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  1. Sill Brush

    I must be the odd one out. I've just sold a nearly new Gardiner's flocked sill brush. I could not get on with it at all. It just felt all wrong on the end of the pole and even more so on the glass. I much prefer the feel of a dual trimmed brush. I'm currently using a Gardiner Xtreme Natural Hybrid brush. The natural bristles scrub really well. I find it ticks all my boxes for maintenance cleans. If I need any more scrubbing power I pop an Ultimate Medium mixed or flocked on. I also don't have a problem doing sills with them either on ground and first floor windows.
  2. I've never had this said to me but oddly I have had one or two older folk ask me to water their plant's whilst I'm 'at it' as they say. I suppose however, it could happen depending on the shrubs/plants involved. Some plants don't like being watered in direct sunlight.
  3. Drill bit for wfp brush

    That depends on the jets you plan to use. Think the Gardiner jets require 4mm holes
  4. Facias and soffit cleans. Any time except winter months.
  5. gardiners 100 % fan jets

    A word of caution when using fans on high flow, be careful when cleaning the ledges if your water is still running. You can blast water off the ledge back up on the glass leaving marks when it dries.
  6. Hose management

    What I do is use a trolley. No seriously I know van mounts work well for many of you guys. But I have the same problems with hose twisting. It's probably quicker to remedy as I use a much shorter hose. Longest I work with is 25mtrs but more often than not I've only got 16mtrs on. But I find I work in circles all day. What I mean is I more often than not turn to my left when I walk away from a window or property, seldom to the right, meaning that by the way I work I constantly put a twist in the hose. With a short hose, that quickly starts to cause problems with tangling. So when I turn away from a window to the left, I turn the pole one turn in the opposite direction. I've done it so long now that I do it without thinking. Even so I still have to disconnect the hose every so often to remove a few twists that have crept in. When I used to use braided hoses I found they twisted up when they pressured up as well. And it was worse when I used hot water
  7. gardiners 100 % fan jets

    On first cleans I give over the frames and vents a really good clean, most of the time only with pure water. Occasionally I will use Viro-sol if the frames are exceptionally dirty. Subsequently I check out above the frames as I start and if I don't need to, I leave over the top and do the rest. As soon as I see dirt start to build up I'll do it again. Using this method I seldom get any significant spotting. I encourage my customers to always be up front with me if there are problems they are concerned with. This way you will get to know what works and what doesn't on all your jobs. As far as fans not generating enough flow down the glass to wash away the dirt, that may be because those that reported that have tried to use them with a low flow rate. I found this to be true. However, push up the flow and you will find they work really well. There is a rinsing technique you need to learn so as not to spray water up vents, but when you've mastered it you may well prefer them over pencils. I certainly do. I used to have both fitted to my brushes but not any more. Just fans. I have to say of coarse, that they may not suit some of your work, so you will have to work that one out for yourself.
  8. gardiners 100 % fan jets

    I use a 5lpm pump on my trolley and I like running on full flow. I found that though these 100° fans do a really good job on 50-60%, when I turned them up I was working even faster than I usually do without even realising it. I thought I was already working at my limit but I definitely got through more work each day and I didn't use any more water than I usually do. I'm not talking mega amounts but a definite increase.
  9. Adapter

    You should find what you want on the Gardiner website under hose fittings and adapters http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/
  10. gardiners 100 % fan jets

    I've been using them this week as well. They are without doubt the best I've ever used. They are loud though. Haven't had a complaint yet but I know some have with other fanjets from night workers. I asked one or two customers and they just said it just sounds like heavy rain for a few seconds. But if you have a window open it will be more noticeable.
  11. First Bash at WFP a success

    I use a 3.2lpm sprayer (same internals as Gardiner's V3 but only 12ltr capacity) for doing curtain small jobs and up until recently wouldn't have wanted to use it for anything else as it takes too long to achieve a good result. Maybe this has been the reason. The standard 2mm jets are too big. I have also just discovered that Gardiner's new 100 degree wide fan jets work really well on lower flow as well. I only use fans now and they work really well with the sprayer/backpack. I take your point as well that sometimes too high a flow can have an adverse effect on a rinse as the water can bounce off the glass rather than run down it, especially on hydrophobic glass, and you have to find the right balance. I'd add that the right balance will probably vary from kit to kit.
  12. Gardiner rinse bar.

    I've always found rinsing on the glass at full flow to be more than adequate on three storey work. To date I've never found myself thinking that a rinse bar woud be helpfull on any of my jobs. That's not to say it'll never happen of course. I'm currently trialling the new Gardiner 100° wide fanjets and I'm liking them very much. Noisy but very effective. Best I've used to date. They works very well on much lower flow rates as well. (great for backpack users)
  13. First Bash at WFP a success

    Lots of spotting is often down to not rinsing enough. Totally agree with pureshine regards working with high flow. I find that the standard backpack pumps have to be going flat out to give me anything like a good enough flow to get a good rinse.
  14. clx 22 vs slx 22 stiffness

    You might be better served sticking to The SLX range if you are a heavy handed user. I haven't broken my Xtreme yet (8 months old). It will happen one day, of that I have no illusions. It doesn't have the same solid feel as an SLX but I have found my 22 to be a fairly robust pole and it feels great to work with if you suffer from RSI in the shoulders, arms or wrists. However, I'm not heavy handed.