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  1. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    yeah i was looking at that one thinking of buying myself let me know how you get on with it!
  2. all seem to be out of stock of tulsion until feb 1st ive pre ordered from grippa thought i better grab some as i got some black stuff of pure freedom last time told me is was tulsion so won't be buying from them again!
  3. Hello - I am new to forum

    Hi Rachel welcome I have an xline pole and gardiner pole I love gardiner my opinion is go with them the thing I like most about my xline pole is when I put it back in the van! gardiner is the way forward!
  4. Starting out on my own.

    based in hertford but go over harlow waltham abbey epping area as well as north london. sound like there a fair few windy up round your way!
  5. Starting out on my own.

    i'm herts essex border as well mate where your patch?
  6. Xline Reach and Wash system

    no sign of xline tonight then? stirred up a hornets nest then done a runner! ah well i finally got to say my piece about the terrible service i recieved it had been simmering a while i can now move on with my life!
  7. Xline Reach and Wash system

    And I'm sure andy is very sorry about that tench but it's probably your own fault for taking it out and cleaning windows with it!
  8. Xline Reach and Wash system

    Fairplay mate i learnt the hard way thats why i'm more than happy to give my public opinion on this subject i paid money in good faith and recieved a terrible service and a poor standard of product! don't give them your money you could be waiting a long time for your order to arrive but don't forget its everyone else fault according to Andy the worm!
  9. Xline Reach and Wash system

    like i said mate quick enough to take peoples money far to slow to want to help there customers with support the whole firm is
  10. Xline Reach and Wash system

    so it's my fault is it for not calling back every 2 mins until someone answered? which i did countless times! quick enough to take money from my account and far too slow explaining why my order was taking so long you do seem to indirectly try and turn the blame for your shortcomings on the people getting stitched up and messed around don't you andy? cut the blue eyed boy act you know your customer service is dump and your on here making a terrible job of putting things right by making excuses and passing the buck. after finally getting through to a nice lad named josh he made an effort to explain that extensions where on order and was waiting for them to arrive this was after 4 weeks of waiting! so please don't try and play down the 6 week wait i know i was the one waiting for it! as for leaving a message i did and you will never guess what?? yeah no one called me back also sorry doesn't cut it i'm afraid we can all say sorry it's easy! almost as easy as answering a phone a liasing with the customers placing orders with you. anyway good luck with your damage limitation excerise like i said i won't be spending any more money with xline
  11. Xline Reach and Wash system

    Well said that man! I'm still waiting for a return call regarding some stuff i bought from them in june 2016 well they took my money in junye around £1300 but my order didn't arrive until 6 weeks later trying to ring them was pointless as no one anwered the phone when i finally got through no one seems to be able to find my order then when it arrive i had to solder the fuse wires myself! needless to say my money goes to the proper suppliers of the industry now and i usually get my delivery within 48 hours of placing it! 6 weeks is a bit of a wait with lots of loss in potenial earning so i won't be using them again!
  12. First builders clean tomorrow

    i done one the last 2 weekends old building with old windows and new fancy office fit out inside glass partitions as far as the eye can see! took a long time scrapping and trying to walk away then spotting another bit needing a scrape bit of a pain but hoping to get the regular clean on it so thought i should make an effort! best of luck mate get the tunes on and crack on with it!
  13. First builders clean tomorrow

    plent of water and a scraper
  14. 18 with univalve or 22 without?

    just ordered an slx 18 been using 25ft for over a year and on most jobs it is more than is needed so just want to be as light as possible on my easy going maintenance clean days hopefully it'll make the winter a bit easier!
  15. vehicle tax??

    yeah if you tax your vehicle today it'll start from the first of the month I know silly but they are making good money from that new system so not so silly for them mate!

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