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  1. Best waterproof warm gloves?

    This is the easist problem ever to solve, get a box of extra tough nitrile gloves (about £8 for a 100 on Amazon), then wear them under a normal pair of work gloves, The modern ones dont split or wear like they used to and with normal gloves worn over, the grips great, you will get a couple of days out of a pair but 8p a pop should be well in budget!!. Tip, if its extra cold,weartwo pairs of the nitrile gloves, they act like a wet suit trapping air and keep your hands nice and toasty.
  2. 2 man system in a pug partner

    Well looks like you have solved the problem, get a backpack, leave your employee on a job, pop home, reload and get back to him, you could even reoganise that on the days you might run short you are nearest to home to make the journey quicker.
  3. He states hes sold thousandOOOs yet, has only 1028 feedbacks would suggest he uses a little advertising speak😯 Plus no one on here has admitted to buying one ? That said, if I was looking to buy a trolley system, at the price I would be very interested
  4. Pricing

    £30 a week, you would have to wear a mask and call your self "**** Turpin Shiners",up here to get that
  5. Pricing

    Looks a fantastic job for a WFP man, great access,no snags,straight from van, price it as much as you dare to get it,there is also the fact that people will see you van operating regually and if you are still building a round that has value,I would like to get a tenner a clean for it but would accept less to get it on the books.especially if you passed it on your way to other work.
  6. Cleaning first floor flat

    Most flats (owned or tenanted), have a service agreement that access to other flats and any work undertaken such as window cleaning ,burglar alarm,satelite dishs, they have to allow the other flats occupier a right to these services,whether it interferes with them or not,anarchy in a block of flats would break out, if somene said you cant put a ladder against my wall to fit a satelite dish!!
  7. Fly Poo removal with WFP

    You need to soak fly poo first, not a lot of Good scrubbing as you come across it but it will shift after a good soaking. I have a super scraper on my poles but have seen this advertised and it might be just right for really bad situations http://da-components.com/product/da-multi-toolbronze-wool-pad-holder-kit/ Have a look
  8. I would suspect either the membranes had it or tap water is getting by it somehow,your membrane is only reducing it from 300 to 100 that is total rubbish, it shoud be around 15 after being through the membrane and before the polishing resin,that is why you are eating resin.Check you have the right fiting membranes for your machine anf if you are confident they are (and they could be fakes), and fitted correctly then you will have to buy some new.
  9. Dismayed

    I agree practise on your own house and/or nearby non coplaining customers until you get it right, give the top bar of the window a wash and rinse then dont go back onto that again, concentrate on the glass area only, rinse thourghly from top to bottom and dont do any lower story windows while the ones above are dripping. It will all come right.
  10. Double ear o clamps

    Millions on Ebay, just check the delivery times (dont buy the cheaper Chinese ones if your in a rush), but the Marko067's right if you use the exceed blue hose they grip really well and mine have beeen clipless for months without a problem.
  11. Best one?

    Neither trolleys are great, you need one witch has not got two handles (ie a top bar), the type with two handles are nearly impossible to use one handed and as you normally have a pole or equipment in one hand and push the trolley with the other its very difficult and slows you down, look for one with a curved or solid top bar and it will go where you want one handed.
  12. Possible new source of low tds water

    Why dont you really go for it and check the water thats in a de-humidifier,thats even purer.
  13. VW Caddy

    Yes you are right with the tank full and two men in it it was overwieght for the first few jobs,(800Kg payload), I have now bought a Vito because of that (although the payload is not much more at 970Kg), The Caddy is still going strong, though only usually on one man jaunts.
  14. VW Caddy

    Hi Ash, yes we have refitted it out recently and done something simaler to what you suggest usin rubber checkerplate from Ebay,hoping it works as I had done a lining initially but that proved next to useless as I described. I think a better solution is to buy a van that you step up into rather than one that you sit down to,(thats if its in budget of course) Still think as a runner the Caddy is the best small van out there.
  15. VW Caddy

    I got a 650L tank in my Caddy Maxi no problem, One big problem I had was the cab getting waterlogged, any leak in the back finds its way into the footwells then its a right sod to dry out,that apart had it 4 years never missed a beat just service items I needed to change the Ignition barrel and that was a right farce as they cut you a new barrel not the key and want 75 different proofs of ownership etc. Caddys are a bit pricey but you do get what you pay for.