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  1. dan2016

    Winter prep

    Hi guys So thinking of coming winter and keeping van warm overnight, live in a flat and can’t run extension lead. So was thinking of getting something like this BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 230V 240V Transformer Car Charger Lighter Adapter with 3 Pin Plug and Dual USB Ports https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00INW611Y/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_api_PsbDBb4FGE7F3 And run it from a second leisure battery in order too run a 60w greenhouse heater? Any thoughts? Works out it will use 5amps per hour according too my calculations? [emoji848] Then every couple days just charge the leisure battery. Means will give me some ambient temperature at night time. Any thoughts?? Regards Dan
  2. dan2016

    Gardiner Super Scraper

    Did you order the right one? Just a thought. There are 2 types one for plastic goosenecks and one for carbon fibre ones. [emoji848]
  3. dan2016

    Ionics Systems- Help

    Who do you insure with?
  4. dan2016

    Take care in the heat all!

    Coconut water is very good too drink in the heat.. full of potassium. Potassium magnesium and sodium levels you need too always keep in check
  5. dan2016

    whos your best supplier nowdays ?

    Wintecs is normally pretty good price, plus no minimum order I think.
  6. dan2016

    whos your best supplier nowdays ?

    Wintecs is normally pretty good price, plus no minimum order I think.
  7. dan2016

    Gutter Vac Clean

    North London
  8. dan2016

    Gutter Vac Clean

    Anyone know if you can hire gutter vac, have gutter high above conservatory roof, no other access.. Thanks Dan
  9. dan2016

    Smart com relay

    Ok , so rewired the wiring the burnt out. After doing that and testing I think I have worked out what happened. The crocodile clip for the live, I think have touched the frame holding the tank in, the paint work has rubbed of abit, so frame work would of become live, also the neutral is bolted too the frame of the van. So live has then traveled down the neutral too the battery in turn burning out the cable, So was quite a freak accident, but I need to check how my crocodile clips are put on. Will be testing tomorrow at work aswell.. Dan
  10. dan2016

    Smart com relay

    Thanks spruce. Going redo the wiring over the weekend, and test it. Yes was strange only on the neutral leg, only reasons I have there was a nic in live n neutral cable, and arched. Loose connection or bad connection . Will let you know. I have a new smartcom relay (had a spare) so changing that aswell..
  11. Hi guys Anyone got a smart com relay for charging their battery? The cable which is connected to the neutral on the leisure battery and goes to the metal of the van melted, burnt out the other day. I had fully charged it at the weekend. Used it all morning Tuesday no problem, then Tuesday pm while driving van filled with smoke caused by cable being melted. I’m still using battery no problem need to still change the cables and try again, have had this setup for maybe 4 years now. Any thoughts?? Regards Dan
  12. Hi guys. I have a Gardiner gooseneck. The pimple which is on a spring inside the quick loc. The hole which it comes through has worn away and now is too big, apart from that the gooseneck is fine. Any ideas of a fix? Two options, glue it into a quick loc fitting. Or try and get a small washer? Any other ideas? Should this of worn that quick Alex Gardiner? It’s about 18-24 months old. Regards Dan
  13. Works for me. [emoji1303][emoji1303]
  14. I know lots of people use cleaner planner. I use window cleaner pro, main plus is it’s a one off payment. No on going costs.
  15. Vat is 84k income I think, if you are below that you don’t have to be vat registered How does the dividend allowance work in practice? Here is an example of how the dividend allowance works for a limited company owner drawing down a £11,850 salary and £60,000 dividends during the 2018/19 tax year. You can input your own salary / dividend mix into our dividend tax calculator. The £11,850 salary takes up the entire 2018/19 personal allowance. The first £2,000 of dividends is included within the dividend allowance. The next £32,500 of dividends are taxed at 7.5% (basic rate) = £2,437.50. The remaining £25,500 dividends are taxed at 32.5% (higher rate) = £8,287.50. The total dividend tax liability is £10,725. Notice how the £2,000 dividend allowance is tax-free, but still takes up £2,000 of your basic rate tax band (£0-£34,500 during 2018-19). Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app Link too the calculator, it’s for it contracting but works the same. https://www.itcontracting.com/calculators/dividend-tax-calculator-2018-19/ Sent from my iPad using Window Cleaning Forums

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