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  1. you tried face book page?
  2. I was watching another post last week on heated van systems , someone was thinking about putting a small submersive fish tank heater in one of his tanks ,I think a 250 ltr tank .Knowing full well itll not heat it up to the point of getting hot water but enough to take the chill off the water and not ice up over the coming winter . it got pointed out to him that itll be no point the tanks to large blah blah so on. I thought to myself I don't have a van system but I use 20 ltr barrels I wonder if I could do it ?? the idea being drop it in one barrel while going to a job then move it to the next barrel while I'm using the heated barrel . and so on all day . obviously there'll be a bit of DIY in involved i.e. hooking it up to the battery(the one on the trolley ) and maybe I was thinking somehow fixing it to the lid of the barrel for easy putting it in and taking out .that way if it fixed to the lid when screwed on itll not touch the sides . has any one thought about or done something similar . its just an idea at the mo but is it worth looking into ,I'm I on to a winner or just a waste of time? iv been trad for 14 years and wfp for over 18 months last winter wasn't bad at all but thinking this winter might be snowy icey cold af . when iv trad in the morning winter months the waters always froze on the glass or parts of the glass ,how badly does this happen when using wfp ?and does it really matter if you use hot or cold water in freezing weather . yes iv finished today and instead of cleaning the kitchen iv decided to come up with something that may or may not help over winter . just thoughts and ramblings would it / could it work ??? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aquarium-Adjustable-Water-Heater-Submersible-Thermostat-Tropical-Fish-Tank-A/263296799172?hash=item3d4db651c4:m:mSVp_enpAonFUGXg_1MkIIw
  3. many of you know I collect rain water and already have 1000ltr in back garden .I got a new one the other day to add to the collection , looks brand new opened it up and stinks of what smells like spirits ,maybe like a stong sanitizer ???? any way jet washed outside and inside even though it wasn't dirty. iv felt the inside wall to see if there was any residue of what ever was last in there ,there doesn't seen to be any it just feels like a fleshy jet washed tank should feel like .......... but it still stinks of this stuff . now whats the best option ?? just let it air out and hope the smell goes away or is it best to just keep filling the tank up giving it a clean and emptying out a few times ? not really wanting to use chemicals on it but if I have to what do you guys recommend ?
  4. I have diy trolly ,can put the hose that goes to the pump straight in a barrel soon as that's empty take hose out then straight into the next barrel next to no lifting at all . I got /made it just to do awkward windows then it started ...... just the tops and I trad bottoms that was just to save water really now its mostly wfp everything lol . I do like doing some easy jobs trad and wagtail on pole .eg bottom floor work windows just over head .
  5. thank you I didn't even consider the thinness of the barrel plastic I suppose itll be a losing battle trying to heat it up if it were ever that cold to need a heater . mmmm oh well one day ill have an idea thatll be good hahaha its not a total waste iv managed to successfully not clean the kitchen for the past hour lol haha well I never knew that .....https://www.bing.com/search?q=does+hot+water+freeze+faster+than+cold&form=EDGTCT&qs=AS&cvid=4f9afd213a174ebea074638d51892ceb&cc=US&setlang=en-US.
  6. dasslr1

    Sausage fingers and auto correct.

    15 years ago when I was going out with the ex wife I sent a message ...." nice tits " waited ten mins and there was no reply ...............................when I checked it I sent it to my mum ...ffs shes never ever mentioned it lol hhahahaha
  7. goerge is pretty good free trial and then a one off payment
  8. dasslr1

    every 2 weeks or ever 4 weeks

    monthly for me only a few want 2 weeks . had a customer who wanted every week , I said ill be happy to take your money but honestly once a month is fine .anyway settled on 2 weeks lol
  9. iv only ever used pencil jets so cant compare the two .
  10. lol ta hes an old man now ,12 . I have a husky too ,6.She can be a pain in the **** lolol
  11. beltin pal ill put pic up of the trolly its next to a 20ltr barrel just to show size
  12. dasslr1

