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  1. As stated buy a ladder stand off for £50 and price it into job or use your A frame and rest it on the fascia board done loads that way.
  2. Hi mate would be interested in talking SEO with you. 

    1. K in Kent

      K in Kent

      whenever u like mate - over the phone or email?

      give me your number and I'll call u or email if u prefer



  3. KieMan


  4. KieMan

    Latest Forum Member onto Page 1 of Google

    Please dm me more info
  5. KieMan


    Who K in Kent, recognise name but haven't been on here in a while. Would like to speak to him regarding me seo
  6. KieMan


    DO NOT ADVERTISE with yell, sell you the world and you get nothing, I missed one payment due to bank account change and they sent debt collection agencies after me. Complete crooks. Best as mentioned is to get an organic high ranking website which takes a while.
  7. KieMan

    1st Roof Job Done!

    Thats what it's all about, still at £450 you was hardly working for peanuts but with roof cleans your best to price them to make them worth your while. Good luck with second 👍🏼
  8. The others was right boast stop posting at £22 as too much txt 😂😂. Got one £300 clean and install off it so well payed for it self, will run otherone soon more picture based
  9. KieMan

    Thanks for the help

    Top man keep cracking away 👍🏼
  10. KieMan

    1st Roof Job Done!

    Pricing should be around £300 a side so £600 I would charge for that. They always take longer than anticipated. Nice results for your first one mate
  11. Yeah big ad spend I know but if I can get around 5 jobs from it as the £60 is for a terrace should pay for itself. And yes Facebook ad allowed it to be sponsored. Had 1 enquiry already and only spent £9. FB as allowed it Hi mate, I'm based in Surrey, targeting 15km from base in Epsom. Says expected to reach 50-70k. Had one enquiry already for £9 spent. Yeah it's a risk but if I can get around 5 jobs will pay for itself. It would cost me a lot more to get 70k flyers printed and distributed. If it works is another story haha.
  12. Going to spend £500 on a simply boasted post for my gutter cleaning business and see the return. Also have a window cleaning but thing more money to be made in gutters. Let's see
  13. KieMan

    Monty solution

    It's Hypo, sent him an email to enquirer about prices and wanted over £500 for 100l, long and short it is hypo. Benz black was is 10x cheaper
  14. Still for sale, Surrey based myself Epsom. Cash ready - contact me if so 07931902710
  15. KieMan

    Too expensive

    Too cheap, £180 min charge for detached empty and wash

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