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  1. He is also doing an extra £50 a day without the air locks 😁
  2. I'm glad your ok and it was a well written account, until the penultimate paragraph. I honestly thought you were going to change over to WFP. The sad thing is one day you may make the change and wonder why you used ladders for so long. Respectfully consider the change now. Although even poling I have fallen, those bloody small decorative walls and fish ponds aren't seen when looking up! Minty
  3. Gardiner rinse bar.

    Mate of mine in Chester is trailing a new rinse bar from Gardiner's not seen it or know when it's being released, but its coming
  4. If you can get electric to the van can you put the batteries on charge? Then the hot system can do the frost protection
  5. Who's out today then?

    That's some spotty window, change your resin 😁
  6. Reach it enquiry

    The pole looks like a scaffolding bar, the clamps look over engineered and a real faff. They will catch on every low level gutter. I laughed when I saw a picture or it. Gardiner poles, you won't go wrong there
  7. New WC jobs this year?

    Picked up 6 new ones which is a third of what I've dumped in the Christmas cull. Good will and all that!
  8. Well that was a fun day. Not

    "No one likes us"🎼🎼should win this one
  9. Dead against, he must have a reason why.
  10. Making the day go quicker

    What did you buy?
  11. Aworka for me. Very similar to cleaner planner but around a third of the cost. I pay £100 up front a year for Cleaner planners £30.00 a month Both will import your client base, it they can and both will give you a free trail.
  12. Why do you have microbore and pole hose?

    Yes I was told that but mines been ok since the tubeless came out. 30 months?
  13. Why do you have microbore and pole hose?

    I have 30 metres of minibore and then 100 metres of Exceed blue hose with hoseless connection. For me it's less weight. I don't cross any main roads with it but a fair few side roads
  14. Thanks for everyone's input on this, I got a titan from a local Screwfix happy new year
  15. Hi. My silver line sub pump from the IBC has finally give up. No longer can I pull it up and encourage it with a sharp blow. looking on screwfix site and it seems they can't be used constantly or left submerged? This one has been in the tank 8 years, so no complaints wondering if everyone else leaves theirs in and what make your using Minty

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