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  1. Free Money -- Want some?

    Which website was it I got the same news the other day
  2. Generator

    Yeah your probably right Cristian needs a service
  3. Wfp

    Mate im near Durham I have a back pack and a 400 litre tank I don't need
  4. Fighting Tiredness

    I know its not healthy but if I have a full english breakfast at the start of the day it gives me a lot more energy.. Alternatively a big bowl of porridge.
  5. Generator

    Managed to get it working again but now I have to leave the throttle on all the time or it stalls
  6. Possible first solar job

    Don't think it will reach mate your gonna need extensions
  7. Generator

    Yeah could be that mate.. Looking on the net people talk about an oil sensor causing issues.. Have to try looking at again in morning.
  8. Wfp

    K mate I'm not near you
  9. Wfp

    Where in country are u
  10. Generator

    Yeah mate
  11. Generator

    Just went to switch my generator on not been used for a bit it starts but after a few seconds it's just dies.. Oil ok petrol ok don't suppose anyone would have any ideas? Cheers THL
  12. Shoulder/back pain

    The only other thing is it takes time for your body to get used to new activity i.e - if I was to go and do a days scaffolding I would be worn out the following day but if I kept doing it it gets used to it..
  13. Shoulder/back pain

    Maybe try going the gym and doing light weights to strengthen up your muscles couple of sessions a week. Certain exercises should defo help..
  14. Shoulder/back pain

    i think it happens to everyone... Might help if you start the day by spending ten mins doing stretches.. I used to have to do this everyday when I worked in construction as part of health and safety at tool box talks.. They also put us through a lot of muscoskeletal training as well during site induction training. There are those glasses that stop you having to look upwards and the lighter your pole the better I switched from fibre glass to carbon and it does help.
  15. What would you guys do

    I would of just carried on. So long as he wasn't blaming me..