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  1. Gardiner 100 degree fan jets

    The numbers on the controllers are just refference points to help you find a setting that works for you, whether it's your 'Flow' setting or your 'CAL' setting. Thet are meant to represent the points between 0 and 100%. So some controllers will read 0-10 while others will read 0-100. The latter will give you more presise control is all. My flow controller has a scale of 0-10 and I have it set to 8 mostly which means I am running it at 80% of full flow.
  2. gardner extreme poles

    My everyday pole is an Xtreme 22. I've been using it solidly for 14 months now with no problems. I'm aware that they are more fragile than regular carbon poles but other than being a little more careful with it I don't treat it with kid cloves. It's a brilliant pole especially if you suffer with RSI in the wrists elbows or shoulders. I used to get it a lot but hardly ever do now.
  3. Gardiner 100 degree fan jets

    I've been using the black fans for some time now and love them. Oddly enough though, I've used considerably less water than with pencils right from the get go.
  4. Black Seals

    I’ve found over time with repeated cleaning the problem does deminish but the trick is keeping your customer happy in the mean time. There’s not much you can do about upstairs other than scrub n rinse as much as you reasonably can but I’ve bladed the pure off downstairs ones a few times when this has been an issue until it’s stopped
  5. Black Seals

    If you run your finger along it and it comes off like a black stain, it’s the rubber seals.
  6. I find my brush picks up a ton of dirt following high winds as it deposits a load of muck on the windows and frames. The muck also gets caught up in cobwebs which then end up in my brush. That’s when I mainly have to clean my brush. During most everyday use on maintenance work they don’t require a lot of cleaning if any
  7. Best brush...advice needed

    Tis a good choice. Like many of us you will probably have a shed full of brushes eventually and end up saying that the first one you bought is your favourite. I have three brushes in my arsenal. The Xtreme nat/hybrid, my everyday maintenance clean brush. An Ultimate flocked and an Ultimate med/soft for extra scrubbing power if necessary, which is rare for me. Flocked for leaded
  8. The transfer and system pumps listed here are good examples, but the booster pump, whist great for the smaller type RO units, is no good for a 4040. It won’t push water through fast enough for the bigger RO’s. I stand to be corrected but best check with Window Cleaning Warehouse.
  9. I wouldn’t worry about a booster pump the, unless you use water faste than you are making it. The kind of booster pumps I was talking about are for the smaller RO units These pumps usually work using an impeller so if it you put your thumb over the end of the hose, provided that you thumb covers the end of the hose you will stop the flow quite easily. Mind you you will get wet doing it. In this state the impeller just spins in its chamber. Not ideal I know but shouldn’t do it any harm for short periods. Once you open the flow with your tap the water will start to flow. 5 lpm (litres per minute) With that setup a 5.2 lpm (1.4 gpm) 100psi Shurflo shown above will sort you out
  10. Best brush...advice needed

    Yep. That’s the one I’m using currently. If you don’t or aren’t likely to want to swap brushes I’d recommend the non q-loq version.
  11. Best brush...advice needed

    I think what CSS is saying is that you are more likely to scratch a sill if you don't use a sill brush. Though this may be true, I have not found this to be a problem. However, this could depend much on your work so I am not saying they are no good. Lots of us like and recommend them.
  12. Best brush...advice needed

    You may find the swivel odd to use at first but stick with it if you can. You won't regret it. It makes your pole and brush a whole lot more versatile.
  13. Best brush...advice needed

    The xtreme brush you suggested is my favourite. However, I have mine on a swivel. If you don't intend to use a swivel I would suggest someting with longer bristles and better splay to get in those corners. Perhaps a supreme. Oh, and if you have many leaded windows to clean either a soft of flocked brush would be my suggestion
  14. #1. If your tap pressure is above 60-70 psi, I wouldn't bother with a Booster pump. If you need one you need to make sure that the one you buy suits your RO. These are low volume, high pressure pumps usually rated at about 1-2 lpm (litres per minute) and 70-80psi and are meant for use with the smaller (100-300 gpd (gallon/day)) RO units #2. I use a Sump pump to transfer water from my storage tank. These are high volume low pressure pumps. I used to use a trigger (petrol pump style) but found it better to use a tap at the end of the transfer hose. The problem I found with a trigger type, is that its all or nothing and though the tranfer pump is low pressure, when tranferring water at high volume if you suddenly shut off the flow, the sudden back pressure can weaken your tranfer hose till it eventually splits or comes off the pump in the tank. With a tap you can control the shut-off so you don't get that sudden surge of back pressure that causes the problem. #3. As for the System pump in your vehicle, that depends on a number of things. 1. How long a length of hose you are going to be using. 2. The internal diameter of said hose. 3. The height at which you may want to work. Many seem to use between 60-100mtrs of micro or mini bore hose with an internal diameter of 6-8mm. Again these are low volume, high pressure pumps. The standard delivery pump used with this type and length of hose needs to be rated in the region of 5lpm with a pressure switch rated at 100psi. There are several manufacturers to choose from.
  15. I find them easier to clean when dry. Just pick the bits out of the stock and run fingers through the bristles. When wet, I do pretty much the same as Clisty but I don’t soak them. If they are really bad after picking the clumped bits out I just put some pure in a plastic washing up bowl and give the brush a good rinsing and watch the bits drop out. Again I don’t try and get everything out. After all, when cleaning windows it’s the rinsing after the agitation that’s key to a good finish Flocked brushes collect more muck and therefore require a little more attention

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