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  1. GSS Window Cleaning

    cleaning my own windows

    I have 3 houses i a row that all have external rubbers. The front of house is allways in direct sunlight. Its 100% the rubbers and not technique as I've been doing them 8 years now. If you take a mircorofibre cloth and wipe the rubber its black. At the end of the day rubber is made from oil and these old windows 25 years old have been battered by the sun so i think eventually it releases some of the oil the only way ive found is by using some tfr every time i clean them otherwise they leave drip marks regardless of technique or how much i rinse. Lucky the customers all understand but its just frustrating.
  2. GSS Window Cleaning

    Struggling with tds reading

    Well it can only be faulty vessel or a bag of resin which i highly doubt. Make sure the vessel lids tight too. Have you used it much as a 7 litre vessel wont last long with a high ppm input
  3. GSS Window Cleaning

    Struggling with tds reading

    Are you using new hose? As this can make tds levels rise. How are the other windies getting 0ppm through reverse osmosis?
  4. GSS Window Cleaning

    Struggling with tds reading

    Have you got the hose in and out in the right place on the resin vessel? Should say on the top of the resin bottle in and out also make sure its tightened up as this also makes your tds rise. Also give the resin bottle a good shake having 3/4 full wont make a difference.
  5. GSS Window Cleaning

    Decisions Decisions

    Really not woth buying all the kit for one job especially not with an 80ft pole not sure they even make them that long. That will be a specialised job and with no previous wfp experience id walk away. Not as easy as it looks at them heights.
  6. GSS Window Cleaning

    What Age Are You

  7. GSS Window Cleaning

    which van should i get?

    Bit extreme 4000 miles. Depends what milage you do. My citreon dispatch says every 20k oil change or every year. Oils these days aint like they used to be. I use genuine citreon parts too as makes a difference. But as long as you service your van it should be fine. Ive spent £800 the last 2 weeks on my van. Both driveshafts, service and front brakes disks and pads. But all this is general wear and tear. Our vans take a battering as most are allways on there limit. With the weight of the tank, myself, ladders,di vessel, reels and all the bits and bobs it soon adds up. Good job i went for the 1200kg payload long wheel base.
  8. GSS Window Cleaning

    Would you go back

    This is what you need takes 5 mins www.screwfix.com/p/drain-unblocker/11325?tc=BT2&ds_kid=92700022855719489&ds_rl=1249796&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249481&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqPuWl_uP2gIVhLftCh2orAMsEAQYAiABEgLOIfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CILtqZr7j9oCFTAS0wodpNoO2w
  9. GSS Window Cleaning

    Would you go back

    This is why i allways rod the down pipe from the swan neck using a hand held drain unblocker from wickes basically just a bendy piece of metal wire a few meters in length. Them swan necks are a nightmare especially if the person who fitted them uses a screw to keep it in place. Only takes one piece of moss to block the swan neck up again. Personally id explain its been 12 weeks and will charge a call out fee. No point in going back if its not a regular customer and this is another reason why i dont do fsg cleans or clears for non customers.
  10. GSS Window Cleaning

    Worx Hydroshot!!!!!

    Think it would be spot on attached using the bottle adaptor with your mixed chem in. Think it would work too for rinsing and cleaning
  11. GSS Window Cleaning

    Worx Hydroshot!!!!!

    Think this would be awesome for applying chems to conny roofs and gutters and even rinsing/cleaning them down.
  12. GSS Window Cleaning

    Runs on the same windows every month

    Not worth it just drop the house and replace it with a new one. Not all windows can be cleaned with the reach and wash and especially i find rubbers that are on the outside of the frame in direct sunlight are a pain. Like others said use ubik and scrub the rubber loads but even that sometimes dont help. Ive used unger rub out and got on a ladder and scrubbed it with that and it seems to work. Ive heard of people using Vaseline on the top rubber and not scrubbing it but i just would drop the house and move on
  13. GSS Window Cleaning


    My exact point there's no way you will reach £200-250 a day at £6 a house im not slating your prices just trying to help you out by setting realistic goals mate but wish you all the best and i hope any 18 year old like you can have the balls to setup on there own just like i did but im telling you now youll be in for a shock on jusy how long it takes to build a stable round and especially at £6 a pop. And how hard running a business. Youll be lucky to hit £60 a day for the first few years. My prices are cheap and i make £800 a week plus every week and its a struggle for me at times. But fair play if you can work weekends and build it up why not fair play.
  14. GSS Window Cleaning


    Well you never stated the fact your still working for your boss. You said you wanted to leave. I think this is a case of you seeing how much your boss is making £1500 a week and thinking you can do the same. Well im afraid thats not the case. Youll need 200 houses a month from one estate at £6 a house and everyone will have to pay you. Then theres your material costs bad weather insurance cost tax national insurance cost of flyers work wear etc i could go on for ever about costs. I dont mean to sound rude but £300 a week for an apprentice doing a 9-5 sounds fine too me. I had the same with my apprentice gave him £50 a day at 17 years old he werent happy lol dont know whats up with you young lads? But yeah if your doing as you say on a sat fair enough might take a few years to get it built up but dont see how your gonna make £250 from £6 houses in one day you must be flying splash and dash and from a trolley too. Im not knocking you but wait untill its your own business its a different ball game and i should know been at it a while.
  15. GSS Window Cleaning


    I think your nuts leaving a job that pays you £300 a week at 18 years old. I think youll hit the real world when you start on your own. You'll have to clean a hell of a lot of houses at £6-7 to reach your old wages of £300 a week. That's not taking into account of actually getting the money and all your out goings. I dont know what the world has come too when lads aint happy with £300 a week. When i was 18 i did a 3 year apprenticeship as a groundworker on £120 a week for a 40 hour week getting up at 5am to get to site for 7.30am grafting on a building site all day and im not talking decades ago im only 31 now. I think your in for a bit of a shock mate. But wish you luck.

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