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  1. Employee nightmare

    He works 3 days a week, but is yeh constantly trying to stay under the threshold. He sells a round every year.
  2. Employee nightmare

    This is a good idea. When I first started out window cleaning 4 years ago working for my old boss, he paid me £100 a day basic, then 20% of anything over £300 we did. Our best day was £400 I think. I was very slow when I started out, then after 4/5 months I branched out on me own. Now I hear my old boss can do £500/£600+ in a day now with two of them in a van. Good money for both of them
  3. First van

    Fair enough, I’m not very good at making water last, I work with my pump on 25/26 and on a average 8hr (£220 day) I would use 400/450L.
  4. First van

    Cool! Yeh 400L will be fine for you then. keep us updated.
  5. First van

    It comes with a ceiling you can screw straight into using self tapping screws.
  6. First van

    So I carry a 500L tank, steel frame, hose reel, two pumps, 2 controllers, 3 poles. Backpack, fold up small ladders. Big ladder on top. Got enough room for my gutter vac down the side when I need it. I am just under the weight limit. Enough space for 2nd hose reel, but with 2 person you want to watch the weight.
  7. First van

    Sounds nice. I’ll take photos in the minute and show you.
  8. First van

    Hi again, The thing that swung me towards getting one was, I was talking to a British Gas man, after I heard 10 were coming up for sale at the auction in Poole. I asked how well are they looked after? he goes “servicing wise they’re red hot on it” also they’re are restricted to 77mph to on motor ways they not been too mistreated etc. Also British Gas workers don’t ever seem to bomb it round unlike taxi drivers or delivery vans etc. But you don’t get any service history, it’s all done ‘in house’ As soon as I got mine I got a full service, then 9 months later I thought rather be safe then sorry so got the belts & water pump changed (that was £500+ sadly) but been fine. Was on 105,000 when I got it, I use it every day work & social now on 130,000 something had no problems at all just the usual (£200 mot) one thing I have heard though is make sure you put the best oil in, and the days of ‘ yeh I stick in for a service every 12/18 months or so’ are long gone (if you’re using it every day) I get a oil change every 6,000 then 6,000 later I get a full service. So over 12,000 it gets two oil changes. Modern engines are so highly tuned and stressed. Vw caddy takes fully synthetic oil, not the cheapest....
  9. First van

    As you can see from my pic I bought a ex British Gas caddy maxi, December 15. Got it for £3000+ vat + £150 auction fees. I am really happy with it. Been very reliable overall. Vw parts are maybe a bit more than the average van but in life I like to think most things balance out.... (Blue is my favourite colour as well haha). A pretty good work van, the 810KG pay load is a bit restrictive though, I have a 500L system in there, but with me (95KG) Roof Rack, ladder, all the gear I’m probably just under.
  10. What’s the weather doing around you today?

    Haha nice! I’m gonna go on a cycle ride along Bournemouth bay later, not doing anyway work today. Have a coke ice & lemon in the sun listening to talkSPORT. (Big news)
  11. Traditional to Waterfed Pole System

    You should be able to get the hang of it in just a few days or so. Then it takes months to years to speed up. Technique first speed later. I’ve been doing it 4 years, but it’s only the last year I’ve really sped up it feels
  12. What Age Are You

    Was 28 in December, but don’t look much older than 27😀... July will be my 4 year anniversary doing window cleaning. Will have to buy myself a anniversary present.
  13. Car to van.

    I drive my VW Caddy van around all the time. Only vehicle. Being sign written it’s constant advertisement. It’s abit annoying when you’re not working for a few days and you’ve got maybe 100/200/300L of water in the back but oh well. I’d like to get a little runaround soon though
  14. What’s the weather doing around you today?

    Wishing...... for their window cleaner to show up while they look through a dirty window. While he’s enjoying himself in a weatherspoons garden 😂
  15. What’s the weather doing around you today?

    Blimey, days like this we wish we had the ‘beast from the east back’ ☀️😓

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