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  1. GazGleam

    Trying some new soap

    The moerman stuff really isn't worth money to be honest. It smells better than most soaps but in terms of glide it's no different from fairy platinum and if anything you will use a bit more of it to get the same results as platinum in my experience
  2. GazGleam

    Spider muck help needed

    Flash all purpose cleaner, comes off no problem
  3. GazGleam

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Not sure if there's any videos on modifying the clips. What I did was just leave them in bowl of boiling water for a few mins, bend them up slightly then put in bowl of cold water. It's trial and error really. Ideally you want to be testing them on windows with flats seals to make sure u have it right. In terms of speed if u really where wanting to go alot faster then u would just be carrying straight channels the perfect size for each window and doing straight pulls and just detailing but that's not clean enough for me
  4. GazGleam

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    The liquidator isn't perfect out of the box but no tool is. The only mod I have done on mine are bending the clips up slightly, that's it. I remember trying every squeegee on the market years ago and all of them needed modified to work better. The liquidator is faster and cleaner than any other squeegee. A nice hot sunny day with a normal channel you have to detail everywhere and deal with all the white marks around the edge. Liquidator doesn't have that problem. Faster and a cleaner finish, it's a no brainer
  5. GazGleam

    Moerman ( again!!!)

  6. GazGleam

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Used to use window cleaning warehouse few years ago but gave up on them after I was receiving channels sent through the post in basically a plastic bag with no protection 😡
  7. GazGleam

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Cleaningspot.co.uk is good for moerman stuff. They sell rubber in longer lengths you can trim down yourself
  8. GazGleam

    Recommended 7+ metre high ladder?

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/lyte-trade-elt335-triple-extension-ladder-12-rungs-max-height-8-46m/11056 can't go wrong with this ladder. Titan ladders are really good quality aswell.
  9. GazGleam

    12" liquidator 2.0 problems

    I think it's got to be, tried everything in it. That's 3 12"channels in a row from the 3 different suppliers I have had the same issue with. Think I will try bending it myself tomorrow see if improves
  10. GazGleam

    12" liquidator 2.0 problems

    I have now tried every brand of rubber I own in this channel, could be time to give up on it lol. Doing a straight pull down a window to test it out and I have a perfect finish in the area where my handle is,everything to either side is lines that are all spaced perfectly even apart. Baffled with it
  11. GazGleam

    Moerman rubber that bad?

    When I 1st used the moerman rubber I thought it was pretty crap but now I would say it probably the best. It's more consistent in all weathers than everything else I have in my van. Best thing is to get your solution good and it should glide perfectly
  12. GazGleam

    12" liquidator 2.0 problems

    Yeah i usually use paper clips in the ends aswell. The paper clips usually stop bleeding lines from ends of the clips but this is random lines between the handle and the start of the clips. Weird thing is there's no lines coming out the ends lol. Give it another bash today with another rubber
  13. GazGleam

    12" liquidator 2.0 problems

    I know its got me stumped mate. Took the original moerman rubber out and tried razor red but no difference. Going to try a black diamond in it today and try it but i doubt its rubbers. Had put a new moerman in my 10"fliq yesterday,used it on a pole all day with no issues. It was chewed up by the end of the day and still working perfect lol
  14. GazGleam

    12" liquidator 2.0 problems

    I've never had a problem until buying these new 12's. Have tried 4 different handles on it now, excelarator, bi component, the original moerman swivel and an old mr longarm handle. I originally thought the 1st 2 channels i bought were bent just because of the way they came packaged but the newest 1 came from cleaningspot wrapped in loads of bubble wrap etc
  15. Been using liquidator channels for a long time so decided to renew my 12" 1.0 channel and get a new 2.0 channel since all my others are 2.0(10"&14"). I'm now onto my 3rd new channel and still getting allsorts of lines bleeding out the channel. All of them between where the handle clamps on and where the end clips start. All 3 channels from 3 different suppliers( wcw, wcc & cleaningspot). Anyone else been having problems with this size

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