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  1. Adam Turnbull

    Bank charges for your businesses

    Great - thanks for the feedback - it's good to hear it's not just me running the company through a personal account. But I want to go to GoCardless before I do any more canvassing.
  2. So I've been full time on windows for 10 months now, as a sole trader with no intention to employ. I came from independent retail. A big bug bear for retailers is bank charges - as a result of years of hearing them moan about it, I have automatically avoided telling my bank that I'm running a business through what was previously a personal account. The loan for my van was a personal loan too. But is the tail wagging the dog here? I want to change to GoCardless, I'm completely convinced by all the topic material on this site. But I'm worried about disclosing to my bank that I'm running a business. Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? What bank charges do you guys incur in the running of your business? What bank charges are incurred with GoCardless?
  3. Adam Turnbull


    really looking forward to using it - although my shed's filling up with half used 5L containers of various cleaner degreasers!
  4. Adam Turnbull


    Thanks Corps I was planning exactly that and would add more if I find it inadequate.
  5. Adam Turnbull


    thanks guys
  6. Adam Turnbull


    Hi All I just ordered my first TFR10. Thinking of spraying it onto white guttering/fascias/soffits on Fruday then brushing off. The gutters are over conccrete paving/ paving slabs/foliage and a glass roof conny (which I shall also be cleaning). Will there be issues with the drippage or is it less harmful than spray of Hypo recipe? Ad
  7. Adam Turnbull

    The "W" word

    I use Crocs wellies - really comfy, waterproof, last for ages - around £35

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