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  1. Mwwindowcleaning

    Gardiner Spray Bar ...

    How durable is it as a whole and the jet holes ?
  2. Mwwindowcleaning

    Gardiner Spray Bar ...

    It does look good , Ive got the tucker rinse bar and constructor brush. I’m hoping cos it’s made of plastic the jets don’t smooth over like the constructor rinse bar. Best thing is it’s uk based 🙌🙌🙌
  3. Mwwindowcleaning

    Effects of weather

    Do you have to keep charging your leisure battery on this setting , if so how often please ?
  4. Mwwindowcleaning

    Which Brush? Why?

    If you always clean the frames every visit then Imo Constructor brush - take time out to learn how to use it properly and use a good flow , yes it is pretty expensive but haven't worked as fast with any other brush.
  5. Mwwindowcleaning

    Filling up taking two hours

    Are you sure it's not just the temperature of the water. My RO makes pure water slower in the winter months than in the summer. water behaves differently when cold
  6. Mwwindowcleaning

    Idea on How to empty reel to stop freezing

    At the end of the work day close the valve from the tank to the pump. Turn the pump on and drain all the water out until nothing comes out, Turn pump off. Should help the pump or reel freezing as minimal if any water in them. Hope this helps.
  7. Mwwindowcleaning

    liquidator 2.0 trouble (fliq)

    It worked for me. You don't have to bend them back that much but enough to stop the rubber bending as much. And I tried everything that you all advised. Gg4 hasn't got the best glide yet I squeegee it off the windows with ease. 👌 Just be more careful when blading thin seals.
  8. Mwwindowcleaning

    liquidator 2.0 trouble (fliq)

    I had this problem too , you have to bend the blue clips back away from the rubber so that the rubber is straight and not bent at the clips. I thought it was a soap issue but now I can fan a window using gg4 and it doesn't leave a trace. Granted you shouldn't have to modify something u buy for it to work but that will 100% fix your problem. Also use razr red
  9. Mwwindowcleaning

    New pure freedom reels

    How much were they? That's a really smart set up.
  10. Mwwindowcleaning

    Constructor brush....

    is the beast good on leads? is it durable ? what technique do u use? I go along the top frame once or twice then frames once and then just start from bottom of each window up and then down across bottom and up then down etc: always finish on the downward stroke. only on massive panes will I give it a final rinse with the fanning method just to be sure . whats your method for new cleans? I think I over rinse them.
  11. Mwwindowcleaning

    Constructor brush....

    sorry for late reply, didn't see your message . did you end up buying one in the end? I ordered the original as the bristles are more suited to british windows and frames the swift was nice on the windows but couldn't get in the deep gaps on some frames . but the upstroke is meant to be good also hope this helps
  12. Mwwindowcleaning


    I think the thing that winds up the consumer is buying a tool that they have to add bits to or play around with for it to work perfectly when it should work perfectly straight from the off. u shouldn't have to put unger green clips at the ends or use a different rubber to the one that comes with it for it to work without error. And especially when it comes at a premium. Also unlike other squeegees it only works when u use washing up liquid, anything else and it leaves lines.
  13. Mwwindowcleaning

    Constructor brush....

    I will say this. Wait till early march when they bring out the new rinse bar , the canons have been known to break quite easily. Or buy a cannon upgrade set and use the blue ones like I do. They're the smallest ones.
  14. Mwwindowcleaning

    Constructor brush....

    CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH Hope this helps.
  15. Mwwindowcleaning

    Constructor brush....

    It is heavier , but u 1. Get used to it . 2 you don't have to lift of the glass so doesn't really matter too much. I'm used to it now.

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