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  1. Qs for using ubik for 1st cleaned

    Is there any consensus on wether ubik or degreaser is best for first cleans? Or are they both as good as each other?
  2. Connecting wfp to outside tap

    Most places. Search eBay 6mm 1/2" reducing.
  3. Connecting wfp to outside tap

    I assume you have a male rectus type connector on the end of your pole hose? If so, fairly straightforward way of connecting to 1/2" garden hose is rectus 21 female with 6mm hosetail. Then a short length of 6mm id microbore hose. Then a 1/2" to 6mm reducing hosetail that your garden hose will fit on. Obviously 'O' ring clips or similar will be needed to secure the hose to the hosetails. Edit: even better, Gardiner's sell one premade. http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/pump-hose/hose-fittings-adapters/ez-snap-range/adapter-to-use-ez-snap-trade-tail-pole-with-standard-hose-reel.html http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/pump-hose/hose-fittings-adapters/ez-snap-range/adapter-to-use-ez-snap-trade-pole-on-a-garden-tap.html Edit 2: @paul alan Didn't notice you've already posted it!
  4. Connecting wfp to outside tap

    You want rectus 21 type not 26. That's why it's too big probably.
  5. “Cor blimey you’ve earned some money”

    Worst one I under priced was external cladding clean on a sprawling office building. It was for a good customer of mine who's mansion (best word for it really) I do for £180 monthly. I expected it to take 8 shortish days after doing a test strip and timing it so quoted £1500. About £200 for a short day I thought... By day 4 I was starting to realise I'd massively underestimated it. Without going into the frustrating details a long story short it ended up taking 6 weeks! I started late November so missed out on tips from domestic work as didn't finish till January! Told my custys I'd taken some time off! I wish! Freezing cold and soaked head to foot most days! Almost sent me under that one! I stick to my quotes- especially with a customer I didn't want to lose but looking back I'd have been better off quitting it while I'd only lost 4 days and telling them to keep the money.
  6. Would you like a cuppa?

    I really do! I don't know how to go about it though. Maybe I should get the back of my work shirts printed with "Garage door clean for bacon butty!"
  7. Would you like a cuppa?

    Wow... Do they have memory issues? ... never been offered a bacon butty before though!
  8. Would you like a cuppa?

    I get one most days on older estates. New estates no chance. The guy who passed me on his round when I first started gave me some sage advice like @RapidRyan says; Never turn down a cuppa, chances are they'll never offer again and even if you have to sling a few in the bushes you'll be glad of it come winter.
  9. Dropping nice customers

    Same here, I've been dropping my outlying random custys but they're all reliable customers I've had for years from when I was building my work fast and would take jobs on anywhere. So far I've managed to pass em all on to various mates with a letter of introduction. Don't like leaving them at the mercy of the local rag men.
  10. It's Always a Good Idea To...

    I prefer just to get on with it but I find it so hard to get away sometimes. Yesterday I was cleaning this guy's windows and told him sorry I'm late coz I've had to set a new van up so he was chatting to me about vehicles and about his transit van while I did the front (front only only takes a few mins usually). Just as I was finishing he disappeared into his garage so I went over to get payment and lo and behold he has 10 motorcycles in there which he then spent the next the next 30 minutes exhibiting to me despite the occasional "well I better get going then" from me. (Pretty impressive collection actually, he builds them and the contents of his garage are worth more than his house) I eventually managed to get the topic back to paying me which he did with a thick roll of £20's then I made the fatal error of saying on the way out "that Harley Davidson is massive- it must weigh more than a gulwing" which set him off on another story about the gulwing he used to own but sold coz it's too smooth and boring... 40 minutes for £4.
  11. Can't help you out with the engine problem (had electronic issues with French cars and vans also) but the radio is a problem with the power supply. If it's resetting then the power is being cut off. I think with some vehicles there is a fuse you can move to a different position to keep power on, sometimes there is a cable supposed to be in the back of the radio as a constant power supply that may be missing.
  12. Cox or Gardiner's rollers?

    Thanks, Gardiner ones it is then.
  13. Hi which are better? The Cox brand rollers or the Gardiner ones? They are both for sale on the Gardiner website but the Gardiner's ones are a little cheaper.
  14. tanks n Baffles - again....

    The other thing you could use is irrigation pipe fed in through the top, but not as 'nice' a solution as baffle balls. I've heard you can get baffle foam but I don't know how that works.
  15. Does any body use a vicarious crew cab

    Here's a link to it if you want to see what it looks like. Vivaro crew It was swb. The poles would probably have to extend over the back seats unless you had them diagonally. It's a nice looking van but a bit pricey for its age. Only comes with 1 week warranty no service history.

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