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  1. Cghwindowcleaning

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    Makes me laugh when people come on here having been asked to quote commercial work that they don't know how to do or price. Nearly every post regarding commercial is how much or getting strangers to price it or reassure them on the price because they don't know what there doing. Makes you wonder how people priced up jobs and worked out the methods with out the internet.
  2. Cghwindowcleaning

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    I have one job at around 65-ft I use a gardiner extreme 47 with triple extension packing it's not much fun but comes up alright you need plenty of space around you to move and any slight wind feels exaggerated on the top of the pole. A window at proper height takes a lot longer and causes a lot more fatigue Even with an Extreme there is still quite a bit of flex so if your doing a lot of high stuff go for an ultimate but expect to pay around £3500 for one. Above 70ft or 60 with bad access then I use abseilers. Cherry pickers are all good but I've had problems in the past when they can be delivered late or brake down and this can hold the job up.Yeah you may get a bit of hire money back but not good when your on a tight deadline. High level work has to be priced very, well or it's not werth it.
  3. Cghwindowcleaning

    Help with a large quote (retirement flats)

    I wouldn't clean houses for a fiver. This is why asking prices is stupid we are all from different parts of the uk with different needs and business direction. People are free to charge what they want and if your happy with the price then that's all that matters but jobs like this are worth more. To put it in to perspective to buy one of these flats near me will cost any where from £250-£380k the service charge alone will be £300 a month per flat minimum up to £600 on some sites.
  4. Cghwindowcleaning

    Help with a large quote (retirement flats)

    The frequency is normally bi monthly(6 cleans a year) if they have balconies you have to go through each flat and out on to balcony to clean.They also want internal communal areas cleaned and flat roof valleys (if there are any). Your health and safety will need to be bang on point.5mill PL,RAMS etc The ones I looked at were agro loads of balconies, flat roof and loads of communal areas.I've priced a couple and was probably never going to get them as one small firm does them all in my area. You would be mad to clean that for £100 -£150 as someone has said.No chance I would rather clean houses and that says something.
  5. Cghwindowcleaning

    Help with a large quote (retirement flats)

    I'm guessing it's a Mccarthy and stone?as they now want gutters included with window cleaning. If there is another in your area who ever is cleaning that will get it.I've quoted a couple near me and never got them one company does most in each area.
  6. Cghwindowcleaning

    Car show rooms

    I use to clean loads.All internals cleaned by trad with pole or ladder.
  7. Cghwindowcleaning

    Pricing too high?

    This is why prices can vary all over the UK. That house in my town would be 325-375k. It just goes to show how much of a north / south divide in property there is you couldn't buy a 1 bed flat for that where I am.Hence the need to charge and earn more just to buy the same home.
  8. Cghwindowcleaning

    Pricing too high?

    Just out of interest how much would a house like this cost to buy where you are Iron Giant?
  9. Cghwindowcleaning

    Nationwide Window Cleaning. How???

    The only thing is if you had the turnover of nationwide with domestic the admin and office side of the business would be horrific.That's why most large 1.5mill plus turnover window cleaning firms only do commercial. There's plenty of work and the potential to grow a massive domestic round is there it's just hard to do when you see the figures that can be earned with good commercial. The only problem is keeping hold of it as every one wants in on it now.
  10. Cghwindowcleaning

    Nationwide Window Cleaning. How???

    In regards to costings every ones will be different.If your legit then of course your costs will be high and I believe we should all be. The one thing Pro Green doesn't seem to see and it may be different where he is but the amount of Cowboys and fidlers in domestic window cleaning is massive.I know loads with very, very small over heads. When looking at forums we are quite passionate and want the best for ourselves and business but I know plenty of domestic shiners that would never frequent forums going under the radar cleaning out off an old van of car not paying tax or having the right insurance £10 in the van or family car and £10 worth of water from spotless and away they go building up work and doing £120-£180 cash there over heads and running cost are minimal and there not gonna change. These lads are over the moon coming out of a factory to flexible job earning over £100 a day cash in their pocket. In my opinion these are the one killing this industry and prices not nationwide. Granted nationwide are killing the retail sector but in 15 -20 years there won't be much of high street to clean anyway.Retail is only a small bit of what Nationwide do the are massive and with out a doubt the largest window cleaning company in the Uk right now and they just keep getting bigger and bigger.
  11. Cghwindowcleaning

    New 4 storey work slx

    I do a job that's 6 floors and the distance between each floor is big so the building is really high. I use an Extreme 47 with triple extension pack and at that height it's no fun at all. If your not use to it once you go 4 floors and above WFP becomes a completely different game. Try not to over stretch and reach using a pole that's to short.You will end up giving you self an injury.
  12. Cghwindowcleaning

    Spotless Water website

    I'm on a water meter and at 3.6p it's still cheaper to make your own. The price at these filling stations is starting to vary one has just been fitted in my town and the price is 4.8p I believe hemel is nearly 6p (5p +vat). The only reason any one would use spotless is in an emergency,they are renting or living in a flat.
  13. Cghwindowcleaning

    Nationwide Window Cleaning. How???

    The retail side of nationwide is built on cheap prices but high volume.But they have some very profitable high price work as well not all there work is shops. To be honest I hate them but I also admire what Thornton has done with Nationwide and how big he has taken the business. There staff are on fairly low money but no different to any other minimum wage job and most of the lads I have seen or know that work for them hardly break in to a sweat they spend more time driving and sitting in the van than cleaning windows.
  14. Cghwindowcleaning

    Pole weight vs stiffness

    If you struggle with aches and pains your best bet is to go for the extreme pole it's lighter and stiffer than both.
  15. Cghwindowcleaning

    Where to buy a baffled tank


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