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  1. Indoor window cleaning stingray or dragonfly

    Do you mean one of these? http://www.cleaningspot.co.uk/acatalog/Unger-Padholder--20-cm-for-HiFlo-Indoor-Pure-System-PHH20.html#SID=87 what thread is on it? thanks.
  2. Water Used

    About a quid a litre isn't far off the mark for us. the more pure you have, the more generous you are with it, mind.
  3. New member says hi.

    Bore da.
  4. Look What I Found Today

    Mouth to mouth innit?
  5. Gardiner backpack upgrade?

    We never run them turned up highest, often we use them 8hrs non stop. Getting through maybe 900litre between us.
  6. Gardiner backpack upgrade?

    Got a couple of these pumps and never use them flat out, that's through 100m of hose.
  7. Working Hours

    8:30 to 5 is the aim. However, up at 5am last week for a job in Banbury.
  8. Dirtiest yet?

  9. SOLD

    How much for the ropes etc? 07813474290
  10. Look What I Found Today

    Was it dead and all dried out?
  11. WFP systems

    Spend your money on advertising! Strap a tank down in the back of a van, buy a pump box, reel hose and pole etc and away you go!!
  12. Tables have turned!

    Thing is you're reliant on your potential customers using Facebook. I don't think most adults do, or they open an account and see what a load of shite it is and never log in. Thats my experience, perhaps it varies with demographics.
  13. Wanted wfp 30ft plus

    Think I've got a 40ft fibreglass pole you can have for £100? im not far in HR2
  14. Tables have turned!

    We got zero work from Facebook. Doing well with targeting the market other ways.
  15. Business Setup Help

    You will need a gateway ID etc