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  1. Lesuire battery died today!!!!!!

    I thought it was allways best to let the battery get half full then charge. Ill start charging it every night again if thats the case. Just gutted the 2 varistreams drained my battery when i was off over xmas just didn't think to take the clamps off.
  2. Gutted i had 10 days off over xmas and left my battery connected to my pump although the controller is turned off it must still draw power from the battery as when i got ready to go back to work it was dead and the little circle window showed black!!! Charged it up and seemed ok. Anyway charged it Sunday ready for work this week and it's died on me at 3pm today. It seemed fine all last week too but i did charge it mid week. Think ive ruined it now. Gutted as only had 4 more houses to finish too. Decided to put my old battery back in the van now to as a spare. We live and learn i guess. Must find the receipt and take it back too halfords see if they will exchange it.
  3. IBC tank recommended supplier

    I paid £80 for a 600 litre ibc on a plastic pallet. Brand new virtually still had the seal on. Ring this bloke 07917698159. Dont know his name sorry and i collected mine.
  4. Dangers of posting flyers.

    Roll mine up into a tube and fly it through with speed
  5. Moss removal from joints and gaps on window frames

    Been using a dish brush for £1 from Wilkinsons just keep it in my pouch. Handy for getting algae and moss from the cracks too but like this.
  6. Public Liability Insurance

    Gleamimg insurance is the best insurance out there literally covers you for most things. £15 a month bargain
  7. Controller reading 'L' but battery charged

    You need to cut the push connectors off that come with the controller, strip back the wire and buy a soldering iron and solder them back togther. Just put a small heat sleeve over it and job done takes 20 mins. No more L voltage sign. I used to charge my battery every day now i only charge it once a week.
  8. May i ask how you was even making a profit in the first place with them prices?? After tax and expenses you'd be on less than minimum wage? I have loads of £8 im putting up this week to £10 just putting a letter through explaining, rekon there will be a few moans and groans but if they do moan ill just say by all means get a quote off another window cleaner and they will be shocked at 2018 prices!! Everyone hates putting up prices and even if you did put them up £1 every year would take you 6 years just to get to £10 and they would still be underpriced. I brought a lot of work so couldnt exactly up the price but been doing them 7 years now so they know that im reliable so if they carnt accept a £2 increase to £10 which are cleaned every 6 weeks i may aswell give up window cleaning.
  9. Stubbon Yellow Blobs / Splats

    Totally agree and even when removed if you look from the inside theres still a mark left behind. I think its wasp or bee poo and allways worse on gable end windows. Like i say i keep a spare pole in the van now with a plastic scraper attached covered in a non scratch white pad spray the pad with ubik at the end of the day i feel it's the best i can do. Some roads have no staining others have 10-20 on certain windows can be frustrating but if you have a good look at the window before you wet it as if you wet it you won't know where it is. For me I've only had this problem last 2 years unless its allways been there and ive only just noticed. But for me certain roads have loads or even certain houses so its defiantly from insects.
  10. Stubbon Yellow Blobs / Splats

    I use an old gardnier pole with a plastic scraper, i then put some of the white non scratch pads over the scraper, i even spray the pad up with a bit of ubik but they are really stubborn and once wet very hard too see. I remember cleaning a conservatory inside and out this road in particular is renowned for the yellow marks so when i wfp the outside i made sure i got off the yellow marks. Came to do the inside and felt emabarassed how bad they still were. They left a mark still even tho i removed them. But your right would love to see a brush that removes these as there a right pain.
  11. What happened to Aims Cleaning Hub?

    Used the glass cleaner which simon suggested and its came off so im happy but ill just stick too a chem im familair with now.
  12. Pimped my gutter vac wheels

    Might be a bit of a struggle getting around some backs with the width bit like it
  13. Would you put the prices up?

    £130 a momth HMRC thats not much you carnt be paying much tax ive been putting 70 a week away all year and im 750 short on my tax bill :(
  14. Would you put the prices up?

    £350 a week on outgoings, no where near that buy get your point. That's why i will be increasing them after xmas. You just hear loads of stories of i make £1000 plus a week blah blah blah. Just trying too get peoples views
  15. Would you put the prices up?

    I just wanna get the views of some of you lot, would you do £8 houses? And yes most weeks £800-900 plus but work hard for it.

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