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  1. customer letter

    No, only on cheques lol
  2. customer letter

    For me it wouldn't even mean a fiver, because as soon as it's banked I'm charged £1.50 handling charge and a 6% fee. I never leave a docket either. All are texted and most are emailed an invoice, it's up to them to check they're happy with them. Our rounds are forever changing, it's time to say goodbye to this one
  3. Would you put the prices up?

    You’ve got to put them up. i would tell them you are getting £15 for new work of the same house size and they need to keep pace to guarantee your service. I would tell them there going up by £3 this year and £3 in July 2019. (Thus conditioning them) Hopefully they will see that your doing your best to keep the price keen. They will also know it’s bloody cheap.. Let them who want to go, go. In the past I’ve been guilty of trying to please my customers on price, finding a reason not to increase them, not any longer. Canvass for new work and cull the ones your not happy with.
  4. Anyone from Brum working today??

    Trouble is if you bump the van the chances are it wouldn't be repaired and returned until the middle of Jan. Most side roads are just sheet ice. Tomorrow looks better
  5. Heatwave

    How difficult are they to add to a diy'd system? will look to add hot next year.
  6. Lighter pole

    Great poles, although fragile.. I've had one section snap after 5 months (I sold the remaining sections) and bought another pole a few months later that lasted a year. They need to washed through regularly and not used to close windows. i have now gone back to the slx
  7. Suggestions Please

    I would speak to the supplier, although it sounds to me like the membranes are shot.
  8. Tank too big?

    Short term just half fill.
  9. Servicing & Repairs

    They spell it both ways tuffers
  10. Servicing & Repairs

    Sorry bud, your name and location made me think you were a Villa fan
  11. Using squeegee

    Let them train you. Work at it and you'll be fine.
  12. I did that spruce! Took the opportunity to change the van and downsized to a 500 ltr tank
  13. Mass Leaflet Drop

    Jordan road (halfway house pub) customer there reckoned he had had 6 different leaflets in the last month, all binned. Good advice to order less leaflets but follow them up to gage what sort or response they give. Finally, don't give up on offering bank transfers. Most of mine pay like this because it's convenient for them.