    How much earnings per day

    how long is a piece of string lol you can comfortably make 100 a day if you wish or more ,if your willing to put the work in the more you earn . I know guys and there daily intake is different <all depends on what jobs you have how many hours you want to work > any were from 80 quid up to 250 . I know this is a vague answer but its up to you what you can make.
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wolf-90Kg-Hand-Sack-Truck-Folding-Trolley-Foldable-Cart-Aluminium-Barrow-/282505875309?hash=item41c6a98f6d this is great if you need a light weight trolly .only problem I found was when going over gravel other then that brilliant . I do use this and I have a bigger heavier trolly that I use that has bigger wheels and can cope with being dragged up curbs and across stones gravel ect .
  14. wow iv never seen them . how long have you had one are they good . wish id seen them 18 months ago lol
  15. if you do decide to do a diy trolly use a flow controller instead of just a simple on/off switch . if you use just a on/off switch and kink the hose from your water to your pole the battery will still run but if your using a flow controller and you kink the hose itll stop the battery and youll not waste your battery when not in use .if that makes sence lol plus using a flow controller instead of the battery going flat out you can change the speed of the flow . which also save on battery . for example one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/water-fed-pump-control-window-Cleaning-Pump-Shurflo-flojet-Wfp-Window-Cleaning-/272800495808?hash=item3f842d38c0:g:UuUAAOSw1vlUrXnf
  16. me personally id say trolly . if you want an idea how to make one cheaper this guy is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O314axiKBro
  17. best one iv heard for a long while this .................was working in a street some months ago and a lad come up to me talking about window cleaning saying its hard being self employed wc hes tried himself but gave up cos it was hard to make a living . anyway I worked out he was charging peanuts to do houses but sort of just let it go . seemed a nice lad but I don't think he grasped he should of been charging more . any way seen him today and we start talking again , and I was having a bit of a moan cos of the heat and things going wrong during the week ie I broke my 35ft pole and have to get other custys ******* me of blah blah blah . he turns to me and tells me I should be selling eggs to the custys to bump up my wage oh and blocks of cheese . I look at him strange lol and said no I don't think so lol I told him he was to cheap and he should of charged more if he wanted a better wage . I told him roughly what I was on an hour and he seemed a bit shocked lol I left thinking jesus Christ you want me to ,clean my tanks, fill containers with water, accounts, sort out custy for the morning and buy/sell eggs cheese and what ever else ..... some people just make me laugh .
  18. dasslr1

    eggs and cheese lol

    everyones made that mistake when we first start off but we soon learn ,but this guy just did not get it at all .lol he was adamant you cant make a living off it lol .
  19. dasslr1

    eggs and cheese lol

    think he said he charged 3 - 3.50 for an house .in my head I'm thinking theres your problem mate ,but I just nodded lol I don't think he was all there tho lol
  20. seen a wc on you tube that hands the new customer a sign up sheet .basicly they fill out there name address mob number and email ,and it has terms and conditions on it and the agreed price on there too . I did a rough one myself and showed other wcs but the general feed back was it was **** and they d be ashamed of doing it . basicly I felt laughed at . but surly it would stop messers . if someone really wanted a wc theyd do it .plus doesn't it look more professtional ??? someone said itll scare people off because its to much commitment but isn't that what you want ??
  21. dasslr1

    customer sign up sheet

    my minimum is two .
  22. dasslr1

    customer sign up sheet

    I'm still in two mind too do it or not . the custys I have now are great ,its the ones that come up it me ,"can you do mine" "oh yeah I can pay over bank transfer " two -three weeks later .... nothing . a few wc says oh just right it off . I have done in the past but iv got to draw the line somewhere . I guess some wc have got it into there head because it doesn't happen often to just drop it and get on with things.ie its just part and parcel of the job but im sure in no other job would a custy get a job done for free .lol happened again last week quoted a lad 10 er but itll be 20 this time cos it were filthy .done job ,heard nothing of him no reply ,no one in lol its a joke sometimes .
  23. dasslr1

    customer sign up sheet

    I use George to store all customers on computer . it was more to make sure the customers not messing about.or if worse comes to worse ill have all there details if ever I need to take them to court for non payment .
  24. dasslr1

    customer sign up sheet

    iv put down at the bottom its not a contract and they can cancel anytime . basicly its for me to get all there info straight away and tell them what I expect from them ie payments no more then 30 days later or charges may be applied we clean in mild rain wind or if weather to bad the next best day ect ect ..id put a pic up but don't want to be laugh at again lolol also IF worse comes to worse and I have to take them to court due to not being paid I have there full name full address and the fact they seen it and agreed and might even get them to sign it . but I got shot down on another site saying it was a **** idea so anyone who does this please tell me its a great idea lolol hah a oh I also said that the price is fixed for 12 months but after 12 months I have the right to rise the price not in them words but you get the picture . that to me tells them there will / may be price increase

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