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  1. rick22

    Ingrained dirt on top sill

    Thanks for the replies. To Moor I'll look at gardiners doodle bug pad holder and pad and to Marko067 I'll have a look at Bar Keepers Friend. To be honest I only ever use the brush and pure, if its really bad spray a bit of virosol on the brush. But a few of the first cleans recently have been pretty bad, just trying to give myself options. It was probably only me that wasn't so happy trying to get every thing like new!
  2. rick22

    Ingrained dirt on top sill

    Thanks Tench for the reply but I don't do ladders! That's how I do the bottom sills.
  3. rick22

    Ingrained dirt on top sill

    No.I' not that tall. You can see the front of the sill!
  4. Good morning guys, as the title says, I don't know if I'm missing a trick. When cleaning top sills I'm having trouble getting ingrained dirt off the top sill. I use virosol sprayed on the brush, scrub it in leave and rinse off and it doesn't seem to touch it. Used cif on brush head with same result. Obviously I can get hands on doing the bottom sills, so they're not a problem. Any suggestions to give me a better result. Cheers and have a good day in the sun, if you've got any!
  5. Is that the 3m glass cleaner and protector you use for cleaning the insides. and what supplier do you get it from as I cant find a uk supplier. thanks rick
  6. Hi Chris I be interested in looking at your business page and website ,but I don't know them. Ive read your blog, with interest, as you were building your business and would be interested in looking at these. Once Ive got my van and setup, I have done some cleaning but not much over the last year, when I start knocking hopefully I'll have even half the success that you have had. Good on you!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yes I thought it was a lwb, don't know how long I could put up with the lack of room in a swb
  8. Thanks den for posting those pics, is that a long wheel base high top or short wheel base. As you've managed to get a lot of equipment in there! What sort of ladder is that?
  9. yes mate I work on my own, I only do water fed pole. If a 400 tank fits that would be plenty big enough. thanks for your reply
  10. Hi all, hope you've had good day in this rubbish weather. I've been looking at this site for a while and been reading loads of interesting posts. Has anyone used or are using a swb transit connect 220 and what size tank could I fit in it. I know it normally goes on the payload but I was wondering about the dimensions as it looks short on space, but the one I'm looking at it has a great engine and not too many miles . Any comments will be appreciated.
  11. rick22

    new member looking for van

    to Bucko Jr Yes I might be interested depend on price and mileage. .Give me some details and where you are and I let you know. Had a few vans in the past so bit wary with anything with lots of miles , even if its running well at the moment. Thanks for your reply
  12. Hi everyone, prob all working so you;ll see this thread later. already bought pole and have done a few jobs. Now looking for a van thinking of transit connect or other smallish van. Whats everyones thoughts? Did see a 62 plate Peugeot partner with a system in but cant seem to find it on the internet again!! Thanks for any comments and hope you all had a good day

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