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  1. RWCleaning

    Bournemouth & Poole lads.

    No way. You could not write this. But had money stolen from my van last night!! I know I should f of left my work wallet in there. Had about £70ish cash and a couple of smallcheques gone. Quite unsettling
  2. RWCleaning

    Bournemouth & Poole lads.

    Sorry to hear that. That’s Weird. I presume they were locked then?
  3. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Hmmm sounds like you’re sat on the fence there @Tuffers haha
  4. RWCleaning

    Ubik 2000 cleaner

    Decided to stop using my well out of date TFR cleaner for gutters & fascias, So bought some Ubik 2000. And I really like it. Prefer it! Made quite a strong mix for very green dirty gutters yesterday. Doesn’t get as sticky as Tfr, and after agitating it quickly the green dirt is already becoming loose/soft ready to scrub off with the wfp. Makes a nice foamy soap on the gutters after agitating. £7 for 5Ls from CleaningSpot
  5. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Na believe me they haven’t completed sorted out there deliveries lol
  6. RWCleaning

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    The latest I’ve worked till on a domestic property is 7:45. But at 5:30 I asked them would they mind if I worked through the evening as it was a really big job. They were completely fine with it. Felt completely knackered then next day.
  7. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Ive got a very funny & overall excellent story about a wcw delivery recently. I’m just gonna wait before I say anything in case they get in to contact with me. Are they on here do you know?
  8. Long term to help the environment it would be great if we all could: •rain harvest •And somehow easily reuse waste water from R.o. I know some do but would be great if we all could or they invent a affordable ro machine with a large tank or something that reuses the waste water. Some parts of the country already had hose pipe bans but surely a lot of the country must of got very close as well. Our climate is changing so much, we don’t want hose pipe bans every year. Rain harvesting is a great idea but obviously only when it rains..
  9. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    As we all know, there’s no perfect company. You’re in dream world if you think there is one. But there are of course some companies better than others, and for me Gardiner ticks most of the boxes.
  10. RWCleaning

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    Yeh on Saturdays I would feel uncomfortable turning up before 10 and after 3 on a Saturday if I hadn’t booked them in before.
  11. RWCleaning

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    Yeh I much prefer 6mm
  12. RWCleaning

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Yikes I haven’t ‘maintained’ my 18 extreme in a couple of months!!. Will do it tomorrow 😳
  13. RWCleaning

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    Wow that’s a long way. I’ve never seen a 60ft plus pole being used in the flesh. Abseiling not a option?
  14. RWCleaning

    gardiners brushes

    What about the 12cm flocked brush? Abyway use the ultimate DuPont. *I use
  15. RWCleaning

    Strange people!

    If you’re doing stupid things like that @chris clean then I’m not surprised
  16. All the best, but if they’re already an experienced window cleaner with hot water & professional appearance in London, they’ll be already earning at least that if not comfortably more. And long term they could earn over double that self employed. Just to give you an idea.
  17. Saw this. Really unlucky. Watch out...
  18. RWCleaning

    Best Water Fed Pole brand to use?

    I don’t know much about brodex
  19. RWCleaning

    new starter advice please

    Also, if you do need a R.O filter system, then the cheapest ones are £150/£180ish (new that is) I bought one I’m very pleased with for £350 2 years ago, cheap to run and it’s a 600gpd one. Long term you want one that’ll make you enough water, so can be false economy if you buy the smallest/cheapest one and 9 months down the line you have loads of work but can’t make enough water. But being part time you should be ok.
  20. RWCleaning

    new starter advice please

    Wow well done. That’s good budgeting @Clisty1989 Also other things to think about @Jules5943 is: liability insurance, if you’re using a car then you should let your normal insurance know as well, and getting some business cards/leaflets made up. Also get some glass polishing microfibre cloths from any official window cleaning website (just get £10’s worth) I do everything with the pole but still need to wipe the odd window or door. also, would you be offering internal cleans? If so, you’ll need a little traditional kit. All the best 👍
  21. RWCleaning

    Best Water Fed Pole brand to use?

    Cool. Yeh if you can easily afford hot water then I’d get hot water. I would personally only get a professionally built diesel one rather than a d.i.y gas hot water system (just a personal choice that’s all) anyway I’m sure it’ll go fine 👍
  22. RWCleaning

    Best Water Fed Pole brand to use?

    (Going off the main subject briefly) wow I didn’t know they had a reputation like that.? I’ve only ever seen one X-line system in the flesh, they don’t seem to be very popular, I’m surprised they can hold out for their high prices!
  23. RWCleaning

    Best Water Fed Pole brand to use?

    First point regarding to filling- yes it can, can take longer or even quicker. It depends on your tap pressure. I have 20 psi at my house (awful pressure) I wouldn’t be able to make enough to work if it wasn’t for my booster pump (which cost me about £250) when the booster pump kicks in the tap pressure shoots up to about 65/70psi. So over 8-10 hours I can produce 500Ls of pure. I have a 1000L tank which I just keep full, then in the evenings I quickly fill my van tank up, takes about 10mins then I put my R.O & booster pump on (booster pump is on a timer switch of 1hr on 1hr off) then in the morning the storage tank can be either nearly full or over flowing. R.O filter systems definitely work more efficiently in warmer weather. In the winter when it’s dropping below 5 degrees I reckon they lose 30% efficiency (in my opinion) And to set up, yes you could/should take your van to someone mechanically minded who can drill through your van floor & bolt your steel frame in. I thankfully knew a mechanic. Wiring- there’s plenty of mobile car electricians out there. Also I took my van to a separate gargle who fitted my battery & split charge relay for like £50, took them 45mins. The rest of it is honestly fairly straightforward.
  24. RWCleaning

    Best Water Fed Pole brand to use?

    Good point. Yes sorry i completely forgot about that. As I have a separate R.O & d.i system in my garden. R.O+d.i systems can be anything from £200-£2000 it seems. You’ll need to find out your TDS water reading out of the mains and ideally your psi out of the mains taps you’ll be using.
  25. RWCleaning

    GUTTER VAC reviews and prices

    Price has gone up I see Actually No mine doesnt have a cam, that’s why that’s ones more money.

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