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  1. Your post me thinking, what about a submersible pressure sensor:http://www.omniinstruments.co.uk/level-distance-sensors/submersible-depth-sensors-water-level-sensor/ptm-n-programmable-submersible-depth-sensor.html Although this one isn't sensitive enough there may be ones that are. Maybe by calculating the full tank pressure vs almost empty tank pressure you could work out the water level. I am not very good with this sort of stuff tho.
  2. Garden fence softwash

    Great finish, What chemicals did you use green?
  3. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a nice and profitable day! Iv managed to get my hands on a Citroen Berlingo 2002 Diesel van, Its a little small and the payload is 600kg..... I recently seen a photo on here the other day from one of the users and he had on of those 2 seater cars with the hold in the back, he had given it a lick of paint and some shelves and it looked fantastic. That got me thinking about everyone else's set up and what i could do to get the most out of my new old van. I currently use a back pack on a trolley with barrels and a gardiner pole, but im also interested in what and how you trad guys are set up. When i started i was using an aluminium pole which is like swinging scaffolding about , I now use an SLX 25 so big improvement!! Whats changed for you since starting up? Thanks.
  4. Decking cleaning

    Could you explain abit more? I have a few customers with similar decking and i thought i would need a pressure washer... Could i just use some chemicals and a stiff brush?
  5. Been cleaned today tickets

    That's a fantastic price. I currently print my own leaflets at my part time job but the paper and ink quality are not great so im thinking if i start stepping my leaflet game up and make them more professional i should have some more luck. posted around 400 and had 2 maybe 3 replies. Nearly all my work comes from Facebook at the moment.
  6. Been cleaned today tickets

    I really like those, I normally write on the back of my leaflets and post those but its not really cost effective. How much do those cost at Vista?
  7. 25 L Water containers

    I picked two up from a tesco carwash. I have washed them out with tap water from hose about 5 times each then filled with pure twice and im still getting oily residue on the top of the water in the barrel. One use to hold TFR and the other some sort of plastic polish. Tried using abit of fairy aswell and some bleach neither has worked. filled them both up once with hot water.... waste of bloody gas! Anyone got any ideas? Was thinking of getting the jet washer out!
  8. Help

    I got the smaller version of the backpack and it came wit the same connectors as your first pick. Its a very tight fit it clicks and sort of feels like its in but give it a really hard push and itwill click again. Ir should work then. Sorry if im late to the party...
  9. Wfp backpack

    Hi, I bought this last year but the backpack was the 16ltr version. I bought it as i was just starting up and to be honest the pole is pretty heavy when fully extended and a pain to use at times. The back pack has worked great no problems at all, Can probably get a couple of days of use on 1 charge. The DI vessel still displays the tds with no problems and iv probably put somewhere in the region of 1200ltrs through it before i had to change the resin but i live in a soft water area. The hose isnt as long as you might want but can always be changed. I bought a new brush head afterwards as i needed softer brush but i never felt the big green brush head did that good of a job using the jet heads that came with it. All round decent set up but having mooched on the forum a little and working with the equipment day to day i would suggest buying a used or new DI vessel, resin and TDS meter then making your own DIY backpack set up on trolley direct to your 25ltr barrel strapped to your trolley. Then go and buy a gardiner pole, Well wait until they come in stock first haha. I recon it should come in for around the same price as that quoted set up if not lower. Hope that helps.
  10. Dirty Water Streaks

    Thanks for all the responses, So i have asked the customers i cleaned before cleaning the house in the picture and they are all happy with no stains or marks so its not the water or brush. I asked the customer if it happened also when i gave her the first clean where i used Ubik and she said yes but just thought that they must have been very dirty so she gave all the ground floor windows a "wipe over" instead of letting me know. So when i returned for maintenance clean 4 weeks later they didn't look too dirty so i used pure water only, as mentioned above i may have been bit stingy with my water! She said all the windows looked like the pic but they haven't all got vents. She recently had some work done to the house but im not sure what, Could it be that there is some really stuborn residue left on glass and the dirt is sticking to it instead of washing off?
  11. Dirty Water Streaks

    Thanks for the reply everyone, I really appreciate it. I thought about it being the rubber seals but she said she has gone round wiping all the windows when iv been as they started drying like in the picture , I really want to say its the customer that is causing it somehow but then again the pic is from upstairs and looks dried in. Had no other complaints from my last few days work so i don't think its my water or brush head. The customer is going on holiday this week so i think im going to pop round and re-clean then watch them dry haha. I have been cleaning the vents every time i do a clean - Is that not the general consensus on the forum? Thanks Again.
  12. Dirty Water Streaks

    Thanks for the reply Green, when I did the first clean I did use ubik but not for this clean. I asked if it happened last time and she said that it did but she presumed it was because they was very dirty, offered to go back round and correct it but she said she is happy with the service but would like me to wipe it down after. I just can't get my head round it, guna check some other properties I did today and see if they have the same streaks.
  13. Dirty Water Streaks

    Should also add I'm using the unger hydropower Di vessel with built in tds which was at 0 when I produced the water that morning.
  14. Hi everyone, Hope your all well. I have had a look through the forum but struggled to find any similar pics. I went to clean a customer windows for the second time, looked all good and went on my way. I got a message around 4 hours later with the below pic attached asking if I could wipe the windows down afterwards as they have left streaks all over. Now to me it looks like really dirty water has run down the glass and dried on but I rinsed really well and thoroughly cleaned the vents above the windows, she said that she has already wiped down all the other windows, so I'm thinking maybe she isn't leaving them long enough but the streaks look dried on. First real complaint I have had, she has asked can I just wipe them down but no point in WFP if I wiping or blading them afterwards. What do you guys think?
  15. Headstone cleaning

    How do you go about working out the price? Does it take a long time to achieve similar results to your OP pics?

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