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  1. payroll software

    Accountant, think it’s £30 a month or something.
  2. Gardiner backpack batteries

    Looks like it’s the ‘farm king’ type that are failing. Should they do the same number of cycles as the older ones? We very rarely run them flat so it’s a surprise that three should go on the same day.
  3. Gardiner backpack batteries

    Cheers Alex I’ll take a photo when we get back to the yard.
  4. Gardiner backpack batteries

    We keep hours in a heated garage. It’s s oain but all pumps batteries poles and hoses come in if there’s a frost, saves a lot of hassle. I’m looking at them now and the older one is a shengoeli. The newer ones (last six months) are blank. Are they the same?
  5. Gardiner backpack batteries

    Anyone else having trouble with these? Had three fail today! All charged up over night. I’ve one that’s older, still going strong, been cycled hundreds of times. Having to run four guys off two pumps now.
  6. my best space saving idea yet!!

    Looks great but no friend of gravel. Bigger wheels! Fun though.
  7. Think Going Back On Monday is Being Optomistic?

    Back on Monday, got two new starters!
  8. Don't often see these in your customers garden

    We shag them, you eat them.
  9. Gardeners Back Pack

    Don’t let the battery get cold.
  10. Booster pump for 4040

    Bummer. Maybe a smaller membrane would be better suited.
  11. Booster pump for 4040

    Thanks Spruce. My issue is everything, in short. On a bore hole, that gives a TDS of 560. This has low pressure, sub 40psi. I’ve already found the end of the water supply, after flushing the 4040. My TDS after ro is between 50 and 60. This really needs to come down as we’re using 2000l a day, 7 days a week at the moment. Getting through lots of resin. If I run a booster pump, I’m guessing I’ll be draining the bore hole sooner, which is a nightmare and not good for sediment filters etc. Perhaps if I resticted the flow, and then boosted the water, I may get a lower TDS with lower production? or buy pallets of resin......
  12. Booster pump for 4040

    Cheers chaps. Can anyone think of a way of increasing pressure without increasing flow?
  13. If you could canvass every day for 1 month?

    Good is subjective. For us it’s a job with easy access, no locked gates, no hassle, £25-£30, 2 monthly and can be done by one guy in 40 mins. Most of our work is rural so this works for us. If you target towns, then ‘good’ may be different. Good luck!!!!
  14. If you could canvass every day for 1 month?

    3 to 4 ‘good’ jobs a day.
  15. Feeling like taking the leap

    But you will if you are employed by a ltd too?

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