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  1. alan watson

    Traditional cleaner what are you happy to earn a day

    You round and daily rate will go up as you build your round. As you will get faster and also as you decrease the distance and time between jobs you will be able to do more work. What ever you think is your max amount it won't be and remember the next door neighbour is the holy grail of window cleaning and if you get all the neighbours this time next year rodders Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. alan watson

    Liquidators my wife says not on her windows

    stick with it it takes a different approach different angle and no sharp turns . lots of slip and you will get used to it took me ages to get it right to the point it nearly got launched a few times. but as ive heard said its a precision bit of kit and I will agree go slower ie be more accurate to go faster. I now don't use anything else apart from my old unger kit for leaded windows to save my rubber
  3. use a ladder stay onto the facia or onto the slates but if on to the slates pad out the stay with foam pipe lagging it stops sideways movement (plus if the facia is white it will not leave marks on the facia
  4. alan watson

    Standing on a porch roof.

    Don't step on porches full stop they were never meant to be weight baring surfaces and they will trip you up and end up costing you weather be financially or physically or both. as stated go above or to the side in some cases a ladder stay and if those options are not available a trad pole is the answer . and be careful on flat roofs avoid where the water is pooling (its where its likely to be rotten )and if you can see where the roof beams are thru the roof felt step on the beams. hope that helps. and the m8trix is a awesome bit of kit feels more secure than someone footing the ladder and a must on woodern decking that stuff is trying to kill all windys on ladders
  5. this snow is a real pain in the a$$ so here I am randomly seeing if there are any new words of wisdom on here its like ice station bloody zebra in Colchester today lets hope all the customers who I have done pay up promptly or its going to be a grim xmas lool
  6. alan watson

    My very first clean

    on really bad first cleans I always tell tem that the frames will come back over 3-4 monthly cleans and they do, but they will always see and instant improvement after the first clean. I don't use anything abrasive as you will only scratch upvc frames and that just then adds to the problem
  7. alan watson

    My very first clean

    good stuff mate took a bit to long but your speed will come and ive always applied the logic of I want to make the next door neighbours look like dirty sods and feel the need to have there house looking as good as the one I've just cleaned
  8. alan watson

    New startup

    awsome but get a bit of signage and you phone number on it and you will get a lot more work
  9. alan watson

    How to be faster

    i keep seeing other windys carrying a bucket about why why why its knackering and heavy a 2 pint sports bottle and a bottle of soap is all that is required to do 5 -6 3 beds and your not as tired and keep a decent pace. or am I missing somthing
  10. alan watson

    Christmas Windows, spray snow and more! Why?

    Just explain to the client that you will remove all acts of god ie bird poo pollution and natural dirt that accumulates over time between cleans . but man made mess intentionally caused by the client you can not clean because at such times as xmas and halloween you would be there to long . liken it to if she painted the windows white would she expect you to scrape it off most will totally understand. and remember once you do it once they will expect it every time. there is not enough hours in the year to clean all that
  11. alan watson


    Tried flyers and got 4 hits from 2000 posted . went door knocking for an hour and got 4 regular monthly cleans at 17 quid a pop . that hour paid thr van insurance for the next year. Ive found work hard be as efficient as you can get the work done and at the end of the month spend a day door knocking and it reaps the rewards . i try never to do the first cleans that day . tell tem it will be done the next time you are in that area so it ties in with the round . also the more you do it the better your patter becomes wear your belt if your trad have a company tshirt on look smart carry cards and have a clip board and keep a note of who say no and who does not answer and you will pick up lots of work. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Keep plugging away the more you are seen in the areas you do have work people will syart to see you are reliable anlo keep a note of for sale sigbs and once they go give them a knock first time buyers are always keen to keep there new buy looking nice . but its a long game i had more than a few next door neihbours who have seen me every month for 6 months suddenly take me on and i ask why did it take so long to ask and they replied wanted to see if your were reliable. . also on any new jobs always lnock the neihbours as window cleaning is a state of mind a the local windy might be unreliable or might of buggered off . but above all look smart say good morning to every one always have a smile and it will come Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. alan watson

    Flip Moerman

    it alsp helps to pick up water when using in the hand with the pad under the blade and helps keet water in the pad
  14. alan watson

    upgrading pole

    Oh until the pole packs up I. Spending nothing be sure of that and yes the slx 35 is looking like the one Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  15. alan watson

    upgrading pole

    cheers high tower could you recommend a decent stockist please kind regards Al

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