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John Carter

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    Water Fed Pole
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    2 years
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    Milton Keynes
  1. John Carter


    Cheers Steve,
  2. John Carter


    Thanks Mark, I totally agree with you, I do have a half decent job but it honestly bores the shit out of me, I`m going no where and no matter how hard I work I have no chance of earning more, and work satisfaction is zero, I`m in a position at the moment to buy a van and WFP system and also have a few contacts within the contract cleaning industry! I`ve always been one of the people who would rather try and fail than think "what if" your advice is invaluable and appreciated and I don`t expect the money to come rolling in but I`m willing to give it a good go!!
  3. John Carter


    I do get sick pay but haven't had a day off sick in 12 years!!!! I`m sure I will miss holiday pay though!!!
  4. John Carter


    Hi All Just wanted to introduce myself, I`m new to the forum and in the process of starting a new window cleaning business, I used to work on the window 15 years ago traditionally and WFP system, But times have changed and any wise words of wisdom would be greatly received. John Carter

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