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  1. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Nursing home full clean pricing

    I would go higher on the panels.
  2. Got loads of back pack tanks and caps, filters etc. Basically everything from above the pump box on the bottom. Free if anyone can find a use for them. 07813474290 Based between Abergavenny and Hereford.
  3. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Introducing. The Windymobile Mk. 2

    Brilliant. Can you not make a lighter trailer and carry more water? Or take a DI and fill up at custards house? Ive a couple of 125 litre tanks you can have for nowt if you need?
  4. solarpanelcleaningltd

    First sign written van !!!!

    I like your web address 👍👍👍
  5. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Solar panel cleaning

    You’ll be fine. It’s the old style ones that are risky.
  6. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Solar panel cleaning

    If they’re the old evacuated tubes, be careful.
  7. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Finding commercial jobs

  8. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Thinking of taking the plunge.

    You’ll get out of it, what you’re prepared to put into it. There will be **** days when you canvass nothing and great days when you secure well paying jobs. Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Window Cleaning Warehouse - Failed again

    I had a bag of unger resin off them last week, it arrived quickly and is surprisingly good.........better than tulsion maybe.
  10. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Personal/start up loans.

    I started up with a 200 quid eBay purchase. Pole, Di and backpack. Up and running! Still got the pole somewhere. Upgrade your kit as you earn more.
  11. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Window cleaning database

  12. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Gardiner Valves Keep Breaking?

    I reckon on them lasting about a year. It’s the teeth inside that seem to disintegrate. They don’t like being swapped about. Never broken the tap bit though. Could you glue it back together? Useful on longer poles where you can’t reach the end to pull a univalve.
  13. solarpanelcleaningltd


    You can push through 200 m easy, not sure about head though.
  14. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Oxfordshire pure water

    Can anyone supply me with pure water next week please? Maybe 800litrs.
  15. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Anyone’s round effected by VAT to your domestic round ?

    No mate. I’ll give you a call in a couple of hours re leads. Ole

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