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  1. Not quite but a well off area adam. im doing houses in private roads mostly so getting that price is achievable.
  2. Happy new year all! Still growing the business and have set myself the challenge of getting 120 customers by April with an average price of £35. Really loving the freedom of the job and how it moulds so well around the fire service. Will update more regularly each week of my progress, here’s a picture I like which keeps me motivated and shows what I can do with some determination to succeed. what a change from putting a pure freedom trolley in this.... To creating a round in this beauty:
  3. Cheers mate, good luck also and congrats on your retirement! Thank you, Yes it is
  4. Update: Loving growing the business! Got my van signwritten and am really pleased with the design. learnt a lot along the way and continuing to learn! cheers again everyone for support and sorry for not updating earlier I just got really busy with it all and forgot...I'll try to post pictures/ updates in the future more regularly!
  5. Hey mate I've been using the pure freedom electric reel for a couple of months now and I don't see a point in having the guide with it. Here's a picture of my reel and it pulls in all directions fine. I also think it's easier to reel the hose in without the guide. go for the reel it's brilliant
  6. Yeah reel included. I didn't want the reel guide mate.
  7. It is amazing guys....best £500 I've ever spent
  8. ace3

    Pure freedom reel master

    I didn't no, I got it installed at the same time as having the van mount system installed.
  9. ace3

    Pure freedom reel master

    Didn't think I'd need it, pulls out all directions fine
  10. ace3

    Pure freedom reel master

    I don't think they are in the website or anything yet but you can ask to have one installed. When I last spoke to Andy from pure freedom he said they were having trouble with a supplier so wouldn't be putting it online yet incase they weren't able to meet stock demands. ive had my reel less than a month. Yeah monkeyman I do leave my doors open but my round so far is mainly detached houses with their own drives so don't have to worry....I have tried closing the back doors and it still works fine.
  11. ace3

    Pure freedom reel master

    I've got one, it's brilliant! including the hose it cost me £500
  12. Cheers mate, I will be doing them Monday so don't know yet. They are far bigger than any of the houses I have done before though.
  13. Cheers Spartan, went out for about an hour tonight and managed to get a new customer. shes asked for references though which I've never had to give before, I guess I'll just ring up two of my existing customers and ask if they could briefly speak to her about me......she seemed a nice lady, it's a big house so maybe she was just a little apprehensive over who she leaves her side door open for (oooo naughty).
  14. Update Did my first round of canvassing Tuesday/ Wednesday in a road full of expensive houses and managed to get 3 customers so far at £90, £70 and £40. I did the whole road over two nights and my results were 50 knocked 3 yes 2 maybe 27 - were not in, card left 1 - no after given quote 3 - no before quote 14 - no already have a window cleaner ill keep going back to the houses where the owners weren't in so that I can get a full picture of the make up of that road. Also got the numbers of the 2 maybes so I'll txt them in the future. This was my first round of canvassing since spending all of that money for my professional van system so felt a little nervous which I hadn't before. The very first house I knocked at was a man who said he needed a cleaner and accepted the price of £90....I was over the moon and that gave me a great deal of confidence knocking on the other houses. im off out again tonight for an hour or so and hope to get at least 1 more customer. I have cleaned a load of houses this week also with the van and love it, makes such a massive difference mentally from having to lug barrels about everywhere and the electric reel is a lot of fun. cheers again ace

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