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  1. forum susgestion

    Me 2 mate. I dont do much work in Ferryhill there's a lot of trad guys about more the surrounding areas Peterlee, Stockton, Darlington, Aycliffe ect
  2. forum susgestion

    Where are you in Durham mate?
  3. NOOO! Not again!

    At least this forum hasn't become a bastion of political correctness .. One of the big reasons I enjoy not working for global organisations anymore..
  4. Recommendations on what pole to buy?

    slx is best option of u ask me
  5. NOOO! Not again!

    mate my birthday is the end of April and it snowed on it last year..... I hope it's the end now coz it been going on for five months now...
  6. NOOO! Not again!

    wouldnt count on it being the last time....
  7. Gutter vac specs.

    Well itv smashed through that garden. Would of been easy if I didnt have to drop the pole to the ground because the garden was that big and there was a roof underneath the gutter so it was awkward dropping the big vegetation withour it landing on the lower roof. I own my own poles mate.. You won't see much change out of a grand for the vac. I negotiated a deal with them.
  8. Gutter vac specs.

    There very expensive for what they are
  9. Gutter vac specs.

    I got in touch with the company in Italy where there manufactured and they put me in touch with their distributor in the UK company called Ruck Engineering in Darlington which is down the road from me which was lucky. I think its a bit over 10000. Didnt get one blockage in that job.
  10. Gutter vac specs.

    My new Elsea Titan, had its first workout this morning... Did the job without any problems whatsoever..
  11. Soft Wash set up. Back pack?

    Anyone use this https://www.softwashtechnology.co.uk/products/benz-spray-nozzle-push-fit-type
  12. Gutter vac specs.

    I think it's about 6000 pm
  13. Gutter vac specs.

    Placed my order for my new vac today decided to go with this - https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=ms-android-om-lge&biw=360&bih=206&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=ZsuiWrX5FuadgAainYqwAg&q=elsea+titanus+vacuum+reviews&oq=elsea+titanus+vacuum+reviews&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.3...2894.4973..5411...0....215.935.0j6j1..........1..mobile-gws-wiz-img.......35i39j30i10.3s4%2B4EdI1XU%3D#imgrc=bVVd7V3eXfYxkM: Picking it up on Monday morning. Compared with my current 3000w unit one motor switched on this new one feels like 3 motors on on the old one. It got 50mm side entry and sucks water and oil as well as dry. 5m hose included. First big commercial job Wednesday.
  14. Gutter vac specs.

    You gonna do it yourself? Have you got a cap to close off the smaller inlet or you gotta make something?

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