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  1. Yeh I know. £30 every 8 weeks wasn’t mental. 4 bed detached, windows on 3 sides. Small front porch & 4 bi-folding doors on rear extension. Took me 45-50 minutes. In 18 months time someone will come along who’s even cheaper. But if I ever catch the window cleaner who’s under cut me. Oh boy.... I’ll do something sick. Really sick. Like putting a tiny bit of fairy into his tank while he’s working, so the more he scrubs the foamy it gets hahaha na. I don’t mind too much.
  2. Got someone who may well interested. From Bournemouth. I’ve Sent him the link.
  3. Got undercut on a job. Arrived today after doing the neighbours house, went to start on the first window and he said not needed etc. I guess I saw it coming in a way, when I quoted them 18 months ago they said ‘that’s quite expensive’ (it’s not that bad, it’s just 8 weekly £30) and after that they never mentioned it. But they had a glass extension roof (£25). Quite high up, and it had metal cladding which he said don’t put a ladder against. And my A frame ladder was no where near tall enough. A tricky one. So last time we agreed for them to find someone to do just the roof and I just do they windows, as they mentioned I did a good job & like me. Fair enough. But he said today that the guy who did the roof is cheaper than me so he’ll be doing the windows. ah well.
  4. RWCleaning

    Booster pump needed..?

    My booster pump was about £300, but works well on my 600gpd, brings tap pressure up from 20psi to 70psi. But you can’t run it continuously, have it in a timer switch.
  5. I’ve found they can start to get leaks out of the bottom quite easy, I handle mine with care. My old one always left a very small puddle over night even though everything seemed water tight underneath.
  6. RWCleaning

    World Cup fever

    Hmm bit too much positivity for my liking. Come on we’re doomed, doomed i say.
  7. RWCleaning

    World Cup fever

    It’s revenge for the England 2nd team to replay the Belgium 2nd team! Game on!!! Mouth watering
  8. RWCleaning

    World Cup fever

    Oh well. Small progress. And when was the last time there was positivity after a tournament??
  9. Yep me the same
  10. RWCleaning

    World Cup fever

    A big shame. But no bitterness or need for change. Quite refreshing.
  11. RWCleaning

    First sign written van !!!!

    I like it @Patrick Flaherty
  12. RWCleaning

    World Cup fever

    Good on them. There’s some idiots around. Never mind all this ‘its coming home’ I’m thinking ‘I’m going home’ with this heat & game on later.
  13. RWCleaning

    Water fed pole

    Yeh good pole. It’s not common to need anything longer than a 22, I have a 25 Slx for the odd window. Use my Gardiner extreme 18 most of the time
  14. Me and a mate sometimes do work for each other, when we do, we give each other 40% of whatever the job or day is worth. We take our own vans etc.

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