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  1. Window Cleaning Software...

    Just email them fella they are very helpful and will sort you out. Susie Bishop is the women who deals with customers and she is always very helpful.
  2. Window Cleaning Software...

    Ps it does have a desktop version should you want to do it on your computer rather than phone.
  3. Window Cleaning Software...

    I'm going to give squeegee another thumbs up. I tried Cleaner Planner and found it frustrating having to do it all on the computer, it meant having to turn it on every day log on, log in etc and my computer is slow. It has an app but it is very basic and at the end of the day you have to log onto your CP account online and upload your days work sheet. You can log onto your online database on your phone but it's not very phone friendly. Squeegee is very much app based so you can do everything on your phone/tablet. There is a basic free version which is great if you only need that. I have the pro version at £30 a month and it pays for itself in time and energy saved no end. It is still a work in progress and they are still improving as it's new so it will only get better. They are integrating GoCardless at the end of the month. And finally if ever yo need help they are very helpful and easy to deal with [emoji106] I personally tried CP and couldn't get on with it but some love it.
  4. GoCardless

    Go Cardless take the money from your customers account and put it straight into your account, they don't hold any money. It takes 5 working days to process it. They take a 1% fee with a minimum of 20p and the fee gets deducted straight from the transaction. So it goes like this: You request £15 from your customer for there Window Cleaning...... GoCardless then start the process of debiting the money from your customers bank..... 5 working days later you will receive £14.80 into your chosen bank account (£15 minus the 20 p minimum fee). As easy as that!!!
  5. I got them but couldn't get on with them, but I rinse off the glass so that is probably why. I have recently bought a WCW Phantom Horsehair Brush and then fitted a rinse bar from X-Line to it, and it is the best/quickest brush head set up I have personally had. I can blitz Frames and Glass on Regular cleans in seconds, and even the few first cleans I did this week didn't take as long.
  6. PF Resin

    Should have ordered an 11 ltr Dave [emoji23]
  7. DI vessel

    If it's coming out at 0 then definitely no need for a Resin Vessel. The only slight advantage I've heard to using resin is It apparently polishes it off so gives it a bit of a shine when dry, but I've never not used resin myself as my RO produces 10 ppm, so I don't know if it looks duller without resin if you get me. But 0 is 0 so as long as you have the right technique it should be all good with no issues. Wish my tap water was 106, mine fluctuates between 290 and 420 [emoji20]

    There is so much rubbish talked on FB, but I can't help but still follow the pages as I find it hilarious to see them all going at each other [emoji23] not so long ago it was chemical wars. Few days ago a young lady said her and her partner earn a grand a day between them, it kicked off. I come to this forum for slight normality and really good advice [emoji6]
  9. Gutter pricing

    It's whatever you are happy with [emoji3] if you are happy Cleaning £50 in 2 hours and it works for you then keep at it. Someone else wouldn't be happy unless they were cleaning £50 in an hour and that's up to them. I will only do add ons now if I can earn more per hour than the Windows as it's more awkward and harder work so if I don't earn more I may as well stick to Windows. If the customer isn't happy to pay it I walk away. I've had 2 recently knock me back on price, one a 2 bed dormer bungalow wanting dormer front and back, fascias and soffits and conservatory roof all cleaned I said £150 she laughed and said I Guy with a pressure washer quoted £60, I laughed and walked on. The other wanted conservatory roof and porch roof, I quoted £75 for both her reply was I didn't think would be that expensive, again I left it at that. That's just my 2 examples. I think ppl think if you don't get the work you will cry into your pillow at night but for me it's got to be worth the hassle financially. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. Gutter pricing

    I use a GutterVac and I wouldn't bother setting up for less than £40 so that is my minimum charge, then I work up from that. If they want it cheaper they can look elsewhere but I find if I tell them about my GutterVac they think they are getting something special and go for it 🤣 but anyway as regards pricing I live in a market town in north East Yorkshire, I start at £40 and in honesty most of my jobs end up being around £40-£60. The highest I had was £150 just for Clearance and I got very lucky as it only took me 2 hrs in the end but that has only happened once lol Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. Hello and thank you

    Haha no worries. If you are worried about me making a move on it don't be lol I don't do any shops I stick to houses as I much prefer them [emoji23] was just going to say if you see me about be sure to say hi lol all the best! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Hello and thank you

    Which Market town fella? I'm based in Pickering which is about 20 miles east of York. As a one off inside and out I would be looking for at least £30 for Windows, Frames, Stickers etc. If she wanted a regular service a lot of shops like a weekly clean so for exterior windows only I would quote £10, if she wanted 2 weekly £12, 4 weekly £15, especially if it's on a busy road so will get dirty quickly. Best wishes in your new venture. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. I have the 3000 watt machine and can't fault it, I've picked up turf and everything and I am very happy with the equipment. From what I can gather I think they not only sell the equipment but go out and do the job aswell so I think that's why sometimes responses are a problem, which like you say isn't great, but honestly if you persevere the gear is worth it for the money. My old man ordered mine at same time as his and he rung them up and got a discount for ordering 2 and he said they were good to talk to on the phone. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. Moody bit of gear?

    Do you know why there is such a shortage of genuine tulsion Doug? And if there is likely to continue to be a shortage? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  15. Search

    Ahh ok, I know apple are a pain. It's fine though I can still use the app to look at latest topics. Thanks Gav. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app

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