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  1. I've seen people use polystyrene, or different kind of insulation mats which I guess are also used in some air condition duct system? If it'll keep warm depends on how much you heat it up, and how cold it is outside; impossible to tell precisely. It'll probably work ok, but you'll loose a lot of heat to nothing.
  2. I have the same reel and connect my microbore directly on the inside, had no leaks on those parts in 2 years. The swivel connector on the outside is a must have, without it you wear through o-rings on the hozelocks quickly.
  3. Cars aren't rated or built for the payloads a wfp setup requires. Barrels and backpack is probably fine (I've done that for a year) but would not spend time and money building anything big or permanent in a car.
  4. Absolutely, that'll work just fine. Be careful to leave the connections out of the way of any water of course. You can get some fancy waterproof junction boxes off eBay and elsewhere, but a plastic tub works just as fine. But first get it up and running, you can always refine it down the road. I'm planning to do a new, third version for my van.
  5. That looks fine to me! The connection of three wires to the output of the dpst switch can be a bit tricky, just make sure it's properly seated and not loose. Or move the voltmeter to the connections with the remote.
  6. Theres an older topic about it here Seems like a squirt in each barrel should be enough.
  7. Peugeot Partner heater

    Mine also do the same. Partner 2017.
  8. The fluid style is pure awesomeness!
  9. Where the pump are. Wagos are great. Yes they are totally fine with empty ports.
  10. Something like this could work? Or you could use a reducer like this and use a regular hoselock and garden hose?
  11. Looks fine to me, nice drawing! Remember to use the proper gauge wire and have secure connections everywhere. Personally I use a double pole switch from the battery so it kills both the positive and negative lead when off. I have added a switch to bypass the remote on my system, in case the remote battery dies. Not had an issue with it yet, so it's entirely optional. I've added a principle sketch I made a year ago. The idea is the same as with a latching switch setup in your house.
  12. Working outside far surpassed any desk or store job I've had during my working years. Much of the enjoyment is also due do setting my own hours, not having to go outside, remove ice from the car and drive in a hurry to meet at a certain hour. Just sitting inside watching the storm (like we had here yesterday) doing some paperwork and not stressing about work that has to be done is also a nice perk.
  13. Wide brush versus standard brush?

    Absolutely love my 45cm brush (gardiners mixed super duper xtreme light something-or-other). It cut my work time down to half on certain larger high commercial jobs, and a timesaver generally for all jobs. Gardiners doesn't recommend those wide brushes on long xtreme poles though, but I have had no issues with it so far. The four pencil jets really does clean well, will try fan jets when I get around to it.
  14. Pop the battery out and measure it with a multimeter?