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  1. Scotland window cleaners licence

    I live on the border of two districts in Scotland. One licence is about £90 for a year while the other is £83 for three years. It's weird.
  2. People who just won't pay

    Thanks for all the advice. Seems to be an occupational hazard. I'm becoming more inclined to let it go as @nudel said as I'd just like to let go of the stress of worrying about it.
  3. I have 3 customers who just won't pay. It has been going on for 5 months now. They always come up with an excuse like they forgot I was coming or its the banks fault. I have given them different opportunities and ways to pay but I am getting sick fed up of it now. How does everyone else deal with this, barring anthing viewed as "antisocial". Do you just call it a loss and save the stress or do you keep on it till they get fed up? I have stopped doing their windows so the cost isn't accumulating.
  4. Fighting Tiredness

    Thanks guys. Lots of real good advice that I'm going to look in to. You'll laugh when I say I'm only 28 but maybe it is more of a mental thing which is coming out in a physical way. I do worry whether i can get through my work in time because of the weather, do i have enough to keep me going, am i doing a good enough job not to loose any customers. That's why i left my previous job because i was worrying too much and was starting to have anxiety attacks. Maybe i need to step back and look at my end goal for why I'm doing this. Plenty of stuff there for me to look in to. Cheers
  5. Fighting Tiredness

    Hey guys. I've been cleaning windows now for just over a year and a half having previously only worked office jobs. I knew when I started that it would be a physically demanding job but if I stuck in I would get used to it. Lately though, I find myself struggling only after a couple of hours. Not sure if this is a mental or physical wall that I'm hitting. What do you guys do to help you through the day and combat any tiredness or fatigue?
  6. Two section or three section pole?

    Hi guys. Thanks for the advice. I decided to spring for the 3 section optiloc. I did consider the Moerman but the 3 section would have just been a bit too short and the 4 section one is just out of my price range at the moment. Something to invest in. :)
  7. Hi everyone. Been practicing the type of technique trad man uses with the excelarator on a pole but have came up short when it comes to pole size. I only have a 16ft Unger Optiloc which on some houses is just too short. I have been looking to get a bigger one but noticed that for the same size (ie 6m) it comes as two sections or three. The two section is cheaper but unsure which design is better. Any advice would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  8. Parking Tickets

    Hi guys. New to the forum. I was curious how people deal with parking tickets. I got my first one ever yesterday when I was working in an area where all the spaces were gone. Admittedly, I was on double yellows and bang to rights but would have thought there would have been a bit of leeway for workmen. Ticket wasn't issued by a warden but the police.

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