alex. I’ve emailed you
  8. Thats the thing. You have to try them to see what suits you and your work. For me the Supreme bristles were too long. I ended up selling them on. The Ultimate’s were just right but the Xtreme med hybrid wins hands down due to the light weight.
  9. Marko067

    Just Ordered Another Brush..

    This has been my everyday brush since last October. I personally love it. I’m hoping that the new DuPont bristled version is as good or better when it’s released. I’ve found the natural bristles to very effective on slug and snail trails and it’s light weight nicely complements the Xtreme 22 I use as well. I really notice the difference when I switch to the med soft universal brush.
  10. I’ve been wondering the same. I’ve been putting off buying a replacement till this became available
  11. Marko067

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    If you can figure out a way to syphon it using a 20-25mm ID hose this will fill a back pack fairly quickly.
  12. Marko067

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    Well said BigFoot! I've suffered with my back since I was 29. However, it was a much bigger problem when I was a Traddie. Since being WFP it has been much better. I get minor spasms every now and again but the best thing for them is working through it. Clears them up much quicker. Like you the only problems I've had with lifting barrels is when I've been in a rush and snatched them up rather than lifting them properly or if I've carried them rather than use the sack truck. Your final comment is spot on.
  13. Marko067

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    It can be a problem if you have to lift it in and out often. However, if you can find a second hand one, you can halve the weight by making a few mods to it as follows: First, Replace the pump for a backpack style pump. A 4lpm pump or above would be my recommendation. It should bolt straight on. Second, replace the battery with a 7 or 10ah one. (And lose the battery box) Third, replace the wheels with pneumatic ones. (Keep a spare on board in case of punctures) Finally, and this has nothing to do with weight, if the trolley is fitted with a controller with the CAL feature you should be ok with the pump. However, if it has an old style analogue controller you might want to wire in a 40 amp automotive relay to preserve the pressure switch on the pump. Otherwise you will likely be replacing it often. This is the way I have mine set up at the moment. I can lift it easily with one hand. None of the parts used are expensive.
  14. Marko067

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    Yeah, I’ve used a PF trolley for 10 years. It’s the best solution for the majority of my work. The transfer pump requires a 12v source. When I was using it I just carried a spare 12v 7ah battery in the motor.
  15. Marko067

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    I have a similar one to the Gardiner one and it's not bad. Does the job though I hardly use it. I use barrels, but put them on a trolley so don't have to support them whilst they fill a backpack. They are empty by the time I lift them off so I have no problem then. I make sure that when I lift them when they are full I properly brace myself. When I transport them to my Motor I use a sack truck so that I don't actually carry them anywhere.

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