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  1. First Bash at WFP a success

    Just one point from earlier about open windows. Be careful with windows that tilt back opening inwards. There's no way to shut them from the ground. They have a drain in the channel beneath the window so it doesn't fill up with rain water and come inside. It usually can't handle the amount of water that runs into it while cleaning it with wfp and may overflow inside. If I have to do them, I'm very fast with water turned down.
  2. Plumbing an R.O in under the sink

    You can get fittings that tap directly into the mains 15mm copper pipe under the sink. Two minute job to fit. I got my RO from Ro-Man.com and they came with it. You can get them from hardware shops too for outdoor tap fittings. Search for self cutting tap. Inlet:- http://www.ro-man.com/shop/accessories-and-extras/water-supply-fittings/needle-clamp.html Or a fancier one:- http://www.ro-man.com/shop/accessories-and-extras/water-supply-fittings/self-cutting-tap-with-1-4-inch-connector.html Waste:- http://www.ro-man.com/shop/accessories-and-extras/water-supply-fittings/waste-clamp.html
  3. People who just won't pay

    I'll be watching with interest then. I've been pushing it for a while but only forced it with one customer so far who was a bad payer and subsequently decided not to have their windows done. My work is very compact (90% of a given street are customers) so losing customers would devalue the rest of the work.
  4. Buying rounds

    You all seem very wary of buying rounds.. Just wondering have any of you been ripped off before? I've bought 8 rounds over the years and never had any issues. Have I just been lucky?
  5. What vehice do you use?

    I assume you're thinking of a car as it's closer to the ground and easier to get ladders on and off. If you're going to be focusing on gutter cleans, you'll be needing your long ladders which may be an awkward length for a smaller car. Estate car would get them on as the roof bars are spread further apart. There are car derived vans that are low like the astra van as well.
  6. Buying rounds

    Up north I'd say the norm is about 3x for average work, 4x for good work and 5x for very good work.
  7. Cleaning brush

    If it's really bad like cleaning a sill that's had a house martin nest above it or something then I do what Part Timer does. If it's not bad I just run the bristles up and down quickly on the edge of the sill of the next window before I do it to get the bits off.
  8. So I was noticing today that Spider season is in full swing... and they're huge at the moment! Was doing a door and a orb weaver as fat as a marble dropped down next to me, as I was doing the sill, a 3 inch wolf spider shot out to tackle my brush before deciding it was a bad idea. So I was thinking they're bigger than usual today, then turned around, went straight head first into a massive web with a big one in the center! After a bit of jumping around and shouting trying to get the little monster out of my hair I calmed down and was more careful but three times today I ended up getting my head in a web! They were everywhere, hundreds of em! Some houses had 2-3 per pane and there were huge today. I broke one web spanning a path to get by and the blighter ended up getting catapulted straight at me! Another path looked clear but the sucker was at head height suspended in mid air until I went through it. Climbed over a balcony and put my finger on something furry under the rail- another huge wolf spider. I'm sick of em! I got so on edge I even splashed water on the wall in the shape of a huge spider and made myself jump when I noticed! Usually I'm not bothered but today on that estate it felt like I was on the cast of arachnophobia.
  9. Training first employee

    I'm in a similar situation except it's my Bro in law starting tomorrow for first time. I've trained complete beginners before and to get it in their heads to do a good job I tell them there are 5 steps: Step 1 frames, Step 2 scrub glass, Step 3 the edges of the glass (a separate step to avoid 'porthole' cleaning), Step 4 rinse from top to bottom, Step 5 the sill.
  10. Just wanted to introduce myself

    A very hands on approach. Your customers seem to like it going by your reviews. My friend swears by Soudal Upvc cream cleaner- uses it on everything.
  11. Depending on the local pollution and atmospheric conditions rain water is almost pure anyway. Pure water is ph7 neutral. Rain could be slightly acidic but not by much. The amount of water the plants get from your window cleaning is minimal compared to the amount of rain and as they are so similar anyway. I imagine if someone has issues with plants dying then its probably something else and blaming you.
  12. Just wanted to introduce myself

    Hi :) nice website btw. A few things I was curious about have already been answered by it. But I was wondering, what cleaning products do you favour for conservatory roof cleaning?
  13. The mitts are soft and have give in them. If one squashed down 1/4" on one side, that translates to a big movement at the ladder top! I use articulated rubber feet.
  14. Misconceptions

    That's my most common objection to wfp- that they've had a bad one before and blame it on the system. My friend (window cleaner btw) lived in a block of flats and a company was paid by building manager to do the whole block and the windows were honestly worse looking after they'd been. They just wet them and swirled the muck about a bit. No more than a few seconds on each pane. Some think a wfp is a ticket to an easy life and means just putting no effort in. Custys who've had windys like that before take some convincing. I just tell them if they're not happy with the results I'll refund them. Never had someone not happy with it after.
  15. Is this coni roof safe to walk on?

    Those flat areas either side are ideal to stand on for access cleaning the glass panels. Will make it a lot quicker and easier than ladders. The main risk is from stepping backwards off the roof I'd say. There is a small chance you could damage the seal around the edge if it's built badly but don't forget ladders aren't risk free either.