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  1. 1st Roof Job Done!

    Thats what it's all about, still at £450 you was hardly working for peanuts but with roof cleans your best to price them to make them worth your while. Good luck with second 👍🏼
  2. The others was right boast stop posting at £22 as too much txt 😂😂. Got one £300 clean and install off it so well payed for it self, will run otherone soon more picture based
  3. Thanks for the help

    Top man keep cracking away 👍🏼
  4. 1st Roof Job Done!

    Pricing should be around £300 a side so £600 I would charge for that. They always take longer than anticipated. Nice results for your first one mate
  5. Yeah big ad spend I know but if I can get around 5 jobs from it as the £60 is for a terrace should pay for itself. And yes Facebook ad allowed it to be sponsored. Had 1 enquiry already and only spent £9. FB as allowed it Hi mate, I'm based in Surrey, targeting 15km from base in Epsom. Says expected to reach 50-70k. Had one enquiry already for £9 spent. Yeah it's a risk but if I can get around 5 jobs will pay for itself. It would cost me a lot more to get 70k flyers printed and distributed. If it works is another story haha.
  6. Going to spend £500 on a simply boasted post for my gutter cleaning business and see the return. Also have a window cleaning but thing more money to be made in gutters. Let's see
  7. Monty solution

    It's Hypo, sent him an email to enquirer about prices and wanted over £500 for 100l, long and short it is hypo. Benz black was is 10x cheaper
  8. Still for sale, Surrey based myself Epsom. Cash ready - contact me if so 07931902710
  9. Too expensive

    Too cheap, £180 min charge for detached empty and wash
  10. Conservatorys arhhg! Advice needed

    I as well use conny ladders and access platforms to work off on conny cleans. My price start at £200 standard 5m wide conny. Get around 80% I quote. People will pay if you have invested in right gear plus if you sell it as a valet not a standard "clean". Know cheeky but what do you roughly price.
  11. Only my second Roof soft wash

    Same as me Cristian - if Roof is heavily invested with moss and needs power washing we simply say sorry our softwash approach will not work. As we do it off towers and can only remove so much moss with our scrapers and wire brushes on poles. Always good to manage customer expectations.
  12. Only my second Roof soft wash

    Thanks mate, not mixing my own hypo yet. Gone the more expensive but safer route on Benz Black Wash. mixed it 4 to 1 in 20l drum. To applications upper and lower level, then treated with biocide. Probably used £30 of Chem's and charged £490 so happy with outlay to return.
  13. A little something from the weekend.

    Thought you wasn't a fan of pressure washing roofs as can cause more damage then it solves ? Just a question as I currently only offer softwash but can sometimes see a place for pressure washing it
  14. Happy with results. Always a bit scary approaching something you have not had much experience with. But getting more confident in results.
  15. Fascias & Soffits

    I install FSG for a living as well as Upvc cleaning etc. I only use swish Upvc products but there are a lot cheaper materials out there. Due to uv damage these cheaper fascia boards lose there gloss finish over time and nothing will get the shine back. (You can't polish a terd) next time maybe do a small test patch that way you can manage exspectation. But I know it can be frustrating one customer just thinks you have done a poor job when you have done everything in your power to get them clean.

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