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  1. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Brand new Axeon HF4-4021 21” RO Membrane

  2. FOR SALE: Axeon HF4-4021 21” 80PSI 1000GPD RO membrane. Have a spare one, brand new in box, infinite shelf life, and happy to get it sent via courier to you for £190. PayPal payment for delivery or cash if you want to collect from OX25. More info
  3. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Gocardless slow

    What's the exact payment status? Should say Pending submission, Submitted, Confirmed or Paid Out. Regardless of status, it should say the pay out date on the customers profile?
  4. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Gocardless slow

    Yeah, should've had that yesterday really mate.
  5. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Gocardless slow

    You need to check the Payment page on your GC dashboard then to check the customers mandate is still active and there hasn't been an issue with their payment (insufficient funds etc). See above for one I processed on the 10th.
  6. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Gocardless slow

    If it's a brand new customer and their mandate hasn't crossed over to GC yet, you're generally looking at 7 working days. If they signed up 3-5 days before the clean you should receive the payment within 5 working days. For example: NEW SIGN UP TODAY = Tuesday clean --> Payout Thursday the following week. EXISTING CUSTOMER OR MANDATE IN PLACE BEFORE THE CLEAN = Tuesday clean --> Payout Tuesday the following week. GC don't pay out or process on weekends at all. You can see the actual day you'll get paid on from each job by logging in to GC's dashboard and checking your Payments page. If you can't cope with waiting a week for your money then you're better off door knocking. I have about 100 customers a month on GC and the wait is well worth it versus chasing people to pay by BACS or online with cards/PayPal. I don't do any collecting or door knocking for money what so ever these days, and my work to life balance is better for it. You just need to do what's best for you and your circumstances, but there aren't many industries where you get paid the same day as you provided the service.
  7. C Rose Cleaning Services

    pay monthly websites

    I ended up weighing up the costs of paying someone + hosting etc, and decided to build my own with an online tool system. Think it looks great, works perfectly and I can do any updates myself. Took a few revisions to get it right and to learn all the tools I needed to build one, but it costs about £13 a month which I chuck through the business. Have a look and compare it to any you've seen: www.crosecleaningservices.com I used www.websitebuilder.com to make it. Obviously you need to have some idea of what you want, the images you need and a creative eye to get it looking half decent, but literally running an entire self built site with built in contact and linked to my GoCardless site for £150 a year.
  8. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Do you use any additives?

    Why would you feel the need to imply you're using soap to the customers? Surely they're happy with the method anyway?
  9. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Flojet Pump Woes

    Yep, all sorted. Battery drain isn’t happening either now. Great stuff!
  10. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Flojet Pump Woes

    I've managed to sort it! Had a look on YouTube and checked how to auto calibrate the system - DE kicked in right away and I lowered my calibration from 50 down to 25 and it's locking out properly. I'll check the flow tomorrow but hoping that's resolved it. Will check flow rate tomorrow and increase as necessary and see how that goes versus battery drainage. Cheers mate.
  11. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Flojet Pump Woes

    Thanks @spruce - you're always helpful! Firstly, the leisure battery was replaced after 5 months (split relay issue which WCW had the van back in for changing the battery, relay itself and wiring but I won't bore you with the details), so it's about 13 months old. It's charging fine with the van running reaching it's peak charge, but yes, is depleting quicker than it was this time last week - perhaps it is related? I was under the impression we should be getting a few years use out of the battery though. Other bits just to help you troubleshoot: - The van ports aren't hozelock, they are (I think) Series 26 Nickel Brodex connectors. - The van running has always improved the rate of flow since I got the system - I just assumed it was because engine power is better than battery, so not sure if this is relevant to the issue or not. - I've checked the terminals and the fuse holder and all connections are solid, so I don't think it's wiring related. - I ran all my hose reel out on Thursday (100m worth) when I first noticed it was an issue, and I've checked my pole hoses to make sure they aren't twisted either, so the problem definitely seems to be isolated to the pump itself. (I appreciate flow needs adjusting and the calibration too at times depending on temperatures, which I do from time to time anyway, but this is the worst it's ever been). I've also tried running the system without any hose attached to my outlet and it still doesn't Dead End at all - I will have to research how to recalibrate this as the only calibration I was shown was to help flow when the hose has contracted/expanded due to operating conditions. Other than that I'm not sure what else to test or look for really. Thanks again buddy.
  12. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Flojet Pump Woes

    I’ve had my Facelift Phoenix van mount for about 18 months and I think my pump is ready to die. Awaiting a call back from WCW on Tuesday to troubleshoot, but thought I’d ask for some advice on here as well. Pump starting and stopping fine with power, but the flow needs to be higher to keep the previous pressure of flow - I don’t really have a way of “measuring” this, I just need to be closer to the glass to rinse and the water stream seems to be weaker (I have to set the controller to 50 to give me the same amount of water pressure as 40 did the day before), and my DE isn’t kicking in when the hose is detached or my univalve engaged on my poles. It’s also draining my leisure battery at a higher rate than it did before too. Ive tried running the system on full (99 flow), which ends up just kicking the PS (voltage overload) sensor in and cutting the pump out. So it is useable for the the time being, but it’s not working as well as it was. Other than lower pressure it’s not hitting air locks or anything else that would indicate a blockage in the system so I’m starting to think it’s a failed bearing? Second, how easy are these to swap in and out with existing wiring and tubing? Doesn’t look too complicated but obviously I bought a pre build for a reason, and I don’t want to install a replacement and damage anything else. Any thoughts would be welcome. Pretty gutted to be facing a £110 bill for a new one after only 18 months of service. Thanks.
  13. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Minimum to charge.

    Depends on your prices I guess. I won't stop for less than £12 - by the time I've driven to a job, got the hoses and poles out and completed the clean it's always 15mins of my time regardless of whether it's a 1 or 2 bed. And if it's even further to a job it needs to pay 30mins/£20-25 for the round trip. For gutters it's a minimum charge of £40 for same reasons above. You can only put a price on your time though, so depends what your earning expectations are.
  14. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Just orderd a Gardner pole

    About to order my third one this week. Can't beat them pound for pound at all
  15. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Best add on alongside wfp

    I definitely recommend gutter clearing as one of the side services to add on to windows. I've always done both even in my trad days, but now we have decent equipment for both I can do it safely and easier than ever. You don't even need a GoPro, I bought some crappy Action Cam for £35, mounted the bicycle mount clamp to the top of my goose neck, press record and send it up in the air. It has a 2.5" display so I can immediately play the video back and see if there's blockages or plenty of debris in the gutters, and then price the job accordingly. Or if its a more serious problem I plug it in to my MacBook and watch it on a bigger display. I bought a SkyVac Atom for about £700 including 7 sections (so roughly 4 stories high) and it's brilliant (Think it's even cheaper now so I'll attach a link). Some times it gets blocked when it's particularly damp and small leaves group and stick together but a quick suck out of a bucket of water and it's cleared in a heart beat. I charge £50 an hour for it, but a minimum of £40 to do a job (I don't carry it in my van every day so that's the price I charge to take it to work with me) and I do about 50 jobs a year with it without even trying. It's earned me 20x more than I paid for it in 14 months and Spinaclean are brilliant if you have any issues. I used to offer gutter repairs, even refits, windows, gutter clearing, UPVC cleaning, con roof cleaning etc but now all I do is windows, UPVC, con roofs and gutter clearances, and I'm busier than I've ever been. Solid investment, and no need for majorly expensive components or chemicals (like pressure washing). https://spinaclean.com/skyvac-atom.asp

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