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  1. Cheers Spruce! All I need to know
  2. Hi all, I have a 12v 30psi shurflo pump, will it work with a pole system or do I need 100psi. Many thanks
  3. Selling this 600GDP RO I got this from eBay (used) and was only getting 57TDS from 245TDD, I don't know enough about them or have the time to find the problem. Collection from Bristol. £120 Many thanks
  4. Hi Gazz, I am going to target facebook, I am fortunate that my partner is a bit of a pro with this. I am going to be doing the old fashioned door to door canvassing, I am hoping that by doing a good job and being friendly and professional word of mouth will eventually start to kick in. Cheers Ziggy
  5. Thought I would share my set-up, this is a new venture that I run along side my full time job, the forum was a big help!! So a huge thanks!!
  6. Gone for the gardiner! It's great!!! Cheers for the help.
  7. That set-up can work great, especially if it's a part time number. I have a small Astra van, and do not use a van mount, you could do a similar type of thing with a car. 👍
  8. Need to get a ladder, i will be doing 99% WFP so don't want to spend a fortune... I have seen a triple extension ladder in ALDI for £79.99 will this be good enough? If not can anyone recommend?? (ALDI LADDER)Features Designed for strength and rigidity at any height Heavy duty contoured feet and tips 150kg (23.6st) Maximum Load Extends to a height of 4.7m (15ft 5in) Fits inside most vans or estate cars when folded 37.0mm wide 'D' shaped rungs for extra comfort and security Compliant with EN 131 safety standard Number of sections: 3 Number of rungs per section: 7 Rung Pitch: 270.0mm Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Paul, sorry for the delay. Of course that would be no problem at all. My number is 07873 119 831. I would suggest using Shipley? Cheers
  10. Hi Paul, The tank came direct from jaguar/landrover there is still a little bit of chemical left in the bottom, its white?? Many thanks
  11. Just got a univalve but did not come with any o clips, can't find them from screwfix etc.... I want to pick some up rather than wait to have them posted. Anyone know who sells these (Bristol) cheers
  12. Sorry looking for collection, Many thanks
  13. Selling my 250 Litre tank, Its in perfect condition and ready to go! Collection from Bristol. £100 Thanks
  14. Looking to buy another backpack, already have the Garedener V3 which is great however they always seem to be out of stock! Looking at the facelift it's a bit more money but is it any better. many thanks!
  15. Really nice condition, looks like new. It is the more rare 600 Litre size and could work well in a van. Has not been used for purified water so will need cleaning. £50 Collection from Bristol. Many thanks