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  1. GoCardless

    I've approximately 50% of my customers on GoCardless and the rest are going to get moved on to it asap, any customer that I take on from now will only be able to pay this way. A big mistake was accepting cash, the main problem with this is starting to become apparent to me in that customers are beginning to 'forget' to leave money out.
  2. At least they're fresh. There's one I go to, fortunately for me she cleans the patio but I was looking across her lawn the other day and I thought she had moles, on closer inspection they turned out to be massive dog turds hosting a wide variety of mould and fungi! Nice.
  3. Pleased to see I'm not the only one getting a backlog! To be fair I probably could've knocked a few out this afternoon but it's barely broke above freezing, black ice everywhere and it's dropping to -10 tonight, tomorrow looks like a no go!
  4. My current Gardiner pole hose is doing my spoke in - twisting and kinking now big time, spend most of my working day blasting expletives and fighting with it. I've tried soaking it in warm/hot water and straightening it out but it's only a temporary fix for a couple of days at best. Any recommendation for an upgrade? I was looking at Gardiners PU hose. TIA
  5. Best waterproof warm gloves?

    I use and recommend Skytec Argon as above.
  6. Gardiners again...

    Very impressed with Gardiners products and customer service.
  7. Sausage fingers and auto correct.

    No, but surprised I haven't done something daft like this yet, give it time though!
  8. Awkward windows

    Don't think I got the job anyway, she nearly fainted when I gave her my (fair) price. Last windie went awol apparently.
  9. Awkward windows

    I'm talking about the type of windows you find over a conservatory or rear extension etc, how do you guys best tackle them? I've got a couple of tricky ones on the books already that I just about manage with at full stretch, but I've been asked to quote a home tomorrow with a large conservatory at the back and the windows above look like a right pain in the **** to get at. The only conceivable way I can see is getting up a pair of step ladders to give me a bit of height so I can get the angle.
  10. my business

    Smashed it mate, well done!
  11. New set up.

    I'm looking to do something very similar, fed up with swinging 25ltr containers about. Can I ask how you connect the water tank to the pump?
  12. Easy Friday.

    Started at 9, finished at 12.30. Stood on a rogue dog turd first thing which vexed me initially but got a fiver tip!
  13. Misconceptions

    I'd practiced a lot on my own and mates gaff before kicking off, I was still anxious that I'd end up making a mess of customers windows, but I've taken my time with jobs and been thorough - probably a bit too thorough! The feedback I've had so far has been fantastic, even from customers who have only ever had a trad cleaner have been impressed with the results. It's purely down to the operator, I've only been in the game a short while and I've already seen poor workmanship from windies using both methods.
  14. Misconceptions

    I've been asked twice over the past week if I'm a 'proper' window cleaner or do I use a brush on a stick! Second person was also looking for a 'proper' window cleaner and not just someone who squirts water at windows! Anyone else experience this sort of thing?
  15. Text service rejections

    A lot of my customers mentioned how they prefer the text service I offer as they never knew when their previous window cleaner was going to turn up, plus they do leave gates unlocked for me. However, I haven't got a sizeable customer base at the moment so I'd expect the same issues to crop up soon!