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  1. Battery and Pump Advice Please

    cheers needed that clarified as wasn't sure.
  2. customer letter

    Drop them without a doubt snooty cow.. one thing I have learned quite recently is always send a txt say that they are dropped like part timers, answer, had a customer I dropped approx 4 months ago she kept cancelling I didn't inform her but I do another 7 in the cul-de-sac, only last she asked if I was doing hers when I missed her house she took it really bad when I told her the reason.
  3. I know nothing lol seriously the only stuff I have learned and that's from this forum with regards battery, split relays etc,, what Eviestevie says with regards to a knackered van battery could be true as I have recently changed my van battery now my leisure battery seems to charge a lot quicker when I connect the battery charger to it most nights now winter is here.
  4. Gardiner backpack

    Univalve is the way forward have them on all my poles including my 4’ Pole.
  5. I have a couple the same nothing you can do if they want their windows cleaned above the conservatory probably won’t notice any additional mess from the windows above.
  6. They hold their charge well, I would go with the charger led status and go with green meaning it charged and no further charging is required.
  7. Still freezing here today also had cortisone injection in my had again today so that be three days in the trot off for me.
  8. Say hello to my little friend

    Get them and the red legged partridge in my garden, only last week I was cleaning a farm house just up the road from me, there was approx 15 gentlemen in full shooting attire ready to go out shooting hiswife brought out bacon rolls πŸ˜›
  9. I'm not against change and progress but glad to see the old forum layout back personally I prefer this layout, really wasn't feeling the new fluid style.
  10. Lots of snow whereI live gonna sack the next couple of days off maybe the rest of the week.
  11. Thought Davey was your mate lol good advice.
  12. I have gone tubeless with JG fittings I have around 15 to 20 metres of green pu hose attached to my 100m 6mm hose works a treat I keep my pole and hose connected 90% on the time on the odd occasion I disconnect I sometimes reel in and that sorts any slight twists in the hose.
  13. TDS high reading

    Ok I read it as it started with the new connector? Sounds like it is a coincidence that the leak and membranes failed roughly at the same time maybe or not lol. hope you sort it out asap as you gonna eat thru the resin.
  14. TDS high reading

    The new Y section connector isn't contaminated is it Steve maybe a bit greasy? Just a thought.
  15. New gloves!

    That's exactly what I do πŸ‘