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  1. Pole work question

    In my opinion: Getting rid of paint and silicone, you have to get up close and personal. It's a scraper job and chemicals. But as a window cleaner, our job is to get rid of '8 weeks of previous dirt' (I clean every 8 weeks). As soon as paint and silicone are involved, I think 'why didn't the decorators/window fitters get rid of it? There is a difference between window cleaning and window refurbishing! At that height I would recommend water fed pole. I would purchase from Gardiners water fed pole, website: 1. Gardiners backpack (around £110) 2. 25 ft Gardiners CLX pole. Then all you need is some deionised water. Get some 25l barrels and find the nearest big window cleaning company. They usually sell 'pure water' to other window cleaners, as a sideline to their existing business. Hope this is helpful. Regards Robbo
  2. Recommendations on what pole to buy?

    I use an Xtreme, but if you have never used a pole before then I would say the SLX because it is stronger. If it were me I would: Get the 35 foot SLX, but remove the bottom 3 sections. This will give you the length you need to reach the gutters, but without the weight. (It's easy to re-attach the 3 sections for when you do solar panels). I would get an Extreme brush (for me, the trick is to have a light brush when cleaning gutters etc). I would get the natural hybrid brush (this has excellent scrubbing power due to the natural bristles) with fan jets (not pencil jets). How I work: I use the gardiners backpack with Screwfix No Nonsense Degreaser, diluted (but quite a strong mix). Plug in the brush and spray direct on the gutters etc. I do not pre-spray with water. However, I do give the gutters a good soaking. I plug a hose into the customers tap, plug my pole in the other end (with the fan jets) and start cleaning. No pure water needed. When I have finished, and everything has finished dripping, I put a ladies 'towel turban' (google it) over my brush, reach up and dry the undersides of the soffits. It gets the little 'dirty' drips off and gives a nice clean finish. I then use pure water to clean the windows (but you can clean however you fancy). Hope this is helpful. Robbo
  3. Starting to get a ‘window cleaners shoulder’

    I am in Bournemouth too. Wallisdown. Give me a ring on 07850 262016 and you can try out my Xtreme pole and brush and see if you like the idea of it. Another thing to help is, I use pole hose on my main reel, very light and easy to use. All helps minimise fatigue. Anyway give me a bell. Robbo
  4. Starting to get a ‘window cleaners shoulder’

    i'm 53 and had a dodgy elbow, very painful. Sports massage is quite good, they know what all the muscles do and where to massage them. Painful though! I tried swapping hands also but couldn't really get to grips with it. What worked for me is swapping the pole. I bought an Xtreme 22 AND now only use Extreme brushes. They are far better than they look, especially the natural hair version. They will speed you up as well. Worked for me. I haven't even thought about my elbow for the last 6 months until I read this. I just touched it and it hardly hurts at all. Get an Xtreme pole and you'll laugh at how light and rigid it is. Treat it with respect though and don't drop it. Don't think of it as an investment now, but as an investment for the future. It's not until you get older, that you realise what you should have done, when you were younger. Is it worth the enormous expense of new pole and a set of new brushes? Absolutely, 100%, without question.
  5. Best gloves for freezing cold

    I am also going to go with Showa 282 temres. I have tried loads over the years and these work very well for me.
  6. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    I've had the same liquidator lines. Reading through this, I went and purchased an Ettore Contour Plus handle (the spring loaded one), as per the video. I'm a sucker for spending money on ****. Put the Moerman 12 inch blade and rubber in and...no more lines! I have no idea why, or even if i'm imagining it, but it works very well indeed. I even purchased a Moerman pouch which I love, because (only having 2 hanging points) it fits perfectly round my small waist. That's my input.
  7. Where do you store your poles when...

    I used 2 large gutter brackets, on the same side of the van as the door, quite high up, with the brush towards the back of the van. Very easy to get in and out.
  8. For the odd marks, I turn the brush on it's side and use the plastic stock to gently rub them off. You can get quite quick, once you get used to it.
  9. What you can do is, when you have cleaned the whole house, just give the glass another quick going over but leave the top half inch of the glass untouched. So you start half inch down from the top. This works very for me, hope it helps.
  10. What you can do is, when you have cleaned the whole house, just give the glass another quick going over but leave the top half inch of the glass untouched. So you start half inch down from the top. This works very for me, hope it helps.

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