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  1. Gardiners sell a backpack battery, would probably do the job. You charge it with a battery charger.
  2. Nudel

    How to undo a 10” filter housing

    Weird. Can you fit two spanners on there to really get to use some force? Maybe boiling water on the threads can help, but don't know if the plastic can stand up to that..
  3. Nudel

    How to undo a 10” filter housing

    Didn't it come with a custom spanner?
  4. Old school cotton nappies 95°c wash and tumble dried is where it's at. 😝
  5. With a bit of hot water and some persuasion you can slip the 1/2 inch hose over the hoselock connector. A hose clamp later and job done. Did that on my tank for a year, no issues.
  6. Nudel

    Losing pressure

    How old is the pump and how old is the battery? Maybe it's just worn out?
  7. Gardiners longest pole seem to be the ultimate 74. Reaching 79 feet. https://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/water-fed-poles/pole-specifications.html If one of the top distributors have that as max length, I feel you are reaching the upper boundaries. A big lift might be a better option. Or rent the fire department for the top part?
  8. Most people seem to use two 11 litres. Can't see why it would make any difference having different sizes. After all when the first one is spent, you refill it with resin and switch the vessels, thus alternating them constantly.
  9. Payment over phone sounds sketchy.. I'd rather have people do a bank transfer instead.
  10. That is a good idea @Brandon. People have been doing that for years. Saves up to 25% on resin cost if I remember correctly
  11. What material do you print in? I find PLA too stiff and brittle to hold up to daily use like this.
  12. I'm using a 12v timer for my tank filling setup. Works perfectly fine. Also use 12v solenoids for shutting off my RO, but that's only on tap pressure. For a timer, something like this should work. https://m.ebay.com/itm/12V-Timing-Delay-Relay-Module-Cycle-Timer-LED-Digital-Dual-Display-0-999-Minutes/142790749615?epid=525527230&hash=item213efdedaf%3Ag%3Av6MAAOSwgJla9Wmc&_nkw=Timer+12v&_from=R40&rt=nc Unfortunately it doesn't have NC contacts, so either you use one NO and one NC valve, or add a daughter relay board. Most other 12v timers off ebay needs a trigger signal to activate, which you can do by rotating your storage float valve 180 degrees, but is kind of a hassle as you then can't use the float valve to also start the booster pump (and you loose a failsafe). But the one I linked should just activate the timer on power on. And Arduino with a relay module is another good option.
  13. The rough idea is: Float valve activates booster pump and a timer unit. Timer unit relay is connected to two solenoids, one to NO and the other to NC. One solenoid directs water to storage, the other one to drain. Timer is set up to start at power on, opening the solenoid leading to drain for whatever minutes it takes to tds to fall. When the time is up the drain solenoid closes, automatically opening the one to storage. That would work, no? What I don't know is if the cheap smaller solenoids can handle the flow for larger ro systems.
  14. Nudel

    Windows that open in.

    Was cleaning a row of windows, put the brush on the glass as I looked away to not trip over the hose, and when I looked up the brush head had disappeared full blast into the room which turned out to be part of the emergency call center at the police station. It was kind of difficult to gain access to that secure area of the station to dry up the mess, but most of them know me by now so it worked out. Luckily they are good sports these gentlemen.
  15. I used to use the app maps.me (offline maps from openstreetmaps) and added the customers manually. Great for overview until you get to know the customers and neighbourhoods well.

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