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  1. norm

    Puelex rubber.

    eh i cleaned my own house today and had a play around before doing a real job used my liquidator series 1 with red rubber and a couple of windows. then my unger ergo with red rubber and unger ergo with unger hard with sun directly on glass and despite the better slip of red there was fine lines but none with the unger ergo / unger hard so went to the job with the unger ergo / unger hard and i was happy at my work :rolleyes:
  2. norm

    a step backwards??

    nice one @daveyboy bit like m.m.a
  3. norm

    a step backwards??

    i sense a disturbance in the force the light beckons :laugh:
  4. norm

    Came off my ladders yesterday

    giving you a like because ya didn't get hurt and didn't wreck anything glad your ok
  5. good scrim seem to last forever but haven't bought any for years so don't know what they are like now tumble dry scrim they are less hard easier to hand than natural dry on line don't know why paragon say you can tumble dry micro cloths but 60 deg heat i think
  6. norm


    welcome from a bear to a @wulfie
  7. norm

    Hello guys !

    welcome here @Daniel Johnson good to have ya here :addict:
  8. cleaning leads scrim then buff with blue flat paragon works well my fishscale paragon caught/snagged on me sometimes so got flat weave paragon cloths seem to be better for me
  9. norm

    Unger belt

    shoulder belts seem a good idea does anyone on here use them?
  10. and she then emptied the flat cus she is a burgler
  11. finest :rolleyes: post iv seen for a wile will miss the smillies when they go :laugh: welcome on here @FINEST
  12. norm

    Excelerator UK/US 'Collab'

    sounds like moerman have a winning squeegee here looking forward along with a lot of others to seeing the end product in shops. And of course the mrs. will always find something to fill the spare time as only they know how to :rolleyes: unless your single in which case :clap:
  13. norm

    Excelerator UK/US 'Collab'

    i know you love your modified wags Eric but do you think that you may have found a new :love:
  14. norm

    tv series

    yes the old basil rathbone b+w and jeremy brett as well love them love the spaghetti westerns clint eastwood was in and dirty harry films laurel and hardy are legends
  15. car is good and so is van but good work and attitude maybe even better :thumbsup:

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