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  1. Say hello to my little friend

    No snow in London?
  2. RO vs Demi water

    Hi sander, manufacturers recommend using purified water. Anything else will risk invalidating the warranty.
  3. VAT Reduction

    Because of hard work and determination. I’m still fairly new to the game, this’ll be my fourth winter. (Not sure there are that many Solar cleaning companies local to us, so never had the advantage you speak of) We’re having to compete with guys that are evading tax by staying under the threshold. It’s not really fair but it is what it is and you have to play with what you’re dealt.
  4. VAT Reduction

    Be good to have a level playing field.
  5. Winter Beckons.

    If it’s minus 2 and not rising, I find the water freezes at the jets. A flask is handy to defrost. Although, the water just freezes under windows on footpaths etc, causing potential issues. Some guys take a bag of grit. I tried this but it looked messy. Infact if it’s that cold, take the day off and do something fun. if your ro or di freeze, they probably won’t benefit from it. I haven’t had a bad winter in this job yet.............
  6. Nightmare customer

    I would find customers via another source. Get out canvassing for a day in the best bit of your area. You’ll soon forget her when you’re cleaning some nice big well priced jobs.
  7. Aworka help

  8. Which scenario is best choice.

    Only you will know what's right for you. good luck!
  9. Fancy this?

    Stick everything on red!
  10. Solar Panel Cleaning Worth Getting into?

  11. Problem with leisure battery

    Chuck a voltmeter over it. It probably needs a good charge. Winter is bad for batteries.
  12. Gardiner backpack

    We have several gardiner back packs. No problems yet. as above, bungee one onto a sack truck with pneumatic tyres and you're away!
  13. Hello everyone, im starting out ...

    The vast fortunes will negate any water meterage.
  14. Hello everyone, im starting out ...

    Release Brian! get an RO 450 gpd will do to start. if you have space and external tap etc try daqua
  15. Starting up