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  1. I'm currently using a 7ltr D.I vessel along with Tulsion resin. Average tap PPM is around 95. I'm currently getting about 805ltrs of pure out of one fill of resin before it starts to creep up. Is this about right, or am I going through too much? TIA
  2. I'd definitely go for a van mount system straight away if possible. Using a backpack on a trolley is a great way to get started for minimal outlay, but once the work picks up you'll quickly become sick of filling it up 10 times a day.
  3. I remember cleaning the windows on a huge Georgian house inside and out, all wooden sash windows with paint flaking off everywhere no matter how delicate I was. Being new I completely underestimated the time it would take and it turned into a right epic. I worked flat out from 8 - 6 for a paltry £140 and was completely knackered at the end! I did consider bailing out when I realised I'd dropped a clanger, but I needed the dough lol. It's a big learning curve.
  4. El Sombrero

    Latest Forum Member onto Page 1 of Google

    Can't recommend this guy enough, already making a big difference.
  5. El Sombrero

    Uniform Suppliers

    I use Krowmark for my embroidered work wear, can't recommend them highly enough.
  6. I'm curious to know if any of you include doors within your pricing structure? When I say doors - I mean the typical uPVC ones - which I normally price at a quid. When pricing I usually see reference to the standard formula, (X being the amount of windows @ £1 + £2 for good luck etc) but I've seen very little mention with regards to doors. TIA
  7. The variable flow control stopped working today after I took it up a kerb, the backpack still works but only on full whack. Anyone had this issue and, before I start opening things up, is it repairable?
  8. My SLX 25 needed two extensions to reach similar.
  9. I've had very little enquiries since the turn of the year
  10. I'm hoping to get a load of leaflets out en masse soon, has anyone used Royal Mail as a viable method of distribution? Is it possible to target specific areas within a post code? TIA
  11. El Sombrero

    A BAD DAY!!!

    I run a back pack off a trolley and it's very handy for some jobs, a major drawback for me is that I'm constantly anxious about how much water I've got left lol. The damn thing will usually run out just before the last window. I'll always keep a backpack but I'm looking forward to an upgrade!
  12. I give my customers two options with regards to payment: cash at the point of clean only and GoCardless. Being relatively new I wanted to cut the faff from the start, but allowing customers to pay cash was an oversight in this context, especially now at this time of year. I text all customers the evening before and remind those paying by cash to leave it in the usual/safe place. However, the past couple of weeks a LOT of my cash customers are suddenly forgetting to pay, but strangely gates are usually left unbolted (Coincidence? Me thinks not)! For example, I had six customers this morning, 3 on GC, 3 on cash who failed to leave money out despite my text yesterday evening. Now, I have a one strike policy with most cash customers, if they forget/fail to pay then the only way they can continue with my service is by signing up to GC, as far as I'm concerned I can't trust them to pay cash. I do make customers aware of this when they sign up. Also, customers that haven't stumped up by 21 days get a £3 late payment fee slapped on to their bill, plus £3 for any subsequent weeks thereafter. I haven't implemented this policy yet, but it's an option to get what I'm owed. The question is am I being too harsh or not harsh enough? I don't want to lose customers especially at this stage of development where every £ counts and you've got kids to feed, but on the flip side I want to cut the **** out early on.
  13. El Sombrero

    Christmas skippers at crimbo

    I've not had anyone skip although I have been expecting it. I've had a few cash customers that 'forgot' to pay last week, probably down to being busy or feeling the pinch.
  14. El Sombrero


    I've approximately 50% of my customers on GoCardless and the rest are going to get moved on to it asap, any customer that I take on from now will only be able to pay this way. A big mistake was accepting cash, the main problem with this is starting to become apparent to me in that customers are beginning to 'forget' to leave money out.
  15. At least they're fresh. There's one I go to, fortunately for me she cleans the patio but I was looking across her lawn the other day and I thought she had moles, on closer inspection they turned out to be massive dog turds hosting a wide variety of mould and fungi! Nice.

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