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  1. Gardiner backpack

    Inline tap or univalve
  2. **** hole and health hazard by the looks of that place!!
  3. Pimped my gutter vac wheels

    Will do the trick, no more digging in to gravel with those bad boys on!!
  4. GoCardless

    Looks like it depends whereabouts in the country you are if Gocardless will work on all yer customers. I have mentioned it to quite a few folk where I live and they all said no way, another Direct Debit. Even though I tried to explain to them how it worked it was just never going to happen. So lose business or take Bacs, card payment or cash, well I'm in this business to make money so I will take the latter rather than lose customers.
  5. customer letter

    Yes that letter is out of order, like the person is hitting out at the World and your an easy target... BIN THEM !!!
  6. Shurflo or Aquatec?

    Thanks for the feedback Louis
  7. Dog must have had a big meal
  8. Yeah farm suppliers for hypo, cheap as chips off them! Regarding Aims, I’m staying well clear
  9. Battery and Pump Advice Please

    Great choice
  10. Battery and Pump Advice Please

    You will need the 10amp charger with the big Ah batteries
  11. Battery and Pump Advice Please

    Pump won't be affected except will run longer on bigger Ah battery. I have a 115Ah battery from Halfords, charger is a Numax 10amp.
  12. Ok, and yes I have , may try again
  13. Is the business shut down, and sounds dodgy? Yes all from Bonnymans, he was going to do me a deal on some stuff when I was needing it,, oh well
  14. As above , tried contacting them and nothing, the guy was highly active on here a few months back and was a sponsor too?