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  1. Woke up with a stiff

    I'll come over and help you prop the bar up lol, yeah no fun at least it took my mind off having trigger finger, hope Achilles' tendon heals soon.
  2. Neck, painful day doing the upstairs windows, couple of beers and a early night for me.
  3. Any help appreciated ****

    I used a backpack for around two months then went to van mount never looked back, apart from a few jobs a month the trolley comes into its own. My son uses the purefreedom nano trolley and loves it, but my next setup will be a two man setup.
  4. my business

    That's Great pane in the glass love to hear these success stories, most importantly you still got that fire in your belly to take your business forward to the next level well done. like you I have only been going approx 18 month and have my son with me full time, and looking to employ my son in law next year hopeing to put another van on the road soon also. Do a good job and the referrals will fly in that's what I personally found. Im lucky with my son as he is a grafter, hope you get the right trainee to work for you as that will make all the difference, keep up the great work and continue to build your business.
  5. WFP van gear arrived!

    Yeah I agree with you Dave, defo a big difference in my case.
  6. WFP van gear arrived!

    Tolish I remember you getting your backpack same time as me, I got a van system a couple of months later and have never looked back, even though I also have trolley which is need a few times a month, the one mistake I believe I personally done was using a manual reel as I have a dodgy shoulder having install a electric reel a few months back as made my day faster and loads easier and almost pain free in shoulder.
  7. would this work?

    Think I superglued them, worked really well if making from scratch it cost approx £6
  8. would this work?

    Made this a while back works perfect costs hardly anything to make, never use it though lol as I have a couple of different brushes with fanjets installed.
  9. Gav or Dave B thread needs to be moved to WFP forum
  10. Reducing snags

    Yip defo worth doing, noticed mine the other day getting a little worn that's after a couple of months, but the polymorph is so cheap £5 worth will last me a lifetime lol.
  11. This is my set up get the odd drip but really nothing to worry about I have a towel that I use well reeling in the hose I just place that under the end of hose.
  12. Mark067 is right I used to have more dripping/leakage from my poles with rectus fitting than I get from my 120m hosereel now with JG fitting.
  13. And easier as no messing coiling pole hose by hand.
  14. I use the exact system, I have 20m of pole hose added to my 100m 6mm hose on the reel, I just keep my pole connected most of the time when traveling from job to job, I only disconnect John guest connector when changing pole I.e. Clx 4 for bungelows Turn off pull pull univalve for a second then excess water is emptied generally no dripping works for me and glad I changed to tubeless as connectors are inexpensive.
  15. Trolley reel

    Kept the original hose Just changed the fitting to a 6mm rectus21 female see photo, even though my pole are all tubeless with john guest fittings I put a rectus 21 one of my 12m pole hose, my son is loads loves it and defo quicker.