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  1. I previously had the green reinforced hose and it kept splitting, been using this for the last 1 year works brilliant, fortunately I park very close to my Ibc tank so my don't need a very long length.
  2. 65psi min tap pressure, I have ordered another flow restrictor from collins water products that’s where I bought the RO a couple years back.
  3. Tested all three membranes 1. 020 2. 020 3. 021 all membranes returning roughly the same tds. all pipework is correct as I only disconnected the inlet to each membrane as I changed them. would the flow restrictor cause any problems? As the flush valve used to be a bit stiff but not any more? atm I have it set to approx 3l waste to 1l pure and only getting tds 020 having to use it to produce pure but really would like to get this sorted soon.
  4. Thanks Spruce, have left it running all night and tds is now 020 will do as you say this afternoon thanks again.
  5. Yes was very careful I applied jelly while my son pushed them in so I didn’t touch the membranes
  6. Just reseated the membranes and still the same?
  7. Even adjusting the ratio to 2litres waste to 1litre of pure can only get it to 024
  8. Connected correctly as I done one membrane at a time and only disconnected the screw end ratio is roughly 60% waste to 40% pure. just lifted for approx 5 mins and the tds is now 026 have noticed the water coming out the waste and pure outlets a little faster than normal is that relevant?
  9. Fitted the new membranes today axeon have been flushing for3 hours and still getting a reading of 034 how long for the tds to drop?
  10. Den

    Van insuarance

    Exactly the same including the pubtime lol
  11. Den

    wfp trolley / backpack advice

    My son uses the pf nano he much prefs that to a backpack.
  12. Den

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    It's a nice handle.
  13. I'm not sure to be honest I don't personally or aware that anyone uses them. like you say Spruce just another cost, still better than eating thru the resin. Thanks again.
  14. Yes my prefilter filberdyne get changed every month thank you for all the info, I think I will order some from Doug and change them next week, as the @Part Timer said they will play on my mind other wise 😂 I would hazard a guess and say my waste is approx 60% and we have high amounts of lime scale in our water whether that plays havoc with our membranes I don’t know?
  15. What would the average lifespan be of 450gpd membrane tap pressure is 65psi tds approx fluctuates between 290 - 330 was getting average 007 from 300 when new just over two years ago, now I’m getting 014 from tds 310. I use approx 500l a day five days a week. is it time to change my membranes?

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