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  1. Daniel Perkins

    Glass that will not come clean!

    Would be very curious to see some pics of this. Seems like you've tried almost everything, I hope they understand the effort you have went through.
  2. Daniel Perkins

    Help pricing this

    You can be absolutely sure for a job that big, they will put it to tender and will use yours and others prices to chip away at the final price they have to pay. Have a good look at this job and if you feel that it is worth it... give your price in. I wouldn't be surprised if cheapest price wins though. Best of luck Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  3. Daniel Perkins


    Very smart idea with alot of thought put into it. One thing I would say though is the weight of the bottle would end up pulling my trousers down. Was the first thing that came to mind when I watched vid and equated to my type of work Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  4. Daniel Perkins

    Forum software update

    Absolutely spot on, cheers
  5. Daniel Perkins

    Forum software update

    I'm still get network config error and can't log into the app. I have galaxy s7. Anyone else still getting this error?
  6. Daniel Perkins

    What other business would you like to try

    Cool. I have been out of Bitcoin for awhile now, mostly the alt coins i'm in. Crypto is helter skelter, heart attack material lol. Everything is at the mercy of Bitcoins price. I got in on some alt coins early and will sit back and see how they progress over the next year or so.
  7. Daniel Perkins

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Yeah this is it mate, everyone is different. I always try to give things a good bash before I disregard. Anyways not for me for the moment, I'm sure the product will evolve over the next few years anyways.
  8. Daniel Perkins

    What other business would you like to try

    Invested in cryptocurrency for awhile now, going good long term hold. See how it pans out over next few years.
  9. Daniel Perkins

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Yeah i'm done with Moreman, gave them a real go but just not a good product for me. The idea is there but having to change the rubber, rubber burn out, handle, soap, technique/grip etc is just ridiculous to me. Had my 18 inch liq for last year or so and gave up on it. Recently got 14 inch Fliq, was a nice gimmick I thought so gave it a bash. Same scenario new rubber, soap etc etc. Changing pad under and over, now the pad is curling up at the sides, weight of pad annoying when soaked. I'm using the Contour pro and honestly... I hate it. Trying to do pole work with it is a nightmare, people said don't put any pressure on, this means you leave smears right at top of frames through lack of pressure, if you do put pressure on then the handle flattens too much and you leave drag marks. In hand it's better, good on times but it is still hit and miss. It does not make any sense having to make all these compromises for what it has to be said as a very expensive product in the first place. Maybe I just can't use it properly, maybe i'm too set in my ways or maybe alot of people want it to work so badly they make all these compromises, adjustments and mods to get "zero detailing". Zero detailing does not and never will exist imo. Sometimes will you clean a pane of glass and have little of no detailing, the next time you clean the same pane of glass you might have some detailing to do. Is it really a big deal? So buy a Moerman liquidator or Fliq, buy all different types of rubber which burns out quicker, bend end clips, cut the rubber a specific way at a specific length, buy some different handles, buy some new soaps, use a sh*t load of that soap or it won't glide properly, change your technique and be more deliberate in your clean "OR" just buy a host of other channels that actually work like Unger S, Sorbo etc do the work quickly without having to make any compromises and take a few seconds with a cloth to detail the bit you missed. I gave Moerman a good fair crack of the whip but their products are overly expensive and in order for them to working efficiently and consistently... you will have to buy other products from different manufacturers to make it work right... and even then it still might not work for you. Just my opinion, I'll pass.
  10. Daniel Perkins

    Moving to reach and wash

    My back, shoulder and thumb joints have taking a pounding over the years doing both trad and wfp work. I got the wfp trolley and it's great but lagging around 25L of moving water is not good for anyone. RSI is a nightmare in our job, I have had it in my shoulder and thumb joints for about a year now. Definitely getting a van setup is a much better idea than using the trolley system. Looks better, easier to use and better for the body... something that I will be switching over to.
  11. Daniel Perkins

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    I have enough repetitive strain going on at moment to last me a life time. I do commercial work so I mostly use the large wide body squeegees. I got the fliq for smaller awkward panes of glass. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Daniel Perkins

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    I will give it a fair go and if still having issues... that's me done with moerman squeegees... as the product clearly needs work. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. Daniel Perkins

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Had it under for both mate. Unclipping and changing mid clean just seems a bit much for me.
  14. Daniel Perkins

    WFP out of small van

    Does everyone bolt their tank through the chassis floor or just use ratchet straps on d rings? Just wondering how people fair out if with: 1) Insurance Company - Do they prefer safety (as is bolted and totally secure) or maybe not making modifications to the chassis floor? 2) Selling your van on with the modifications, if you have drilled holes through chassis floor & you are looking to sell your van through a dealer surely this would be an issue? I actually haven't seen a single youtube video of anyone bolting through the chassis to secure the water tank, which I would be curious to see done.
  15. Daniel Perkins

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Had a good use over the last few days. I like the Fliq in hand although I have had issues with the plastic line on top of pad making the "flicking" movement too rigid so sometimes it prevents you from closing out properly as it keep catching. I'll see if this loosens up over time but really still should not have to put up with that. Also I was using the Fliq for pole work today and it was useless. When lifting the pole up to wash the windows, the pad won't stay upright against he glass, it keeps falling down at an angle where the pad is not against the glass. So if you can imagine, I have to press the pad against the glass at eye level and slide up up the glass, which doesn't really work if there is is panelled frames. Mildly irritating to say the least.

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