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  1. dam high access

    First van

    i couldnt find any 1.9 on autotrader, well i did but they done lot of miles. got it for £5,600, 61 plate, done 50,000 miles, sat nav, parking sensors, ac, bit of wooden shelving either side. van is like new but getting cambelt done next week as its 7 years old which costing me around 450. a lot 😞 . oh and came with a decent roof rack too its only 1.6 but its tdi 105 bhp so im hoping it will go ok with the weight, most time i will carry 300-400 around town, will find out soon.
  2. dam high access

    Help with pricing

    im more impressed how you got over 30 customers in a month. ive always struggled to get custys. in 3 years ive sent really smart flyers, 20,000 , advertised in paper and now on facebook. i do bit of commercial work but only got 95 domestic jobs. i really struggle getting the work
  3. dam high access

    First van

    i just got ex British gas van. vw caddy 1.6 like yours. was either that or Peugeot expert. love the van, just got to get it fitted out now. downside is the caddy payload is only 734kg and quite narrow. going to get 500 tank but would very rarely fill to top only on big commercial jobs as i would be close to overloading.
  4. dam high access

    What would you quote

    Wow i need to up my prices because i would of quoted to clear gutters 40, clean upvc 60 and windows 18 . total 118 i live in south east kent and i know what a few other widys charge so im not that cheap. maybe im in a tight area
  5. dam high access

    First van

    Thanks for the info you gave and picture. im looking for a vw caddy maxi also. always wondered what the back looked like setup. its a shame the 500 litre tank doesnt fit sideways against the bulkhead. maybe some do more upright tanks. Th blue put me of these vans as people prob mistake for british gas but mainly i find it hard to do a decent sign writing design on this colour. theyre about 6500 from 40-70000 miles. all so far away from me.
  6. dam high access

    Time for a van, suggestions welcome

    i have a lwb ford transit old model 57 plate. 3 of us used to use it but now im on my own so im actually downsizing. would like vw caddy maxi but payload is only 725kg so no good. gonna get lwb fiat doblo with 1000kg payload. the transit is a nightmare to drive and park sometimes around town. roads are tight and lot of parked cars so it depends on personal preference and situation. plus transit only did like 20 mpg with the water weight.
  7. dam high access

    Which smaller van carrys most weight?

    Ah good. I'm getting rid of my long wheel base high roof transit and want something smaller. Either lwb fiat doblo or lwb vw caddy. Vw are good quality vans but the payload is a bit low on caddy about 700-800kg. Fiat is 1000kg. What's the fiat like to drive and what's the gear box like? Thanks Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  8. dam high access

    Which smaller van carrys most weight?

    Yes. i thought i was the only one who thought this.
  9. Been doing window cleaning with wfp a few years now but always struggled to get more customers. Only got 3 day a month. Would appreciate it if any has or knows anyone who is selling in Kent. Thank you. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. dam high access

    gardner extreme poles

    I have extreme 44 and then got 9ft extension on top of it 2 years later. Brilliant pole if looked after. Had about 3 cheap ones before and they are carp. But if your just cleaning houses and no large commercial buildings then just use cheap one until it breaks then buy Gardiner Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. dam high access

    Steaks when it rains

    You get a white residue from plastic frames when cleaned with pole and using purified water. I get this on new custys. The rain water doesn't take it off so just make sure it's rinsed properly. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Please let me know if anyone is selling rounds (domestic or commercial) in the south east. Thank you. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. dam high access

    My van

    Late response but I wouldn't have that font. Comic sans looks cheap. Google professional fonts it will make a difference. I've seen that logo before somewhere the person one. Good luck though Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. Hi guys. Is anyone using a card reader for payment? My customers pay by cash and couple pay into my account if I give them my card details but it's a pain to keep checking whether they paid or not. Wondering if anyone using a card reader and what are they're thoughts on it. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks you Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  15. dam high access

    Average house quote

    I charged £25 for the other house Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app

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