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  1. ECSEssex

    Just Ordered Another Brush..

    Finally arrived on Friday (had issues with FedEx) What an amazing brush, It took me a few houses to get used to it and to be honest with you I am probably not 100% just yet but I do see both of your points. For me I find myself working it like a ultimate when In reality I can work slower with it as its less heavy, You really can let the water do the work with this brush as the weight lets you hold the pole in the air longer without fatigue or arm ache. Once I slow my scrubbing down and chill I bet I don't even notice im working anymore 🙂
  2. I would recommend a HF5 as mine fills a 500litre from empty in around 2 hours at 42PSI - Anything over that PSI will just bring the PPM down.
  3. ECSEssex

    Gardiner Xtreme Brush.

    How you finding it on led mate? are you having to go left to right more than up and down?
  4. ECSEssex

    Bed liner advice

    If I were you id rip out all the wood and coat the bare metal, my van has speed liner and before I had it done I made sure everything was removed. Wood and water don't mix and what if later down the line your protector of choice gets a crack or unbinds, you'll be left with rotting wood.
  5. In the past eight weeks I have ordered three Gardiner brushes.. This is getting addictive! This time I have gone with the xtreme brush - medium mixed with natural hybrid bristles, I purchased it to go alongside the xtreme 25 as I have a few roads with 20+ fronts and I have been feeling the burn compared to when I started in 08. Does anyone have any experience with this brush ie Pros - Cons Im hoping I can get trough the fronts a bit quicker with this brush. Thanks
  6. Ask for a HF5/HF4 membrane and it should get you down to the twenties or just below before DI - Of course it depends what your PPM is within your tap water.
  7. ECSEssex

    Most shocking prices

    Judging by the state of that brush in their promotional video, they need to start charging customers to fund a new one.
  8. ECSEssex

    where does the resin vanish

    To be honest I noticed this last time I changed my resin. Now I know it's not in my head, where does it go? I have no leaks but when it was time to change there was less in the vessel than what I originally put in there. When I first started in 09 I was told by my installer to run the system for 10 minutes after a resin change because it will appear in the water and end up on the glass if you don't. True to he's words - When I change the resin and fill up a glass its cloudy so I would run the system for 10 minutes fill the glass again afterwords to see the water free from resin, where the hell does my resin go after eight weeks?🤯
  9. ECSEssex

    What’s your PPM before DI

    It is a head scratcher isn't it. Especially that you got a lower PPM by lowering your pressure. I hope I can keep mine around the 20/21 mark until I either move and am forced to by a booster pump or I feel flush one month. You're situation worries me though, I wouldn't fancy paying someone like PF 600+Vat to only lower the PPM for a year.
  10. ECSEssex

    What’s your PPM before DI

    @AGlassAct Thanks for your reply, I was wondering about a water softener myself to be honest il have to call PF and see what they think. When I ordered the HF5 I was under the impression it performs better (lower ppm) with lower pressure but I was wrong, I have been informed it will make pure water faster than a HF4. That does explain how it manages to fill my 500litre tank in three hours or just under. I just used a resin calculator and its looking like il have to change my resin monthly at this rate. 😐 "update" Spoke to PF and they explained that a water softener would mainly extend the life of the RO more than bring the PPM down. Regular flushing should keep it below or around the 20.
  11. ECSEssex

    What’s your PPM before DI

    Axeon HF5 4040 42PSI Not Boosted, 389 PPM IN - 020/022 PPM Out (before di) Basildon Essex. Does anyone have any experience with the HF5 4040 here? I feel like my PPM is a little high considering I am getting 42PSI from my tap, does it seem high to anyone else? Thanks
  12. ECSEssex

    Wanted: 600 Litre IBC

    @Den That looks good mate, I need to get one of these for when I start using my tank. Thanks for uploading.
  13. ECSEssex

    Wanted: 600 Litre IBC

    Thanks Den 👍
  14. ECSEssex

    Wanted: 600 Litre IBC

    Do you know what one would fit a 600L ibc mate? i'm looking around but unsure as the dimensions for the IBC vary from seller to seller.
  15. ECSEssex

    Wanted: 600 Litre IBC

    Mate, it gets to the point where you have to look at what your loosing a day and just bite the bullet. Now on to the next problem - Algae in the future 🤔 (tank is outside with tarpaulin)

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