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  1. RWCleaning

    Extreme brush problem

    Nice. Yes I agree something better than those little rubber bumpers need to be made
  2. RWCleaning

    Advice on build your own system

    I have a lot of skills with my hands....... i can clean a window with a pole, and with a squeegee..... 😂
  3. RWCleaning

    Advice on build your own system

    next you’ll be asking us what van do we recommend and what to advertise on your leaflets @justmyhouse1982 Haha😂 Na as mentioned above D.I vessel from tap. Etc etc 👍 but yes think about ongoing costs, won’t be a loads, but if you’re gonna be cleaning your windows monthly, gutters 9 monthly, then you’ll probably be tempted to clean the car etc, then a full bag of resin is £75ish. But hey free world. Enjoy
  4. RWCleaning

    Bournemouth & Poole lads.

    No way. You could not write this. But had money stolen from my van last night!! I know I should f of left my work wallet in there. Had about £70ish cash and a couple of smallcheques gone. Quite unsettling
  5. RWCleaning

    Bournemouth & Poole lads.

    Sorry to hear that. That’s Weird. I presume they were locked then?
  6. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Hmmm sounds like you’re sat on the fence there @Tuffers haha
  7. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Na believe me they haven’t completed sorted out there deliveries lol
  8. RWCleaning

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    The latest I’ve worked till on a domestic property is 7:45. But at 5:30 I asked them would they mind if I worked through the evening as it was a really big job. They were completely fine with it. Felt completely knackered then next day.
  9. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Ive got a very funny & overall excellent story about a wcw delivery recently. I’m just gonna wait before I say anything in case they get in to contact with me. Are they on here do you know?
  10. Long term to help the environment it would be great if we all could: •rain harvest •And somehow easily reuse waste water from R.o. I know some do but would be great if we all could or they invent a affordable ro machine with a large tank or something that reuses the waste water. Some parts of the country already had hose pipe bans but surely a lot of the country must of got very close as well. Our climate is changing so much, we don’t want hose pipe bans every year. Rain harvesting is a great idea but obviously only when it rains..
  11. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    As we all know, there’s no perfect company. You’re in dream world if you think there is one. But there are of course some companies better than others, and for me Gardiner ticks most of the boxes.
  12. RWCleaning

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    Yeh on Saturdays I would feel uncomfortable turning up before 10 and after 3 on a Saturday if I hadn’t booked them in before.
  13. RWCleaning

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    Yeh I much prefer 6mm
  14. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Yikes I haven’t ‘maintained’ my 18 extreme in a couple of months!!. Will do it tomorrow 😳
  15. RWCleaning

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    Wow that’s a long way. I’ve never seen a 60ft plus pole being used in the flesh. Abseiling not a option?

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