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  1. Thanks mate, yes i'm out. 3 out of 5 for good behaviour! I took the rap for you, (passing dodgy cheques) but didn't really want to mention that on here. So, my friend from Essex, it seems you get 2 for the price of 1. I wouldn't come either, based on these posts!
  2. Nice leaflet. I like a mobile number as well, some people just like to text. Some suggestions: Get rid of the pic on the left and replace with a pic of you and your van (if you both look nice) Make the words 'window cleaning' bigger, at least half again. Your line that says..dirty windows, we will clean them for you...(that's what window cleaners do) so it seems a waste of words! How about...'Your local, regular reliable service'? I don't like uPVC cleaning! All the others are MORE self explanatory. How about uPVC Cladding cleaning? Could you add...'Pay by cash, cheque or online banking'. Loads of people love the online banking. Sorry if I've thrown a spanner in the works. PS Do you clean, the glass, frames, sills and doors every time? Just asking.
  3. Robbo

    Orange fascias.

    Not sure but how about a magic sponge, then a magic sponge with CIF.
  4. You need to see a DIY system in action and have everything explained to you, the process, the fitting etc, then YOU can decide if you want to build it, or buy a ready made system. Now, just by chance, Bournemouth is very nice this time of the year and if you were to bring your good lady down for a weekend break, (3 hour drive), I would be happy to spend a couple of hours with you and show you how it all works. The knowledge alone, would far outweigh the cost of some of our more seedier hotels! I also happen to have a 350 lay flat tank with pure freedom frame for sale for the mere price of £120! Absolute bargain. I lived in Essex, born in Romford, lived in Wickford and Colchester, now moved to Bournemouth. Seriously aside, the offer is open. Call me on 07850 262016. Robbo PS, If you're unsure as to my credentials, RW Cleaning may vouch for me. Then again he may not! PPS. Might even show you how to clean a window.
  5. Nice job mate. I bet you were hot in that getup. I find I get too sweaty...and my underwear slips down!
  6. Robbo

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    Sorry if i'm not reading this right but if your back is playing up then you shouldn't be lifting at all. You don't want to get to a point where you can't work! Why not build a van mount? I have a 350 tank for sale with frame £100 Pure freedom pump and controller £156 Battery 70ah £70 Hose reel £50 Hose £50 I used a pure freedom trolley for 2 years and then stripped it apart and built a van mount. (I had tennis elbow, so had no choice). Works great. Just an idea...
  7. I wonder that if I only charged £2 per house, I could actually not even turn up and just collect the money. I wouldn't be good (i'd let the rain clean them) but I would be cheap!
  8. Thanks for your reply, yes I do mean I still get some foaming after rinsing. I use Clever Wash to add to the hypo, and i'll take on board your suggestions for rinsing, thank you. PPE is good but I have a large area to do on Saturday so I am also going to purchase a chemical mask.
  9. I’ve only done a few jobs and it’s going well. The only problem is, I seem to spend too long rinsing. Trying to rinse off the hypo seems never ending. How much rinsing should I do? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks Robbo
  10. Robbo


    Unfortunately only you can answer this question; everyones preference is different. Buy some fan jets and fit them yourself, cheap to buy and easy to fit, then you can compare the difference. For me, I use pencil jets for window cleaning and fan jets for soffit and gutter work, or soft washing. It is a personal thing...have fun!
  11. If you look on YouTube there are some videos explaining why you CAN clean in the rain, using wfp. Once you understand this, you can pass this information on to your customers and all should be good. Obviously you can't please everyone, but if YOU are confident then this should come across to your customers. Also offer a 'rain guarantee'. Mine is 3 days after i've cleaned. Mad, I know, but that's how I roll!
  12. Robbo

    Soft Wash Run Off

    I have been asked to soft wash a large block paved driveway, which will probably need two applications. However, half of the driveway is very steep (even steep to walk up) and runs directly into the road, via electric gates, (which itself, is a very steep road). I know that when I rinse the hypo, it will pour down the drive, onto the pavement and into the road. Obviously I don't want to bleach the tarmac, or cause any other problems, to neighbours or pedestrians etc. Has anyone any ideas? Or should I just pressure wash it, or not bother at all?
  13. Robbo

    Van sign writing pictures

    So much van porn, I won't be able to sleep tonight!
  14. Robbo

    Cleaning cloths

    Friday night is bath night. Stick 'em in with yer. No bubble bath allowed though.
  15. Robbo

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    If it is working for you at home, then I would say relax with it more, when you're on a job. Sometimes we try and 'overthink' things too much and that mucks it up. Sometimes, I think if I went out half drunk, I would do a better job (because i'm chilled with it all). On a more useful note. I also purchased the Ettore Contour pro plus handle and it seems to work better (no idea why). Also, dip the mop into clean water and add a 'strip' of fairy (or whatever) to the mop. Don't put the soap into the bucket. Try changing the angle of the blade on the glass, look at some polz n bladz videos on you tube.

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