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  1. Help Needed

    If you can mount your pumps as low as possible- maybe in the dip near the side doors, then that will help. Otherwise you could have a flush valve. That is, a tap that diverts the water away from your reel back to the tank which allows the pump to prime itself after driving and air has entered the water outlet on the tank.
  2. Price Calculator

    Version 1.3


    Basic tool to estimate the time to clean the windows on a property and work out the price based on your hourly rate and travel time etc. Excel spreadsheet. Fill in blue boxes only with number and type of individual panes of glass and other details.
  3. Pole size

    I'd recommend Gardiner CLX18 or if you want to tackle 3rd level SLX27
  4. Pole size

    It will reach all 2 level houses easily. If you mean 2nd storey (3rd level) then you need >25 foot
  5. I used to have a splitter at the end of my 100m 6mm microbore when I first started taking someone with me years ago. I used a 100psi 5.2lpm shurflo pump and it handled it ok.. Not great pressure but ok. There are issues with that set up though. 1st, you have to stay quite close together and 2 people wfp are more efficient working separate houses so it's relatively slow. 2nd if 1 turns the tap off, the other gets double pressure which can be annoying if you're being careful around a vent. 3rd if you are at different heights then whoever is high up gets little water. If you are getting a new power up with 100m 6mm hose then why not use that for one pole and the old hose reel for the second pole. Have a splitter after the pump going to both hose reels. Having the split close to the pump mitigates the issues of working off the same pump. The 8mm hose will get slightly more water than the 6mm though. A complete separate pump, hose, pole for each person is the best way.
  6. Hello from a newbie and a few questions???

    I've just been looking at that starter kit and there's a few issues with it: It's an aluminium pole which are very heavy and easily damaged. Heavy brush head. The resin would have very high running costs as it uses 6L resin bags at £35 each (inc. Vat) Basically its good for a homeowner to do their own windows or a trad windy who does occasional wfp. As you mentioned a RO would be much cheaper in the long run. I use RO only with no resin as I'm getting very pure water through the ro anyway (1ppm) with a 450gpd RO it wouldn't produce water fast enough to use on the go- you would have to either filter it overnight into your van tank or ideally into a 1000L ibc tank (cheap, especially if used- got mine for £20) with a submersible pump (£20) and pump the water into your van tank when you need it.
  7. By the way, I had a go cleaning my plastic garden chairs with it. I've done the left half.. Can you tell? It's done absolutely nothing on this chair, doesn't touch tiger stripes on fascia's but I've used it on some plastic frames before and it's been incredible! It must only be effective on some pvc for some reason but I've no idea why.. Maybe the uPVC Max is similar and why its getting such mixed reviews.
  8. Pricing !!

    I used to have a round full of 3 bed semis in Barnsley, south yorkshire area. They were £4 or £5 when I took over the round and were £6 when I sold it. There was a lot of resistance to prices going up and struggled to get £18ph. Most of my work in that area is in new housing estates now where they seem open to more up to date pricing.
  9. Shoulder/back pain

    I've used to get a bit of pain there but not too bad as I switched to wfp slowly. And it's gone completely now. I found that it helps if you stand further back from the windows when doing upstairs as then you aren't looking up at such an acute angle. Do you wear glasses btw?
  10. Have you seen this

    For window cleaning purposes I can't think of why it couldn't sit indefinitely as long as its sealed and dark so algae can't grow
  11. Have you seen this

    That's a use I hadn't thought of. Water retains heat well, so would be even better if they could heat the water to stop it freezing in the hose like it does in very cold conditions and a tank full of water hovering at just above zero.
  12. Water Used

    seems we're all similar. 50lph solo 100lph two people.
  13. Resin before RO

    If it's not been a great company so far then maybe he didn't get good instructions with it- like did he know you need to flush new prefilters first separately so they don't damage the RO membranes? 40psi isn't great but even so 28ppm is too high- Sounds like they're either poor quality or slightly damaged possibly.
  14. Resin before RO

    Very strange. Maybe the resin in the first chamber wasn't completely gone and was bringing it down to below six. 28 is very high coming out of the RO membranes though. Is there a prefilter missing? Usually they have 3 (sediment, carbon, chloro) or the newer single one that does all.
  15. That's very low! I thought mine was bad with 40. What does your booster pump get it up to and what's your ppm if you don't mind me asking?