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  1. Wfp all equipment needed!

    Hi mate, sorry the package is on hold at the moment for another forum member. If that falls through I will be in touch
  2. Wfp all equipment needed!

    Ok no worries, good luck with getting started bud
  3. Wfp all equipment needed!

    5 hours away in Ayr in Ayrshire
  4. Wfp all equipment needed!

    Pity your down south, I could set you up with everything you need for £500, all in as new condition and quality equipment as I've recently gave up window cleaning.
  5. Just a Thanks

    Good luck
  6. Thanks for that, mind it needs picked up in person from Ayr in Ayrshire
  7. Ok yer killing me,, £600 for this package! Excellent deal for someone!!
  8. Got a full package for sale on the forum, powerful and handles turf in gutters no worries if your looking for a bargain!
  9. What's happened to Trad Man?

    Whatever has happened it is a shame that he has left the forum as he was very helpful to allot of newbies
  10. As above, what's happened to Trad Man, see he is no longer a forum member??
  11. Best add on alongside wfp

    Check out my sales thread on the for sale forum. Everything you need to include a Stephill Honda powered Generator for £700 as I’m no longer in the business so everything must go!

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