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  1. I thought GC was a fail safe against messers? Think I’ll stick to bacs and cash till somethin better comes along. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. Dave Shaw

    Van magnets advertising

    Yes doors are quite curvy and especially goin on the motorway it wouldn’t take much to lift em. I was strongly advised not to stick em on any curved surface and not to have them on whilst doing high speeds on the motorway although mine have never come off yet. Another tip is to always take em off whilst washing you van as dirt can get behind and weaken the strength of the magnet. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  3. Dave Shaw

    Van magnets advertising

    [emoji102]. Just not needed imo but I suppose if it’s bringing the work in then who am I to argue. I am liking them blue overalls though[emoji106] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  4. Dave Shaw

    Van magnets advertising

    Haha. Were did she stick em on her van as they only work on completely flat surfaces. No good on side doors and cars. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  5. Dave Shaw

    Van magnets advertising

    They are not the most eye catching but they get the job done. Never had em rip off though. You gotta be careful not to over do it when using sign writing. I saw a joiners van the other day and it looked like a fun bus. It even had a cartoon drawing of what I presume was him sawing a piece of wood. [emoji23][emoji23]. I’d be cringing every time I had to drive somewhere. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. Fair dos but sometimes you’ve gotta take risks to succeed. There are also things you can do when buying them ensure a smooth transition. Things like working the work first and introducing yourself to the customers etc. I’d also be wary of all these franchises that keep popping up as there’s only one winner with those. You’d be better off on someone’s payroll. Tbh before putting a lot of time and money into something you have no experience in and something you may turn out to regret I’d consider getting a job with someone first to build a good idea of what your letting yourself in for and you will be able to get to know the industry a little before making the plunge. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. Bin doin it since I left school in ‘99 but only been workin for myself for around 6 years. I was lucky to buy a good bit of work off my old boss which I had been cleaning previous for him so I knew exactly what I was getting. The prices were a little dated but that’s in the process of being sorted with a few choice price rises. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  8. Are you domestic or commercial? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  9. Dave Shaw

    Van magnets advertising

    It depends on what your looking to do. I’ve used magnets for years using very basic designs and although they’ve never really brought any work in they give my van an identity. I work in a very compact area and have done so for nearly twenty years so I know most of the residents and get enough new work from walk ups and referrals as I’m well known in the area. I’m fully booked so not really looking to advertise for any new work but maybe if I was a sign written van would be another avenue to explore. There’s a fine line with sign writing between looking professional and looking a bit gimmicky. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. I’ve never used an accountant but I’m seriously looking into it as the business is constantly growing. Tbh I wouldn’t advise on not doing especially if your a little unsure as the repercussions for mess ups could be costly although hmrc are very helpful and a little exploring on google and hmrc’s website can tell you everything you need to know. You really need to know now were and how big you intend on getting as decisions you make now like being limited, vat registered etc could have a big effect on you later down the line. I would advise on some sort of back up income if your thinking of canvassing your work up from nothing as it could take a while. I live in westhoughton so quite near to you and although there’s shed loads of cleaners there’s also shed loads of houses so you shouldn’t have problem getting work. Your best bet is to try and buy some work if you can. Enough to pay the bills then expand on that. Good luck. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. Nowt wrong with terraces if you have a good few of em in each row. I doubt you would be able to canvass that sort of work these days though. I can see were your comin from if you don’t do many and is 100% wfp as you would spend more time setting up than you would cleaning. Ideal work for two man ops as one can smash the fronts off wfp and the other can trad all the backs. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Ye you have to be careful not to overtighten the clauber connectors. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. Are you using make rectus 21 connectors on your poles. If yes then you just need a small length of minibore with a female rectus on one end and an 8mm clauber connector on the other end. If you don’t fancy makin it yoursel you can pick one up off eBay for around £10/15. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. Dave Shaw

    Personal/start up loans.

    With the profit ratio of our industry it’s a no brainer. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app

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