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  1. Gardiner brush head

    Do you use a swivel gooseneck to?
  2. Gardiner brush head

    Swivel gooseneck?
  3. Any suggestions for a good Gardiner brush..? One that does a nice job on the sills aswell..?
  4. Selling my round..

    Thx for replys, it's 2k of Windows every 6 weeks plus 750 every 12 weeks. Not including the one off's and any extras that come in frequent like the gutters etc etc..so about 20k of Windows per year..
  5. Selling my round..

    Based in Devon
  6. Hi everyone..thinking of selling up due to health reasons.. my round consists of 2k plus 6 weekly , 750 12 weekly and picks up the usual gutter,con roof jobs etc along the way. I generally earn between 100-200 per day, all depending on how hard I want to work! Just wondered if anyone can throw me some numbers on what they think is a fair asking price. Established for 8 years and would happily introduce buyer to every customer. Majority cleaned wfp but also some trad work, Thanks in advance
  7. Light pole

    Hi could anyone please tell me the lightest pole there is on the market? Will be used to reach around the 30 ft mark. Thanks
  8. Softwash with backpack

    Hi everyone. I'm just looking for some help!! I have been using a big boy backpack for a few months and I am looking to start softwash work. I clean the Windows on an estate, all houses rendered and have had lots of interest in this. Could anyone give me some advice on this pls. I'm hoping it could be a real money spinner for me, I just want to get it right! Thx in advance, Mike.
  9. Pre pressure washing

    Hi I'm new to pressure washing, just wondered if anyone could recommend something decent to spray on the patio, decking etc before I power wash off? Loosen the dirt and grime off, Thanks in advance.
  10. Hot water in a backpack

    What is ubik?
  11. Hi just wondered if anyone has used hot water in there backpack system? Was doing some gutters today with my big boy backpack and just thought about it. Thanks
  12. Building a website

    Hi well I am on a tight budget atm with being winter and the expense of my wfp so just a basic site where payments can be taken, some photos etc etc.
  13. Building a website

    Great thanks both of you. I will check them out. I don't get paid via PayPal atm, its just bank transfers and cash. And the very occasional cheque !
  14. Hi does anyone no of a decent site I can make a simple website for my window cleaning business.? Have just transferred to wfp so the time seems right! Nothing fancy just a basic type website as I'm on a tight budget. Thank you, Mike
  15. Pure water

    Hi there does anybody no if it's possible to buy pure water in the Exeter area in Devon. Thanks in advance for any help.