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  1. Skxawng

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    I've had many of those brass swivel elbows over the years and they all leak eventually regardless of who the distributor is. Good to know how to make them last a bit longer though
  2. Skxawng

    Losing pressure

    Glad it worked 🙂 its a bit hard to picture it as all the hoses go through the box sections of the chassis (seemed like a good idea at the time but bad for freezing in winter!) 2 reasons. 1st, you want to keep the pump head as low as possible to help avoid airlocks and 2nd, makes sense to keep the electronic part above the wet part in case of leaks.
  3. Skxawng

    prefilters quality

    I don't know but it looks as though Gardiner's may be discontinuing supplying filtration products. There isn't much available and what there is, much of it says 'discontinued'.
  4. Skxawng

    prefilters quality

    Doesn't the GAC filter remove chlorine? Also, looking at your website, the package that includes a sediment filter and a spectrum ECB carbon filter, it says that the ECB only has a capacity of 6000L is that right? Is that only with high concentrations of chlorine?
  5. Skxawng

    Losing pressure

    The best way to remove airlocks is to turn the pump up to full and allow the output to flow with as little impedance as possible. I used to just unplug the hose from the reel and let it run in the gutter to clear airlocks if the water level ever dipped below the outlet to the pump, but now I have a 2 way tap after the pumps that I call a flush valve. It can divert the water from the output of the pump directly back into the tank with as little resistance as possible. This is handy for clearing airlocks (or relieving system pressure).
  6. Skxawng

    prefilters quality

    Interesting website. There are alot of items that can be pretty hard to get hold of cheaply.
  7. Skxawng

    prefilters quality

    I just bought a set of the exact same prefilters off eBay for £9.45. 6 sets for £43.99 was pretty cheap! It's a good job they're cheap though as they need replacing often.
  8. Skxawng

    Losing pressure

    Another thing, you could bypass the pressure switch on the base of your pump and see if it could be the contact on the microswitch has that has deteriorated.
  9. Skxawng

    Losing pressure

    Have you ruled out air locks completely? I had the exact same setup for years (same model varistream same pump). I had an issue where it was a similar problem and I removed the inline filter and the problem went away. I think the filter was letting air in somehow.
  10. Looks great that and not a bad price either.
  11. Take my comments with a pinch of salt as I haven't used a hot water system. During normal cleans cold water cleans fine, there is no higher level of clean. Clean is clean. It won't be cleaner with hot water. Bird muck doesn't take much shifting either way. Where it would be useful is first cleans. So it depends on how much of your work will be initial cleans. Hot water is definitely a more aggressive cleaner and will get rid of built up dirt and grime easier. But you can get them clean without. May be helpful a few days a year during extreme cold but the main problem is the tank/pipes/pumps freezing over at night, not while working. So it's not a necessity. It's a luxury. I'd like it fitted to mine but it's low on the list of priorities at the moment.
  12. Time wise, there are a lot of factors to consider, but you won't be far off saying 15mins for a regular maintenance clean on a 3/4 bed detached and allowing 30mins for the first clean. How many you can do a day depends on how much time you spend travelling between houses. Hot water is nice but not really necessary.
  13. It isn't just the sills, it's also the bevelled part of the frame. It's a similar situation with everyone. Used to be clean. Next visit the yellow staining has appeared. Won't budge. Not on vertical surfaces only flat/angled. Only on one side of the house. It's got to be something being carried on the wind that settles on one side of the house like pesticides from farmers spraying on fields or pollen from maize or rapeseed.
  14. Skxawng

    Pricing too high?

    I do a new estate with houses pretty much identical in Rotherham, S.yorks for £7 and earn over £50 an hour on them (very compact work i.e. move van once in a day). Green pro would have to charge more to get the same rate as I seem to remember his work is more spread out in Derbyshire. But on those houses we'd probably earn a similar amount per hour. I've found though, that new estates don't always follow the prices of the area they are in. People feel like they've upgraded from the old rough estate and almost expect to pay more. As a result, you can get away with updating to modern pricing on them easier than on old council estates. My mum lives a few minutes away from this estate and the local windy does most of her street for £3 for a 3 bed semi. I'd be interested to know what percentage of your quotes at £5.50 get accepted on that estate?
  15. Skxawng

    New Resin not Working

    It never had an o ring at the bottom from new. Maybe I should replace the top o ring as it has a deep impression from being pressed into the lid. Thanks, I never thought of tap water leakage.

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