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  1. Squeaky Clean Windows


    So Green are you saying us window cleaners have nothing to worry about as i'm mainly domestic and just have customers name, address and phone number stored in my phone which is linked to google contacts as it's a google phone and a customer log in my diary, i have nothing stored on my pc?
  2. Squeaky Clean Windows


    So what will you So what will you be doing about it mate?
  3. Squeaky Clean Windows


    Hi guys i'm beginning to panic about this GDPR thing what's it all about and what do us window cleaners need to do, keep hearing about big fines etc if you don't obide by the rules? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Squeaky Clean Windows

    Streamline ova8 pole

    Ok will do.. are you using it Teaboy?
  5. Squeaky Clean Windows

    Streamline ova8 pole

    I know that pure freedom sell them was looking on their site earlier does look a great pole and good price i'm so tempted, i know gardiners are the favourite it seems but read some negative posts about them recently about sections spinning after a few months use and the clamps not being great. The clamps look good on these ova8 too and the quick push fitting for the brush on the goose neck.
  6. Squeaky Clean Windows

    Streamline ova8 pole

    Hi guys, i'm looking at getting a new pole am thinking gardiners slx but have my eye on the new ova8 pole from streamline like the idea of the non spinning sections and they do look a decent pole. Has anyone got one tried one would like some reviews on it if possible. Cheers
  7. Squeaky Clean Windows

    wfp van mount video

    Ok thanks johnny bravo will try and see if it works.
  8. Squeaky Clean Windows

    New storage panel built.

    Hey cleaner windows can you pm me the pic of how you linked your barrels in van please : )
  9. Squeaky Clean Windows

    wfp van mount video

    Hi i'm just about to fit my van out with a system been using backpack for a good while, how did you fit your flow controller to the wooden board do you take the front off controller i have the safe reach controller also? Thanks
  10. Squeaky Clean Windows

    Everything you need to start up plus more

    Hi bit of a long shot but have you anything left for sale pole and pump being of main interest?
  11. Squeaky Clean Windows

    Nano trolley or Water Genie which is best

    Thanks for the input guys i've decided to spend the extra and go for the Nano don't think i'll be dissapointed
  12. Hi guys i'm looking at getting a trolley but want a decent quality one as i want to use it as my van mount mainly i'm not worried about a tank just using drums so ideal. I will use it for hard to reach houses when needed too so best of both worlds. I'm looking at the PF Nano and Water Genie they're both very similar and i see the genie is £70 or so cheaper my question is which is best in your opinion which would you go for? Thanks
  13. Squeaky Clean Windows

    Backpack for vanmount

    Thanks for your help guys will take your advice on board not in a major hurry for van mount as back pack does me well it's just the refilling that's the pain lol..
  14. Squeaky Clean Windows

    Backpack for vanmount

    Hi i'm thinking of using my backpack for my van mount would this work and would it need a bigger pump as my gardiner one is only 60 psi? Are they easy to fit? Thanks

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