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  1. THanks just seen the other tread lol take my hat off to you for forever inventing and adapting as been said before, but in this case what would you use this for? For example if I was doing a first clean the frames would need bristles brush especially around the vents you would need a fluid action so to speak , also by having this scrubber you are increasing the risk of scratching a window not being negative just looking at different angles.
  2. Not sure if I’m reading this right do you mean use this as a scrubber solely and have no brush on the pole whatsoever?
  3. My slx18 feels super heavy after using my clx4 lol, wished my complete round was bungalows haha.
  4. Aldi rectractable 10m air hose £20 each they work really well, can do two sides of average house normally have to move the trolley once my son uses the trolley and does back and side and I front and side with van mount.
  5. Would this put more weight on top of the pole by the time you add gooseneck double adapter when gardiner already as a light weight super scraper which works brilliant with their pads, I have the gardiner scraper on every pole apart from my 4' pole and a pad in my pouch for down stairs work.
  6. Grippa reels have arrived

    Yeah realised that but it means you have to walk back before you press the key fob remote. Thats why I didn’t buy the remote version of the power up hd. wonder if they can develop auto cleaner for the reel bit like the gardner grit stop for the pole.
  7. Grippa reels have arrived

    Looks great but I Would still want to hold a rag on the hose when reeling in.
  8. Internal window's

    I do a few internals which are done regularly so generally clean, the combinator flies thru them no detailing minimal drips as it mops the glass as working I know their is people that hate the combinatorit but for me it works a dream, as I have modified my combinator to exactly how I like it.
  9. Dupont bristles

    I’m far from an expert in my experience i have being using the ultimate range. what I have found is listed below. 1. Flock brilliant for leadedgret scrubbing power but get clogged up easily feels a little drag probably because it’s single trim. 2. Medium soft this is a good all round brush especially in summer as I found bird muck cleans quite easily off windows and frames. 3. Medium this I found really good in the winter months where bird muck isn’t baked on it as a fast cleaning action and good for rinsing on. 4. DuPont hybrid the bristles feel quite fine but firm super fast cleaning on the glass one thing I noticed it glides like a silky smooth action over astragal bars as I prefer a soft bristle just in case I dislodge the bars. The inner bristle with little pressure were cleaning dirty frames with ease today with little effort. It has a really fast cleaning with the scrubbing power more than my other brush I own it’s a winner in every aspect apart from leaded I still prefer my flock brush for that. another bonus Alex reduced the weight by 5g lol compared to the other ultimate range. this is only after one day and I’m already convinced it’s the best brush I own.
  10. No the airhose is 10m the other approx 15 to 20m pu hose is wrapped around the handles on the backpack that’s because my pole is tubeless, it works for me as I hardly use it otherwise I would probably use a light weight hose reel with 30m of pu hose.
  11. I put on half a stone when we had that week of snow lol went back up to 18 stone but lost it the last week or so.
  12. Each one would make five micro ones for me lol. I personally wouldn’t want to pole them with my dicky shoulder, your got the build for it though.
  13. THey are in stock. http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/water-fed-poles/brushes/ultimate-brushes/ultimatetm-45cm-flocked-brush.html
  14. I used 10m retractable air hose and around 20 metres green pu hose this generally covers around two sides of the average house, I used to reinforced and pu hose but was a pain to keep wrapping around the handles.
  15. Bird feeder on the window.

    What you crowing on about just keep you beak out lol

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