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  1. Fabulous, thank you. It's exactly what I was looking for
  2. Thank you, I'll give it a go
  3. Yes it fits but slides about. Tightening the screw won't secure it.
  4. How are you guys securing the channel in the handle please
  5. You should use both, landline and mobile. some people think a landline makes you accountable/reputable, but will ring you directly from their mobile to yours I would offer mobile, landline and email and bin off the £10 a month service. Leaflet looks really good, hope it doesn't do you too well lol Minty
  6. Minty

    What do you drive?

    What's the payload of your model please
  7. Minty

    Urgh! Problem with a commercial job...

    Invoice them for the clean. it must be **** outfit if they can't notify the last company their service is no longer required and if they did, they shouldn't be paying them Minty
  8. Minty

    Working in the rain

    I learnt a long time ago to stop second guessing what the customer thinks. ask / tell them you work in all but the heaviest of rain. I've also found rarely does it rain all day When it rains it generally hits the glass on one side of the house Customers who expect a reliable service when generally expect 1,2,or 3, visits a year where the weather is not perfect. This is the UK Customers that won't support you on these days are the ones likely to change to a cheaper quote in my opinion. This time of the year we can get rain, hail and brilliant sunshine, you can't manage that. As I've got older I still work in the rain but I hate it, I never used to bat an eyelid. getting into a damp van the following day is a highlight. If you don't want to work in the rain that's your choice but don't assume all your customers don't want you. Minty
  9. Minty

    power up HD problims

    Check the contact of the button you press to reel in. Make sure it's clean and dry.
  10. Minty

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    Were these reels tested before coming to market? a 10% refund would be better than a discount off you're next order. Surprised to be honest.
  11. Minty

    Cardiff city on there way

    You should be. Mighty lol Villa fan here. I wish we had your spirit
  12. In the past I have cut it back to the join or edge, cleaned off any residual glue off and replaced. I picked up a roll of stick on lead from a glazing company. I found that the old stuff stretches when it's been dislodged by our brushes, that makes it harder to re -stick I don't do that now, just use a soft brush and tell the customer cheap glue was used when manufactured 😁
  13. He is also doing an extra £50 a day without the air locks 😁
  14. I'm glad your ok and it was a well written account, until the penultimate paragraph. I honestly thought you were going to change over to WFP. The sad thing is one day you may make the change and wonder why you used ladders for so long. Respectfully consider the change now. Although even poling I have fallen, those bloody small decorative walls and fish ponds aren't seen when looking up! Minty
  15. Minty

    Gardiner rinse bar.

    Mate of mine in Chester is trailing a new rinse bar from Gardiner's not seen it or know when it's being released, but its coming

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