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  1. Auto shut off valve

    Interesting, so it won't work at all with lower hose diameter and less flow out?
  2. Auto shut off valve

    Why are you insisting on using 1/2"? The smaller one will work anyway, just fill a bit slower. If that's what you have your mind set on, go for it. There are only so many ways one can fill a tank. :-P
  3. 6mm OR 8mm HOSE?

    @H MAN I always find water hoses categorized by ID.
  4. @Paul Morris You do realize the post is from 2016, right?
  5. Looks nice. I run my round off a google sheet that looks very similar. I've added a counter that shows how many days until due, and colour the customers which are due the current month a different colour. Thus I can see with a glance how many I have due this week, and how many this month. A column to show how much you earn from a customer per year is also nice to have I think.
  6. 6mm OR 8mm HOSE?

    It's thinner. Plus sides: You'll fit more on a reel. It can be more flexible. (?) Negative sides: You'll drain your battery faster due to needing more power to push the water through a smaller opening. Potentially lower pressure at brush head. EDIT: Less robust than 8mm. Some people on here seem to get by with it just fine. Personally I want to conserve battery life and like the more beefy hose so it can withstand cars and trucks driving over it.
  7. Wiring diagram in this thread. Long range remote. Short range remote. Just examples, can probably be found cheaper.
  8. Google My Business also does simple websites, all free.
  9. Auto shut off valve

    Here you go. https://youtu.be/V6WAWKMC2cQ
  10. Auto shut off valve

    Depending on how posh you want it, you can DIY a system like the one from gardiners for less than 10£ if you have some bits and bobs like cables and a power brick. Not saying a pro system with support isn't worth the extra price of course. I could do a video on my version of this setup tomorrow if you're interested.
  11. RO system pressure gauge problem

    Mine broke last year due to frost. Found it difficult to get to the insides, but will try to year the face plate off.
  12. I believe Sorbo did a system like this. That's why their channels have 3-4 positions to set the rubber. It was horribly expensive though, and needed a stable table and a small beast of a machine only to save a few quid on rubbers. Looked into it 10 years ago so my memory might be spotty, but found it was not worth it at least. EDIT: Look! http://www.cwcsupplyusa.com/sorbodocketrubbersharpener.aspx
  13. brodex switch just blew

    The pressure switch normally sits on top of the pump where some wires go in. You should get to it by removing a small cover. A picture would help. Normally it's a high quality microswitch.
  14. Starting to get a ‘window cleaners shoulder’

    Interesting observation @mufcglen. I've done the opposite this week, I've been using the top 5 sections of an Xtreme 47 for a year+, but it's on the long side when doing low windows so I got an slx18 (couldn't defend the 3x price for a few hundred grams I thought) Since the slx has a swivel and ultimate brush I've been using it for some first floors but man, my body is aching after a few hours of that. I feel it comes down to stiffness as much as weight, and will switch the slx18 for an Xtreme 22 down the road, and only use the slx for lower windows.
  15. Hose reel fixings

    I build a wooden frame that I bolted with angle brackets to the tie down points in the back.

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