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  1. I'm using a Gardiners Ultimate Medium. Had since I started WFP back in February and I love it. Does first cleans really well, leaded (albeit flocked is way better but it still does the job) and great at maintenance cleans. I really want to try a sill brush but just don't want extra weight.
  2. My local bucket bobs start at 8am which I personally think is too early. I don't wanna be cleaning someone's windows while they're still in their Jimmy Jams having their coffee and toast and five fags 🤣 These days I tend to try and work 9am - 2.30pm working through my dinner to get plenty done and get home for the day.
  3. Think yourself lucky...mine has jumped 80 upto 500+ !!!!
  4. Tell me about it. I'm in the North East, mine was 80..shot up to 400-450!! LUCKILY I got an RO van system straight off the bat but I've just bought another DI so now i'm RO, with double DI setup to help save resin.
  5. Suhrly

    Rise in tap ppm

    Me too. My tap water back in Feb when I started was 80ppm. Now, for whatever reason, I'm hoping it's the heat/hot weather, it's shot up to 350ppm! I'm just hoping once we get back to 'normal' it'll come back down but I'm not holding my breath
  6. Suhrly

    Booster pump needed..?

    Thanks for chiming in @spruce Firstly, my outside tap is one of those DIY ones from Screwfix I fitted myself where in basically punches a hole in your existing water pipe. Not ideal but it gave me a quick option for an outside tap. Regarding my water TDS. It's a really strange thing...I checked my TDS at around 12.30pm today and it was 80ppm! Brilliant I said to myself and immediately started to fill my tank to make the most of it. Checked it an hour later....450ppm! Now, it done EXACTLY the same thing last Saturday too at exactly the same time! What is going on? I'm using a 'good' TDS meter BTW from Gardiner as well as a 'cheapy' one from eBay. I'm most likely gonna ring Pure Freedom and ask them some questions, but yeah, it's looking like I'm gonna need a booster fitted.
  7. Suhrly

    Booster pump needed..?

    OK mate I'll bare that in mind
  8. Suhrly

    Booster pump needed..?

    Does doing that have any impact on ya battery?
  9. Suhrly

    Booster pump needed..?

    Mines the same mate, 650ltr system. Think I might be taking a trip back down to get one fitted into my system. Filling a tank in 2 hours sounds good to me. I was also thinking about getting another DI vessel fitted into the system to do the double DI setup as well. Is this a valid option?
  10. Suhrly

    Booster pump needed..?

    @Iron Giant You're very lucky mate I have no idea how or why mine is so high cos I'm in the same neck of the woods as you! I'm in Shotton Colliery so not a million miles away right? Like I said it was 80ppm back in February when I first stared WFP, and slowly but surely it's been going up and up. Very annoying!
  11. Suhrly

    Booster pump needed..?

    I'll be honest mate I don't know what my RO is as it is a Pure Freedom van system but I THINK it's a 450gpd. It's this one for what it's worth: https://purefreedom.co.uk/product/1000-litre-delivery-system-two-person/
  12. Hi guys. I have a Pure Freedom van setup. When I first got it my tap TDS was 80ppm. Now, in the last few weeks, for God only knows what reason, it has shot up to as high as 450ppm! Anyways, I'm looking to get it down as much as possible as I'm obviously burning through a lot more resin. Firstly, my RO (4040) seems to be operating at only around 90% bringing 450ppm down to around 45ppm after the RO. Is this maybe due to my tap pressure, which is 35psi when it hits the RO...? Is this pressure too low and is that why the RO is only operating at 90%?
  13. Suhrly

    450 gpd ro issue

    Really? Every 6 months? Pure freedom told me every 2 years for mine! Pre filters every few months tho.
  14. Suhrly

    Take care in the heat all!

    You MUST respect the sun! It can literally kill you if you're not careful. I cover myself in suncream on a morning, hat on, 2 litre bottle of diluted blackcurrant water, take breaks with AC blasting and I try to work shorter days sometimes working through my dinner to finish early. Thank God I'm not doing ladders no more in these conditions!
  15. Suhrly

    Advice - Rectus 21 fitting for Gardiner pole

    That's a female end. You'll need a male end on your pole hose to be able to attach them together.

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