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  1. Systems for pricing up jobs

    Why don't you have a price for each different size windows. Small, medium, large, bay leaded etc. Then walk around the house totting up and that should put you in the ballpark. Obviously the prices you assign the windows are down to you
  2. Ahhhhh fack...just ignore me haha
  3. I make it £358.80 to buy the SLX-22 and the #6 extension pole. Plus £2.94 for the end cap (all inc VAT) making it £361.74 all in. The SLX-27 will cost you £348 inc VAT. That's if my maths are correct.
  4. Best brush...advice needed

    Well I've ordered my Ultimate with the standard 2mm pencil jets. Would love to try the fans at some point tho to see which I like best.
  5. Best brush...advice needed

    Would you say flocked brushes are better for first cleans?
  6. Best brush...advice needed

    Thanks mate. I'm guessing with me being a newbie I might order this as I'm guessing I'm gonna be clumsy at first till I get used to things!
  7. Best brush...advice needed

    Thanks for all the advice as usual guys! I've went with the Ultimate Medium/Soft brush. Only time will tell if I've made a good choice :D I will however be buying more so will probably go for a flocked for the leaded ones
  8. Best brush...advice needed

    Well I was thinking a sill brush too, but reading a few things on here put me off. This is why I started this thread to hopefully get some insight and some advice on the right one for me. Marko while we're on do you know which swivel adapter I should get? I'm thinking the angled one with quick-lok from Gardiner...? And that just slides onto the angle adapter right?
  9. Best brush...advice needed

    Thanks Marko, yeah I intend to get a swivel! I have a couple of awkward windows on my round where I don't think I can get to with a fixed brush.
  10. Best brush...advice needed

    So you're saying NOT to get a sill brush?
  11. Hi guys. I'm transitioning my round over to WFP and wanted to know which brush I should get first!?! I'll be getting a Gardiner SLX22 pole and obviously you can choose a brush to get with it. A good all rounder mainly for maintenance cleans but also for leaded and first cleans ideally. Or if need be I can get another for first cleans. I was looking at the Xtreme Medium Natural Hybrid as it's only 95g. Or maybe the Super-Lite Medium Mixed as it's their best seller. Any advice?
  12. This is why we use Pure water

    What's your TDS reading on that dirty one?
  13. How many customers a day?

    Thanks man appreciate the help. Yeah we have a decent round. And I'm defo hoping to do what we currently have substantially quicker enabling me to take on a lot more work and maybe even have enough time to do add ons etc.
  14. How many customers a day?

    Yeah I'm currently working with a partner, but we're splitting up, splitting the round with me switching over to WFP. 90% of my round is 2-3 bed semi's so like you I'm eventually hoping to be doing around 30-35 a day.
  15. The guys who I mention above...one of my mates saw them in one of their customers back garden trying the shed door. Says everything.

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