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  1. Franchise

    How does the vat work with a franchise?
  2. Plumbing an R.O in under the sink

    Turn the water off and stick an isolator and t in. Prob 15 mm copper. Get some squash washers!
  3. Low cost pump for 100m reel

    You may laugh but we use the bottom of gardiner back packs. Rip the tank off the box and you've got a pump, battery and controller in one. Comes with a charger too! Been running like this for three years and no problem yet. Flat out all day on the panels too.
  4. Water genie 4040 and good membrane

    150 and I'll pick it up tomorrow?
  5. Long time no see.

    Great to see you back amigo! Looking forward to some more ukip debates!😉
  6. Traveling

    All over the country for £300 x2 guys, but just in the county for a tenner. Everywhere is a long way from us.
  7. Done first bit of canvassing today

    Good man! When I started I set a target of three a day, 5 days a week. Soon build a round up.
  8. Poor cleaning.

    Been exhibiting at the solar trade show last week. Lots of O and M providers complaining of a poor service regarding the cleaning of solar panels. Apparently one gang were driving in between the rows with a dumper full of water and a guy holding a brush on the panels as they went along! Not anyone I've heard of though. They had to come back and reclean 30MW!!!!
  9. Flyers

    Depends where you are. I get Royal Mail to flyer villages god us, it would take ages to canvass them if the houses are spread out down drives etc. you need to do a bit of everything re advertising.
  10. Long time no see.

  11. What size pole for town house..?

    If you have 25' and a 45' pole you can clean pretty much everything.
  12. IBC Units

    If it's cold enough to freeze your water then you're probably not going to be working anyways.
  13. Solar panel cleaning

    If they're installed on a council property, you need to find out who is getting the fit and the export. They will be benefiting from the clean.
  14. Solar panel cleaning

    fit rate is over 50p /kWh, for early installs. Got to let your price reflect that.
  15. How long to build a round ?

    I enjoy watching the seasons change.