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  1. Pimped my gutter vac wheels

    Great job mate could you put the links for the parts of ebay you used?
  2. Fascias wouldn't clean...

    Did you use hot water?
  3. You can still win a bargain on Ebay

    I had one the other day all frozen. So pumped water into the gutter of the wfp and 10 mins later all came out easy.
  4. Gutter Vacuums

    Just stick a camera up there before you start any gutter job and make sure your not gonna run into slipped tiles or anything else that will cause damage.
  5. Gutter Vacuums

    Do you use the vacuum for carpet cleaning as well?
  6. Hi all, does anyone have any recommendation for a word press theme which is straight forward to use? Not looking for anything that is that flash. Cheers THL
  7. Franchise

    Big in other countries I.e. USA and OZ. When you look at the stats there not a guaranteed success. I think the stats on them say forty percent fail.. I'd rather just do it myself it's one less bill to have.
  8. Gutter machine

    The way I look at is this if a sparky or a gas engineer or even a house cleaner turned up, no customer would expect them not to use their power.. If there not home I just get them to leave a power cord in a plastic bag through a window. Just post it back through when I'm done..
  9. Did u get a camera with it?
  10. How come you selling it Cristian?
  11. Gutter machine

    Same for me, ended up selling the genie.. Just got to then point where I asked myself why am I carting around a 100kg genie in the van that never gets used..
  12. What you gonna study at uni?
  13. Mate I think you need a different size reducer to stop that happening. It probably won't cause that many problems.. No matter how big the tubes are they can always get blocked if what your sucking is big... I just keep a screwdriver in my pocket to clear the blockages when they occur.
  14. You should have a connector/reducer to fit to the ends.. If you dont you could use tape as a temporary fix Look at this pic bottom left the fitting is blue https://goo.gl/images/WdW3HW T H L
  15. Gardiner Backpack

    Thanks mate