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  1. Minimum to charge.

    Depends on your prices I guess. I won't stop for less than £12 - by the time I've driven to a job, got the hoses and poles out and completed the clean it's always 15mins of my time regardless of whether it's a 1 or 2 bed. And if it's even further to a job it needs to pay 30mins/£20-25 for the round trip. For gutters it's a minimum charge of £40 for same reasons above. You can only put a price on your time though, so depends what your earning expectations are.
  2. Just orderd a Gardner pole

    About to order my third one this week. Can't beat them pound for pound at all
  3. Best add on alongside wfp

    I definitely recommend gutter clearing as one of the side services to add on to windows. I've always done both even in my trad days, but now we have decent equipment for both I can do it safely and easier than ever. You don't even need a GoPro, I bought some crappy Action Cam for £35, mounted the bicycle mount clamp to the top of my goose neck, press record and send it up in the air. It has a 2.5" display so I can immediately play the video back and see if there's blockages or plenty of debris in the gutters, and then price the job accordingly. Or if its a more serious problem I plug it in to my MacBook and watch it on a bigger display. I bought a SkyVac Atom for about £700 including 7 sections (so roughly 4 stories high) and it's brilliant (Think it's even cheaper now so I'll attach a link). Some times it gets blocked when it's particularly damp and small leaves group and stick together but a quick suck out of a bucket of water and it's cleared in a heart beat. I charge £50 an hour for it, but a minimum of £40 to do a job (I don't carry it in my van every day so that's the price I charge to take it to work with me) and I do about 50 jobs a year with it without even trying. It's earned me 20x more than I paid for it in 14 months and Spinaclean are brilliant if you have any issues. I used to offer gutter repairs, even refits, windows, gutter clearing, UPVC cleaning, con roof cleaning etc but now all I do is windows, UPVC, con roofs and gutter clearances, and I'm busier than I've ever been. Solid investment, and no need for majorly expensive components or chemicals (like pressure washing). https://spinaclean.com/skyvac-atom.asp
  4. Don't you just love it when

    I stick mine before I even get in the door for this very reason, or when I’ve totally drained my tank set a reminder on my phone to go and put it on before bed. One time I did leave my flush running for 8 hours though cos I forgot to change the tap to fill. Didn’t even realise until I’d driven an hour to work. Could only do about 5 houses 😂
  5. Streamline pole hose for Gardiner pole

    I have the green PU and even after 18 months it still coils and twists like a SOB. Need to order a new pole this month and I’m not sure which hose to get this time around either.
  6. Help with quoting

    £40 odd as it'll no doubt be on a 30 day invoice. I'd offer to do the entrance doors inside and out for that too. Double up cost for in and out and I would recommend every 2 weeks for this kind of premises. It may need doing when customers aren't around too so expect to do it outside of opening hours.
  7. Resin shortage what's the score

    I ordered Unger before Christmas from WCW and they emailed me saying they don't have stock until January but I can have Purolite for £80 odd so I decided not to wait and ordered that - not even used it yet but I had it in a couple of days.They still seem to have that in stock, I think it's mostly related to Unger and Tulsion (don't really rate that for the extra cost tbh though).
  8. If you are running a proper business, these kinds of people are NOT your competition. Never hesitate to increase your prices - I've started doing it every other year now, £1 for houses less than £25, £1.50 for £26-40 and £2.50 for £40+ houses. I lose less than 5% of my customer base doing this and I'm taking on 20% a year more anyway. You need to stop comparing your prices to others and make the business work for you.
  9. It may be where you are, but that's absolutely not the case here. I'm taking on new work every day and my prices start at £12 (just two new ones today signed up to GC for £40 a month and £25 a month). I'm sure someone out there would do the houses I have for 1/4 of the price, but who the hell wants to do 1000 houses a month for £4000 when I can do 300 for more money? My demographic isn't cheap and cheerful, nor do I ever underprice my jobs just to get them. If a customer wants to pay as little as possible then someone else can do the windows - I want customers who respect the costs of running a business, the time and effort it takes to build said business, and that want a quality job done properly whilst trusting I'm not sizing up their house to let my mate know what they've got inside so he can go and rob them next week. Horses for courses, in any industry cheap guys/shops/brands exist for a market, but I've never been busier since getting better equipment, a new van, branding and uniform. You'd be amazed how many comments get made about my approach (proper quote forms, GoCardless payments, text messages, courtesy services etc) vs the bloke in a battered car turning up in ripped jeans.
  10. How many customers a day?

    It's easier not to look at volume, but more money. Some days I have one job that pays me my entire days money, others it takes 10, other days 20. Just depends where they are, what they pay, and how much set up and driving time is needed to get through them all. I think it's better to look at what you want to earn in a day (not even necessarily an hours rate because some jobs pay better than others per minute) and just look to organise your work to fit that time frame. There's always an opportunity to earn more, and many excuses to earn less, but as long as you organise your day the evening before you know exactly where you need to be at 1/2/3/4/5/6pm or whenever you want to go home :)
  11. See my second argument to this is as follows; If a tradesman arrived at your house to do plumbing/building etc. would you question their tools or methods? If your windows are clean it doesn't matter if I used unicorn pee to clean them, the job is done, the final finish (albeit when they're dry if you're using pure) is satisfactory so why complain about how it was done?
  12. Price fellas?

    Exactly what I thought. Some people’s estimates are plain wrong. That being said only you know your business running costs, travel time etc and what your targets are to stay afloat so each to their own.
  13. How To Get Clear Water at home to put into containers.

    Hey dude. Firstly, welcome to your new business and good luck :) I’ve had your predicament before but with a rented house and not a flat. Couldn’t install an outside tap, water ppm was 330 so useless for window cleaning so I bought an unger hydro flo, couple of lengths of hose and a hozelock clamp to fit over the kitchen tap so I could run the hose to the hydro vessel. Window cleaning warehouse do a bundle for about £350 which includes most of what you need to get started including the back pack, pole, hydro flo and one resin bag. Just be be warned that it will cost an arm and a leg once you get enough work in, but it might get you started. Perhaps begin with doing upstairs windows with the back pack and down stairs with traditional tools to get your water to last longer.
  14. Price fellas?

    That’s not my experience at all. I have well over 50 houses a month this size and bigger. Some of my regular residential customers pay £120 a month to do theirs. It’s just important to get your pricing right in the first place (and continually do an excellent job obviously).
  15. Pure water supplier required

    I produce my own but they’d come in handy on occasion. Still no sign of one near me either tbf. How hard is your water? Could you get away with just an Unger Hydro Flow or something for a couple of hundred quid and decant your pure into barrels to use? That’s how I started migrating to WFP a couple of years ago.

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