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  1. Fell back in love

    Is the Razor Red rubber a hard rubber, says on web you can use it all year round?
  2. You get back what you put into life, but the most important thing is you have to be happy in what you do!
  3. Gutter pricing

    The pricing I was talking about was for clearance only, time wise for a 3 bed semi for what you mentioned above would all depend how dirty everything was. Anything between an hour or two or longer. Pricing would be based on allot of variables for a full FSG and window clean on anything. I wouldn't have a set price , just a prices from as you have to have a good look around a property when it comes to exterior cleaning so you don't get caught out. I have had in the past folk say oh it's not that bad and I gave a price over the phone and the property was minging and I never made much on any of them as they took ages to do. Windows is one thing but FSG's are something totally different when it comes to pricing them properly and in my opinion should be always done in person.
  4. Gutter pricing

    I have learned if you sensibly price a job at let's say £40 for a 2 or 3 bed terrace with two lengths of gutters it's better than getting one priced at £60. It's too easy to get carried away with pricing, only exception to this is anything over 3 story.
  5. Toolbelts

    That's all that matters
  6. Toolbelts

    Looks good
  7. 5 meters is what I used, perfect length to reduce suction loss and manageable. And no worries, hope everything turns out great for ye, but let us know how you get on!
  8. Oh, what length of hose did you get with it?
  9. That hopefully should be a great kit then once you use it. One thing I would suggest you do before using it on a gutter is put it all together in a clean place and test the suction at the tool end. That's the full 30ft, if the suction is **** send it back. As if you go to use it and it gets dirty scratched etc and it's not any use then I doubt if you would get your money back.
  10. Awkward windows

    What size pole are you using, I had one ages ago that my CLX18 wouldn't reach but my SLX25 reached easily.
  11. Did you buy the full kit off them Moor?
  12. Well I hope the gear is well worth waiting for and money well spent after all the ball ache you lot have went through with this company.
  13. Toolbelts

    Here is some more info on it, dont know the size of the Unger belt to compare?
  14. You already knew they were slow at delivering and not the best customer service either, so you must of known you could be hit with delays on delivery.
  15. Toolbelts

    I purchased one of these tool belts yesterday from eBay for just £5.39 delivered. Looks good quality and not too bulky.