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  1. Leaking reel, how to stop it?

    You do realise PTFE tape needs to be on the inside of the fitting, not taped around the outside like a bad bandage? Take all your fittings off, tightly wind at least 4 revolutions of tape around each screw thread then re screw on any attaching connectors. I had a drippy reel with the winter weather, bought three new brass male hozelocks and all leaked. Bound the tape underneath and it’s completely stopped.
  2. Renting out a round

    Unfortunately I’ve had bad experiences on both sides of this. When I started out it was with my ex’s dad and he paid me a set wage to run everything and look after the lads. After four years he moved to Spain and cut off any interest, financial support or help whilst still taking £1200 a month from me. Three years after that I was almost bankrupt, skint, struggling to stay motivated and paying the lads more than I was taking home. Decided at that point enough was enough and gave him an ultimatum. We fell out big time and he accused me of trying to steal his business etc so we ceased trading, I wrote to every single customer explaining we wouldn’t be coming any more and walked away. It’s taken me 5 years to grow again, and yeah half of that customer base came back to me of their own accord because they knew ME, they liked ME more and trusted ME. I didn’t set out for these people to come back to me, but they did. It was a horrendous 3 years for me and we threw away a £1200pw revenue stream but I’ve retained those customers for 12 years now and they’re loyal to a fault. So for me, now I’m working solo and doing great, making near enough the same because of modern technology, better customer base and easier payment methods but if I ever want to branch out it’ll be more vans and set targets for EMPLOYED staff instead. I’ve moved 40-70 miles away from my main round now to supplement my girlfriends journey to her job with the idea of building here too and splitting the work in to two vans and two areas but progress is slow so I do 500miles a week to keep everything going. I feel for you and your circumstances, no doubt you’re between a rock and a hard place, but I would be very careful about the decision you make now. I would try and get someone physically employed so you’re protected within some degree, explain your situation to every single customer you have too so they know to expect your return, and make sure you try to commit the odd day or two to be back up there and out working with them. Good luck mate.
  3. -4 so back to bed, anyone working in this?

    Got down to -9 here but was 0 by 1230 so I went to work about 1145 until 330 (dark by then!). Not having a good week, today is forecast heavy rain all day too. Life of a window cleaner 😌
  4. Auto shut off valve

    Happy to report the float amendment worked tonight - water level cut off at a much more comfortable level too (not splashing at the very top of the tank). Glad it seemed to be something so simple to fix, just hope it stays that way
  5. Auto shut off valve

    OK I eventually managed to loosen the screw holding the float to the arm today and lowered it as far as it can go. Managed to get half a day in today so I'm filling her up again now - I'll report back if this doesn't work but actively lifting the arm up and down is still shutting off the water inlet so it has to be float related. Thanks everyone
  6. Auto shut off valve

    I only have a van mount so no rain water being harvested and never anything in the tank other than water (oh and ice today haha).
  7. Auto shut off valve

    Sorry for late reply, went away this weekend and got caught in the snow. Yeah, sometimes the water doesn’t stop even with the float hitting the top of the tank. I haven’t had a chance to play around with the screw yet so I’ll lower that at some point tomorrow when it warms up. I’ll also take a picture from inside the tank as best I can (although it’s full of water atm so it might have to be after I’ve got some work in and used some!). Cheers Spruce.
  8. Auto shut off valve

    Much appreciated mate, thank you. Dropped van van in to garage for a service so I’ll have a tinker with the float height tomorrow when I do a resin change and see if that helps on Monday eve when I fill again. Cheers
  9. Auto shut off valve

    Yes it does stop if I lift it up entirely. -3 here this morning so I’ll put my hands in the water a bit later on! Thank you
  10. Auto shut off valve

    I got my head in the tank and had a good look around yesterday. The float is working and the circuit is closing and opening as it should once the float is up, but there is on occasion times when the float is up but not quite shutting the water off. Heres a pic - I can’t seem to find the same float online to replace it though and don’t want another entire kit fitted for what is most likely just the float. Any ideas to where I can find one?
  11. Auto shut off valve

    Hey. Sorry for late reply, I’ve been testing it for a few days and it’s mostly been fine until last night. If I move the float up the water cuts off almost instantly so it is working. The problem I had yesterday is that the tank was full to the brim and the water didn’t shut off until I just touched the float up. So it seems some days there’s not enough of a “push” from the water to cut it off. Is is there any way of lowering the float so it shuts off sooner? I only have a small van so there’s not a great deal of space to look inside the tank etc. I’ll ring WCW again this afternoon as they did offer to swap out the float - if I can avoid a day trip to Wales for something simple though I’d rather that. Thanks
  12. Auto shut off valve

    How would I check this? Thanks
  13. Auto shut off valve

    Just popped out to my van as I noticed my waste water hadn’t slowed down tonight as usual (indicating my tank was nearly full) and the back was flooded. Seems my system has continued to fill past full and the auto shut off valve didn’t kick in. Was working fine last night so not sure where I should be checking when it’s light tomorrow. Any ideas? It’s a Facelift Phoenix 350 RO+DI. Cheers
  14. Changed resin, no difference to PPM

    Solved. My vessel wasn't airtight as the screw thread wasn't quite flush. After creating a puddle in my van after a few hours work today I took it out, gave it a good shake and closed the top so that it was sealed properly. Hadn't noticed it yesterday as it was a microscopic gap. Assuming that was allowing air in this would have had a direct effect on the process. It's on 0ppm now after it's been sealed. Always something simple.
  15. Changed resin, no difference to PPM

    Bought it from WCW in July. Only opened it today as my Unger one lasted longer than usual. As for my systems membrane performance I questioned that with them too (Facelift Phoenix system so their own design) and the screen shot was their response.