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  1. Worx Hydroshot!!!!!

    At first glance looks like a handy bit of kit to have in your arsenal. Would be interested to see more reviews of the newer model.
  2. Worx Hydroshot!!!!!

    Was looking at this myself, as it could be very handy when out and about. The first version (last years) got very mixed reviews which as a potential buyer is very annoying. Lot of people complaining about pressure, although it does seem that a lot of people didn't realise that this is not meant to replace your normal power washer. The 20V battery was meant to get you about 40 mins or so. Seems Worx has listened and has released a new version WG640 with a 40V battery which gets over an hour running time and apparently more power. It reminds recently I bought a Dyson V7 cordless hoover, guy in shop said it is not a replacement for your normal hoover but it great for regular cleans.... my old hoover is now in the attic. Seems the new version is out of stock on worx website now. Had a look on ebay/amazon and few sellers of the new 640 version and only post to US, so not sure where you would buy this.
  3. DuPont hybrid gardiner’s brush

    Love the big brushes they are a gift!
  4. Employee nightmare

    She has said as much mate, she said when time comes she will go into more detail with it. As for her competency, she's a genius i go to her for a reason :) I wonder are the regulations for subcontractor different over here in Ireland than the UK?
  5. Expanding

    Agree with this. I have been going to my accounts for decades and not once has she asked for a list or a break down of the stores i do. She just wants to know figures.
  6. Employee nightmare

    Clisty said it to me there on another thread. I would imagine if I didn't sub out an existing windy it would obviously mean that the person has to be set up as a sole trader which is handy enough but would want to set up no part time basis first. Someone who is working already but who wants extra money on the weekends or something would be fine , also means they would get tax credits working in both tax brackets (self employed & employed) but ideally I would want someone who is in the business already and knows the job who are just looking for extra work. Means no training, less worry but also trusting that person not to eventually try and go after your work when they get familiar with your day to day. Either way it is opening yourself and your business up, something that I have been reluctant to do thus far.
  7. Expanding

    Yeah true enough mate, I have loads of gear that I could easily start someone out and add to their existing equipment. Own mode of transport if a must. Getting set up as sole trader is easy enough too. I subcontract for a few different big cleaning companies and I have never been informed of an end date as a supplier for any of the contractors here or in the UK that I have worked for over the last 15 years or so.
  8. Expanding

    If you have the workload that allows you to pay a few quid to a guy, that is great. Finding someone who is a good worker and reliable is a different story. I have had guys do jobs here and there for me but I am yet to take a guy on fully as been let down so many times by others meant to do jobs for me. I think I am suffering from a case of being able to account for my own work all these years and having to rely and hope someone else does a good job for you that won't lose you customers is something that worries me. When I do take someone on, ideally I would either like a guy in the trade already that is looking for extra work or training someone who and getting them set up as a sole trader so it's less responsibility on my end. Also, I think I would pay them monthly as it would give me time to gather funds if some customers dragging their heels on payment. I get lot of payments from stores through the bank and they most of them aren't reliable. Finding someone who is trustworthy, good worker and motivated I'm sure is something all employers have nightmares about.
  9. Employee nightmare

    Would you eventually be better off getting him set up as a sole trader and sub him out? It would mean less responsibility on your end and if anything goes wrong, he screws up or damages something he will have his own insurance to cover. You wouldn't have to worry about holiday pay too. Was thinking of taking someone on and thats the advice my accountant gave me last week. The only risk really is that you are essentially setting him out and risking him eventually going out on his own and being your competitor.
  10. Commercial pricing question.

    I do a Five Guys over here and they are cheap skates, waited months after opening to sort out a supplier which is always a red flag to me. Personally I would have done that for about £40, I use a 36 inch sorbo so these types of cleans are bread and butter for me. Outside done in 10 mins & wee bit longer on the inside. £40 for about 25 mins work happy days. But unfortunately these guys will look for the cheapest quote and will accept an average run of the mill clean. I'm sorry I didn't see this post earlier as I have been pricing commercial work like this for decades and I could have warned you that Five Guys tight as anything. Weekly jobs like this are a gift, I am happy to go that bit lower as it's a regular clean and you can gain massively in the likes of the summer months as outside nowhere near as bad.
  11. DuPont hybrid gardiner’s brush

    Been using the flocked over the last few weeks as well, snow has annihilated the windows. DuPont is interesting, i will see how guys get on with on here before I consider it.
  12. Wonder if this device would be useful

    Meant to be absolutely horrendous
  13. Customer Profiling

    Very interesting video of how you go about your business, you seem to have a rigid profile of who you want as a part of your customer base. I would bend a little more than you would though, part and parcel of any job IMO & everyone is different. Personality for me is a huge one, the unfortunate thing for me being commercial is the turn over in staff. You could be dealing with a lovely person for years and then they leave & you get a battle axe replacing that person. To be honest though 99% of the people I deal with are really nice.... always going to be a bad egg in there now and again but no big deal. I always know who are going to be the awkward customers though within the first few seconds of speaking to them. It becomes very apparent very quickly IMO. I take all forms of payment, because I deal with stores they have their own payment system for all their suppliers. Cash at the till is easiest for them and me but in recent years a lot have gone the way bank transfers. It can be a pain in the backside waiting to get paid, they will always pay but they certainly aren't like clockwork. Completely agree with what you are saying about looking in your account and seeing some random number with a figure beside it lol. My bank in recent times have introduced a detailed summary of the payee so I can distinguish who paid without having to make a call to the bank... always a bonus. Cash is great but then going around collecting is time consuming. It's something that I have thought about knocking on the head at some point and just going through the bank completely.... would save been hours every week. Your Go Cardless system seems to work great for you so happy days. Buying tools for specific jobs, it's one that I can relate to aswell. For example, I have a good contract with a big coffee chain and have recently bought a specific item to try remove acid etching graffiti... didn't cost me much but I still had to go out and purchase it. They pay a fair whack every week to me in several of their stores so for me.. it is worth going that extra inch to try and please them. No onus on whether of not I can remove the graffiti. If I can't remove it no harm but if I can then I have done the operations manager a massive favour. Anyways, always interesting to hear how other people go about running their business. Cheers for taking the time to do the vid and best of luck in the job.
  14. I suppose you are right hard to judge from looking at a video. It was the change of grip that got me. Best of luck in your endeavours anyways mate.

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