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  1. Skxawng

    Pole hose keeps kinking

    Good post, I always turn away from the window the same direction unconsciously and the hose twists the same way every time. I remember to give the pole a clockwise twist after each house and it's fine. I'll add though, that if they let it get very bad without sorting it out for a long time the twists can become permanent and it won't lay flat even when you untwist it. You've got to be careful with tubeless though- When you've got a thinner pole hose then that twists easier than the thicker main hose so it doesn't get that bad before it's noticeable and it stays near the end. With tubeless it's the main hose that twists and they can go a lot further down the hose before you notice so it can get worse.
  2. The link isn't supposed to time out. I've had the exact same link since I started on GC. maybe they typed it wrong?
  3. Skxawng

    Self cleaning glass

    Interesting, fairy used to be on the list of approved cleaners but it isn't now. I started doing a job about 8 years ago where they had activ coat (fitted around 15 years ago) and they had a manual that I had to read before cleaning them. That included a list of approved cleaners but they seem to have reduced it a bit nowadays looking at the online list. Maybe they were getting problems with some of them? There isn't anything really aggressive on the list now so maybe stronger chem's damage the TiO2 coating. Interestingly the manual also mentioned the use of rubber squeegees was not recommended. I'd love to find an effective cleaner to use as the second part of the site will be ready for me to start cleaning it soon (after a 15 year build..) and they're gonna be very bad! I don't want to risk ruining them though (assuming they aren't already ruined from not being cleaned and being on a building site for 15 years)
  4. It might be the temperature is incorrect. If he's finding it difficult to have his hand under the water without burning then it must be at least 45C. Maybe he should check it with a thermometer. Hand held TDS meters usually have a thermometer function.
  5. Skxawng

    Newly painted house

    Unless they've used emulsion or something else unsuitable for exterior paintwork, then and dirt washed on the walls should just rinse off easily.
  6. Skxawng

    Never trust a first clean

    I don't actually flush vents out ever- I've always followed the rule "avoid getting water in vents at all cost!" When I occasionally clean them or on a first clean I brush over them and rinse the frame above but always avoid getting water inside them- I just leave them as long as possible before the final rinse. Interesting.. two questions spring to mind: Firstly, does cleaning them thoroughly each time stop them making a mess of the glass? And second, doesn't flushing them out cause water to run down the inside of the window?
  7. Skxawng

    Never trust a first clean

    I don't really get it, wouldn't it be easier to clean above vents in hot weather as they dry quickly instead of dripping water down the glass for ages after? I don't doubt your findings just wondering why? (I do above vents only when they get noticeably dirty every few months)
  8. Skxawng

    Hi Everyone! New starter here.

    Haven't heard of that. Does anyone else do it? By my thinking, by the time I've finished rinsing it there aren't any impurities left on the glass so doesn't matter how fast it dries. In any case I've never noticed any marks left after doing it in very hot weather before.
  9. Skxawng

    Hi Everyone! New starter here.

    No difference. The pump pumps the same rate wether it's hot or cold, I use the same method regardless of temperature. The water may expand very slightly once it's running through the hose running along the sun heated ground in hot weather like a heat exchange so may get slightly more water at the brush head 🙂
  10. Skxawng

    Hi Everyone! New starter here.

    I clean with my wife and we get through about 100L per hour while working solidly. Less if we're doing odd jobs driving about. We have a 600L tank and it generally does us pretty well though we do run out occasionally. We use red Gardiner's fan jets which save a bit of water and help with rinsing. You can use the 100 degree black ones to save even more water but I don't like them. It's like a very fine spray and I find it impossible to be accurate. Also you do need a certain volume of water to wash dirt down and black ones are just too fine for me.
  11. Skxawng

    Bed liner advice

    I used a roofing paint on mine last time. Isoflex liquid rubber. Covers very well with one coat. It's very grippy, will stick to practically anything and very hard wearing. Had it in my last van for 3 years with no problems. Fairly cheap too (cheaper at Bunnings if there's one near you). Only issue is it takes 2-3 days to fully cure.
  12. Not sure exactly what you mean but the capacity (ah) of the battery won't affect its voltage. It will still be full/empty at the same voltage roughly.
  13. It's good practice to never let your battery get below 50% charge (around 12.4v) a 115ah will still probably depending on pump size/age be around 75% full after an average day with 1 operator. So you don't really need one that big but bigger is better as it will last a long time if you forget to charge it at night and it's better for the batteries health to not be overly depleted. It's still better to charge every night though if you want it to last longer. We use a 110ah leisure battery for two people and it does two people fine without getting too low.
  14. I'll get some Pu hose and use that when I convert my others. I used 6mm microbore but there still is a little stretch in it and it's heavy. With tubeless setups what do you have from the bottom of the pole? I've just connected my 6mm microbore to the bottom and at full extension it pulls a lot inside and is significantly heavier. You could have lighter hose for the first 25' or so but then you'd need a join and one of the main benefits of tubeless is there being no join or tap to catch on corners..
  15. How do you fit a univalve with Pu hose? Will it go on the barbs/hosetails? Only the first half of the pole hose is Pu on mine so I just put it on the lower part.

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