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  1. Pole size

    Slx18 reaches 90% slx22 97% including townhouse, I have two extensions that the go on my Slx22 and that covers all my work 100% whatecer you decide to buy for your high reach windows try to find extra funds for slx18 and make that your main pole.
  2. Reducing snags

    Around 30 to 40 seconds for 100m hope I don't start Getting get thumbs problems like my shoulder lol, seriously I think over a course of the day the electric is a lot faster well in my limited experience anyway, it's one of them things you don't appreciate until you try them like a univalve for example.
  3. Reducing snags

    Haven't had my electric reel long but I love it especially having a dicky shoulder makes life loads easier for me, like I say I only copied the polymorph of another windie just like the electric reel and univalve glad I'm a copy cat lol.
  4. Just out of curiosity why are you selling the viper and not the slx18 I'm not interested in the sale as I have slx18 and can't fault it just wondering?
  5. Noisy RO Filters

    My 450gpd ro makes a bit of a gulping noise in flush mode hardly noticeable though as I only flush for 5mins once per week.
  6. Reducing snags

    For the sake of a fiver defo worth doing a guy on another forum posted photos of his setup so I copied glad I did, I have either been lucky or It works great, don't think I have ever done a day without getting snagged on something before using the polymorph.
  7. Reducing snags

    Another update defo with doing only snag I got today was the pole hose getting stuck in deck slots nothing to do with the connectors very happy and really recommend anyone that as a tubeless setup.
  8. My exact pole setup, ultimate brushes and now power up hd reel, my shoulder is dicky but wvery little weigh saving helps as far as I'm concerned, maybe a extreme 18 in the future.
  9. Reducing snags

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THERMOPLASTIC-POLYMORPH-PLASTIC-PELLETS-MOLDABLE-PLASTIC-UK-SELLER/332182180362?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=541215775641&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 polymorph plastic the above link is the one I purchased got the smallest package only used a faction of the pellets.
  10. Reducing snags

    Not one snag today the plastic coating is either working or just a lucky day, the plastic as changed colour overnight must be the cooling effect.
  11. New member says hi.

    Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy it.
  12. Found this on another forum a while back and thought I would give it a try, might hopefully help with reducing snags for the o rings, it's a rubbery plastic starts of as granules you pour in hot water then they become soft so you can mould into any shape, haven't tried it out yet will give an update after a couple of days.
  13. I have never emptied my compact 325 even after a full day been close a few times, however I do live within minutes to most of my work and also carry a few 25l containers for the trolley.
  14. Hose across roads

    Recently started to use 6mm and have had no problems so far with running cross the road.
  15. Both the hoses don't kink which is good, have only used 30m so can only comment on that with experience, I reckon 50m microbore and 10m pu pole hose for your univalve would be ok even though l haven't tried it myself.