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  1. Best pole on a budget?

    You're absolutely right seymour, I missed the point of the OP. Though I stand by what I wrote it was in fact the wrong answer to what was asked. That was an excellent post.
  2. Best pole on a budget?

    You need to be looking at a decent carbon composite pole (like the CLX range) at the minimum where the pole is concerned. The only thing cheaper is a glass fibre pole. These tend to be heavy and they are also horible on the hands and they usually wear much quicker. You will seriously regret it if you go that route. If you really can't wait then at least wait till you can afford at the minimum a CLX22, unless you have or plan on doing a lot of three story work, in which case a CLX25 or better yet an SLX25. (SLX25 is full carbon and is more rigid and easier to control at height)
  3. Home made filter.

    Ah! you succeeded.
  4. Home made filter.

    Necessity is the mother of invention they say. You'll figure it out. I made a filter for the barrel end of my hose after I had problems with an inline filter I bought. PF sell one, but I made one out of bits I had lying around. You just undo it and fit the medium of your choice and to make it fit an 8mm ID pickup hose I just pushed a peice of pole hose over the hosetail
  5. My 10" DI is a funny one too. It's 005 going in. It'll be 000 coming out for the first 1000 ltrs, then 001 for maybe the next 2-3000 ltrs then creep to 005 over the next 1000 ltrs at which point I change it for a fresh canister. I use Tulsion resin from Gardiners
  6. I'm a one man band, use a 400ltr upright tank for storage in a cabin in my garden and a 300gpd RO. It keeps me in water no problem. Yes production is slower in winter than in summer but with a booster pump fitted it still keeps up with me. You could also see if you have a local supplier of pure water. I have one near me. I just choose to produce my own for convenience and I have the space to do it. If I didn't I'd happily buy it from him.
  7. I can vouch for their solid build of the Pure Freedom trolleys as well should you decide to go that route. I've used the standard Pure freedom trolley for ten years as my round is very compact and much of it is not near roads. A van system for me, was way more expensive than my work needs dictated. The Nano is PF's latest offering and is about half the weight of the standard version. This is an important factor if you will be needing to lift it in and out of your vehicle a lot during the day. You will also get a higher flow rate with the PF trolley than a backpack should you want it. I personally find the backpacks to be a bit lacking in that department, but thats just me. There are plenty that do use them. I had to use mine for the first time in a few weeks today and boy was I glad to get back to the trolley. I think the Nano is about 12.5kg without the barrel. You can lift it with one hand if necessary. Most trolleys are nearer 20kg without the barrel.
  8. Once primed it should stay primed unless you draw air in again. But do disconnect the hose at the reel when you prime it.
  9. When the water level is low as it appears in the picture, and you are feeding your pump from the outlet in the bottom of the tank as it also appears in the picture then gravity will play a part in priming the pump when it is mounted low and you switch on. However, when your pump is mounted above water level then priming relies purely on the vacuum created by the pump in the hose. This will usually work OK but just take a little longer for the pump to lift the water. However, if any air can get in whatsoever, then it will likely either not work or create other problems as the pump won't be able to create the necessary vacuum in the hose. Also when priming you want to disconnect the hose at the reel so there is no backpressure for the pump to struggle against.
  10. I think what is being said is, that if it is a counterfeit, then it will likely contain substandard parts as this is how counterfeiter's make their money. If this is this true then that might be why it is leeking.
  11. Sorry my previous post left out and important fact. When I turned the pump on, the flow was obstructed by the tap. The pump being uncontrolled by the pressure switch was too powerful. Water was forced out of the seals.
  12. I only use a PWM controller, not a digital one, and recently whilst rewiring my setup forgot to reconnect the pressure switch. When I switched on, water came out everywhere. Try reconnecting the pressure switch and recalibrate the controller to shut of the pump at a lower pressure. Some controllers are not designed to be used without the pressure switch connected. Could just be the pump is overpressurizing.
  13. I don't know if anyone else is using one but my local supplier (Water Fed Pole, Basildon) aquired a few permiate pumps (ERP 500) a couple of years back and I purchased one when I bought my last RO, a Filter plus 300. They work to increase the output from the 100-300gpd type RO units by using the pressure from the waste coming out of the RO to pump the pure (permiate) away from the RO which helps draw the water through it thus increasing the efficiency of the RO I found that the claims that were made about the increase to output volume were a bit wild, but it does work. Where it is particularly noticable is in the quality of the pure (permiate) output. Mine goes into the RO at between 350-425 ppm and comes out between 4-5 ppm (without the permiate pump is was about 14). I do polish it off with resin but I have worked with it straight out of the RO on occasion. As a result my 10" DI vessel lasts 6 weeks between changes.
  14. The 1.4mm jets are 'piddly,' as you put it because you have mixed them with 2mm jets. The water is taking the path of least resistence which is through the 2's leaving the 1.4's weak. To get proper flow through them all four should all be the same size.
  15. The other thing you need to take into consideration when increasing the number of jets is to reduce the jet size say form 2mm to 1.4 or even 1mm. You are getting the same amount of water it's just that you are now sharing it out between 6 jets instead of two. try these: http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/water-fed-poles/brushes/brush-fittings-jets-sockets-scrapers/brass-pencil-jets-half-jet-size-1-4mm-x2.html