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  1. I can recommend www.fiverr.com for design work. If you don't know how to make a vector image, you either learn the skills needed, or pay someone to do it. ☺️ That said, the free program Inkscape can make vectors out of bitmaps, with just a little manual cleanup needed.
  2. Nudel

    Di vessels ppm reading

    Try a larger sample size, fill a clean 10 litre bucket and measure in that. When I measure from a cup I sometimes get 1ppm reading, but measured in tank or 25l barrel it's always 0.
  3. Nudel

    Gardiner Swivel Neck

    I should add I only have a swivel on my slx18. My extreme 47 there is none, as I believe it's not recommended for some reason? So I switch between the poles with and without swivel regularly. I believe that would lessen the strain as well.
  4. Nudel

    Gardiner Swivel Neck

    It gets better, I had the same experience when I got my swivel a few months back. Rotating the pole to change the angle seems to be easier on my wrists. All in all the swivel makes for a faster more comfortable clean once you get used to it.
  5. The complete ready to use budget systems are getting cheaper and better these days. I'm all for DIY myself, and love it. When I started out I had no other option than going the cheapest possible route. If I were to start again now, with the client base I've bought and built up, I'd probably pay to fit a top of the line system. After all DIY is fun, but in reality your WFP system is just a tool that needs to work for you to earn money. And you'll make more money cleaning than fiddling with leaking couplings from eBay time and again, just to save a few quid. I'm thinking about making a few videos to explain the basics of a DIY system, since we get this question all the time. Any interest in that?
  6. You aren't supposed to run the motor when reeling out, surely? Or do I misunderstand the concept? With the correct gearing there should be no issues pulling the hose out manually.
  7. Nudel

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Was out cleaning with a mate the other day, he uses the simple type unger (the ones with the chubby handle), detailing top and side frames on every window. I absolutely blasted him away with my stock non modded moerman liquidator 2 with razr red. So yes, it can be done, it's a fine tool, it saves time for sure. Unfortunately I climbed around on some scaffolding yesterday and the handle snagged on something so the moerman channel got bent. Need to try out the s channel anyway, as my neighbour cleaner with 40+ years of trad experience says it's finally the squeegee he has always wanted.
  8. Yeah, you can't trad pole these. Say you can rent a lift to do them. 😂
  9. Nudel

    Van Roof Rotating Air Vent

    Consider one of these moisture sucking contraptions they use in cellars and caravans. I got one which is wall mounted, and the van feels and smells better with it.
  10. Nudel

    Help with price

    "Underprice this job and you might get more underpriced work from us." What a treat! Please walk away.
  11. Nudel

    Pole hose keeps kinking

    Tubeless is the way to go. Preferably with a coupling that rotates. The facelift pole hose is rubbish though, and kinks worse than others I have tried.
  12. Nudel

    Xline Trolley system

    Absolutely, you just need the correct coupling. Most window cleaning suppliers sell a 8mm to hoselock connector.
  13. Nudel

    tank position in van

    Don't know the exact sizes, but in my mind you'll loose more space mathematically if you put it diagonally, as most tools are square-ish and you won't be able to utilize the floor space properly. I use dead space in my can for battery and DI (which I rarely change). A sort of pull out storage could make use of the entire floor space.
  14. Nudel

    Add Hot Water to WFP Trolley??

    I wouldn't stick something like that in a thin walled plastic container. Was thinking more of something like this https://m.ebay.com/itm/3000W-Mini-220V-Instant-Electric-Tankless-Hot-Water-Heater-Sink-Tap-Faucet-X/112791015682?hash=item1a42de5102:m:mELRctSLnUzGUyBfd2qKnag&varId=413228236503 I bought one to preheat the water in my tank over night, but scrapped the project as I didn't want the work involving insulating the tank and what not. I'll end up buying a diesel heater if the money allows, and plan to use the little water heater to build myself a portable hot car wash unit.
  15. Nudel

    Add Hot Water to WFP Trolley??

    Two options that could work in theory. A) Insulated trolley tank filled with hot water via diesel or gas heater in van. B) Electric water heater mounted on trolley, but you need to power it from mains voltage. Battery powered hot water is a no go. But not really a good solution any of them in my opinion.

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