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  1. Tank too big?

    Short term just half fill.
  2. Servicing & Repairs

    They spell it both ways tuffers
  3. Servicing & Repairs

    Sorry bud, your name and location made me think you were a Villa fan
  4. Using squeegee

    Let them train you. Work at it and you'll be fine.
  5. I did that spruce! Took the opportunity to change the van and downsized to a 500 ltr tank
  6. Mass Leaflet Drop

    Jordan road (halfway house pub) customer there reckoned he had had 6 different leaflets in the last month, all binned. Good advice to order less leaflets but follow them up to gage what sort or response they give. Finally, don't give up on offering bank transfers. Most of mine pay like this because it's convenient for them.
  7. wfp additives

    Tench, save your money. Gardener poles and no additives to your water 😁
  8. Not sure how I'd do them but the coating for the self cleaning glass is only active for 5 years I was told.
  9. Caps

    Theres a guy (on the other side) who reckons they pay him every week and even paid him this week for a job he hadn't finished. Theres some dreamers about !
  10. Public liability

    Alexander Swan, covers property being worked on and about £80 a year
  11. New hose reels

    Is that not the same as manually reeling in? What do you want us to say. Yes, it sometimes gets caught and you have to go back to the snag. Ive never damaged property or the hose with mine
  12. First Clean Prices

    Regardless of whether you need the work or no matter how we try to judge the customer, charge more for your first cleans. I always run my finger over the top of a lower opening case and show them the black **** that's there. if people can't see and appreciate that it will take longer are they really the sort of customers you want? A lot of the time it's a confidence thing with us thinking 'they won't pay that' or I need the work but, if you don't value you service don't be surprised if the customer doesn't.
  13. I am thinking of getting a dog

    From a pup, thick as mud. Hairy, smelly and cloth eared. comes with me for the last hour or so after lunch.