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  1. I tried.. Got to work, everything was frozen solid in the back! This was surprising for me because after the bad winters of 09 and 10 I have always insulated the back of the van and have never had an issue with anything frozen since. So that says to me that it was colder last night than it's been for the past 7 years! Not sure what to do for tomorrow..
  2. Managing terraced houses

    I've found sometimes with terraces that they don't always have their own down pipe at the front so if you clear them, they can still overflow and be blocked because of the neighbors gutters. I usually try to speak to the neighbor and offer them a reduced rate to empty their gutters to allow the whole stretch to be able to drain. Cleaning though, i just do to their property boundary
  3. Yeah, I hate that about them. Waterproof gloves need to be breathable.
  4. Gloves

    Popped into Screwfix today and had a look. They don't seem to have the Skytec ones but they have the Siberian ones so bought a couple of pairs. Very impressed for £6. Warm, water resistant and flexible. Ideal.
  5. women window cleaners

    My wife cleans windows with me 90% of the time and she's the best coworker I've ever had! I've worked with at least 20 different window cleaners over the years and she's not only the fastest but the only one I've been able to trust to do a good job without having to check her work. Took her a while to build up the strength to do 3rd level though.
  6. Resin Shortage In The Uk

    Interesting, I read that the way the membrane works is that the holes are just big enough for a water molecule to fit through but nothing bigger in theory. Obviously the membranes aren't perfect at that tiny scale as a small percentage of larger molecules squeeze through imperfections but I imagine the majority of the surface of the membrane is the gauge it is supposed to be. So even the smallest of particles shouldn't be too fine for it to stop, maybe with a higher percentage passing through than bigger molecules though. If that is the case then the double RO should work. But if it's the case that the membranes just aren't fine enough then you'd be right, it wouldn't matter how many RO's you used. Only way to know for sure would be to try it I suppose.
  7. Renting out a round

    I've rented before and it was a set price per month. Someone I knew but still had some issues. I've thought about it alot and would never rent my round out. There's just too many things to go wrong. The round will slowly die while they built their own round on the side from walk ups, and that's if they're honest. If they're dishonest you could lose the whole thing quite easily. As gutting as it is after all the work, I agree with Green- sell it.
  8. Resin Shortage In The Uk

    The double ro sounds like a good idea. You'd get 4/1 waste though. You wouldn't need a complete RO though as it wouldn't need prefilters so wouldn't need as much pressure to push though. Volume would be an issue though. What would happen if you had 3x 200gpd (can you get them in 10"?) membranes all feeding the product water into the input of 2x 150gpd membranes? (all set up in series with the waste from the first going to the next?) Another idea to save water, have a tank filling on a float valve from the tap and use that with a booster pump as the input water- that then allows the waste from the 2nd set of 2x 150gpd (still pretty pure) to go back into the tank, so the waste is cut substantially. Even Ro membranes that are too old for normal use could be used for the first Ro sorta like double di extending the life of your Ro for years. I'm tempted to mess around with mine to see if it could work but it's currently producing 0ppm so don't want to mess with it. When it starts creeping up i might experiment a bit.
  9. First Bash at WFP a success

    Just one point from earlier about open windows. Be careful with windows that tilt back opening inwards. There's no way to shut them from the ground. They have a drain in the channel beneath the window so it doesn't fill up with rain water and come inside. It usually can't handle the amount of water that runs into it while cleaning it with wfp and may overflow inside. If I have to do them, I'm very fast with water turned down.
  10. Plumbing an R.O in under the sink

    You can get fittings that tap directly into the mains 15mm copper pipe under the sink. Two minute job to fit. I got my RO from Ro-Man.com and they came with it. You can get them from hardware shops too for outdoor tap fittings. Search for self cutting tap. Inlet:- http://www.ro-man.com/shop/accessories-and-extras/water-supply-fittings/needle-clamp.html Or a fancier one:- http://www.ro-man.com/shop/accessories-and-extras/water-supply-fittings/self-cutting-tap-with-1-4-inch-connector.html Waste:- http://www.ro-man.com/shop/accessories-and-extras/water-supply-fittings/waste-clamp.html
  11. People who just won't pay

    I'll be watching with interest then. I've been pushing it for a while but only forced it with one customer so far who was a bad payer and subsequently decided not to have their windows done. My work is very compact (90% of a given street are customers) so losing customers would devalue the rest of the work.
  12. Buying rounds

    You all seem very wary of buying rounds.. Just wondering have any of you been ripped off before? I've bought 8 rounds over the years and never had any issues. Have I just been lucky?
  13. What vehice do you use?

    I assume you're thinking of a car as it's closer to the ground and easier to get ladders on and off. If you're going to be focusing on gutter cleans, you'll be needing your long ladders which may be an awkward length for a smaller car. Estate car would get them on as the roof bars are spread further apart. There are car derived vans that are low like the astra van as well.
  14. Buying rounds

    Up north I'd say the norm is about 3x for average work, 4x for good work and 5x for very good work.
  15. Cleaning brush

    If it's really bad like cleaning a sill that's had a house martin nest above it or something then I do what Part Timer does. If it's not bad I just run the bristles up and down quickly on the edge of the sill of the next window before I do it to get the bits off.