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  1. Dallas Bagley

    Pole work question

    I have tried the razor attached to pole but cannot get a good angle on it or enough power to scrape as you would normally. As for squeegee it always leaves streaks and drips no matter what I do. And the more windows the more tired your arms are. I hate the thought of investing in a WFP. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums Thanks for the input
  2. Dallas Bagley

    Pole work question

    For those of you who still use the traditional method of squeegee work, I would like some tips on second story pole work. What pole works best at 25 ft plus, what rubber, and sgueegee. I have been having issues with streaking using a pole. Also trying to clean paint and silicone off glass sucks without climbing up and scrubbing. But I cannot always do that. Any help would be appreciated. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app

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