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  1. Got a set of as Rhino safe ladder clamps , quick release with spare keys and and a ladder limb, both as new condition. £35 delivered payment with PayPal
  2. Cristian

    [SOLD] Microlight Stand-off

    Reduced: £70 delivered
  3. Final reduction £50 delivered
  4. Absolute bargain; £55 delivered
  5. Yeah they are the best control method, no hassle or spillage
  6. Cristian

    [SOLD] Microlight Stand-off

    Reduced : £75 delivered
  7. Has to go, now £65 delivered
  8. As above I have a job lot of brand new minibore, pole hose and1/2” fittings and other bits,,, Lots of bits and pieces £25 delivered to UK address only payment with PayPal
  9. Will also through in a brand new Gardiner scraper with pad in the deal
  10. Microlight stand off in excellent condition as hardly used £80 delivered to UK address only payment with PayPal

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