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  1. Howard

    Canvassing Company's

    Yes mate, his number is 07507128065 his name is Paul
  2. Howard

    Canvassing Company's

    Hi Guys Ive been using PLJ from Leatherhead for my canvassing. The guys name is Paul, very professional, was a cleaner so he knows his stuff too. Most of his canvassed work has stayed with me, a couple of cancellations but generally very pleased. Good prices given to the customers and all in the same area. I would definitely recommend him.
  3. Gents thanks for the replies, I'll keep trying !!👍
  4. Hi guys, can you help a newbie! Just done 8 first cleans and my brush head is now filthy and full of "bits" Whats the best way to clean this up? Cheers
  5. Howard

    window cleaning round for sale

    Hi Leon, is this round still up for sale mate? Howard
  6. Hi, is this round still for sale? I have been working as a wfp window cleaner for 8 years and want to go out on my own, this would be an ideal start for me. Howard. 07876503916

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