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  1. Nope I have 2 of them. One is a cheapo, and one is a 'good' one from Gardiners website. Both were saying the same thing.
  2. Just took a reading...it's 3.30pm and it's at 76ppm so I'm really happy. Even just to know if it does spike it, hopefully, will settle back down again.
  3. Update: it got to about 7.30pm on Sunday night and my TDS dropped back down to 80ppm. So I then went ahead and filled up. Wonder if it's something to do with a lot of people using a lot of water..baths, showers ready for the Monday etc why it was high..? Its like someone is flicking a switch or something. I have no clue.
  4. Yeah I was planning on giving them a ring tomorrow and see whats going on if it doesn't change. Wonder if it's maybe cos we've had a bit of a dry spell or something like that.
  5. Good job I opted for an RO system! At the time my TDS was pretty much at 80ppm. So I was tempted to go DI only. I would advise everyone to go RO if you have the funds just to at least be on the safe side of something like this happening.
  6. Well it's currently still reading around the 300ppm mark. I was hoping it was gonna come down by now but I'm still gonna hold on for a while before filling the tank. My system is still getting it down to 002ppm which should be OK but I like to be at 000.
  7. Just started to fill my tank for tomorrow, had a quick check of the inline TDS meter and it's showing 002ppm. So I turned the water off to go and check what's coming out of the tap. It's normally 060-80ppm. It was 280ppm! What on Earth causes these fluctuations in TDS? A little discrepancy I get, but that much...!?! Waiting until later now hopefully it'll come down a couple hundred 🤣
  8. Suhrly

    Q) WFP top and TRAD BOTTOMS?

    For me it also depends on the window. If the bottoms are highly hydrophobic I can trad them a lot quicker than standing there rinsing for ages. But in general I try to WFP everything.
  9. Very clever. Does carrying that extra water around with and on you all day not weigh you down? I also guess you'd need a good harness or belt system as the extra weight will be pulling your trousers down all day lol.
  10. Suhrly

    Pump problem dead end

    Have you tried turning your controller up to max for a couple of minutes to try and shift the blockage?
  11. Suhrly

    Brush maintenance

    Honestly, I don't do any maintenance to my brushes at all. Apart from just pulling off the clumped up dirt and webs etc. I probably should though 😏
  12. Suhrly

    Working in the rain

    Couldn't agree more mate! They will feel like they are wasting there money. Even if/tho they are not...perception is everything!
  13. Suhrly

    Working in the rain

    Depends on the forecast. If I know it's gonna rain all day I'll sack it off. Many different views on working in the rain but honestly, if I was the customer and it was raining quite heavy/heavy I would NOT want my windows cleaned simple as that. Therefore if it's a shower or light rain I'll continue to work. If the rain is hitting the glass more than I can get rid of it, I will not clean it in.

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