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  1. Help with water tank installing

    I hope so I was hoping to get it In there today /Tomo ready for tues thanks for your advice Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. Help with water tank installing

    Hi. Bit of a late night silly post . It's a pure freedom tank 500 ltr just taken it out of an 06 dispatch got all the bolts and plates . My new van an 07 dispatch is a long wheelbase so a lot bigger than my 06 one . I was thinking it should go up near the bulk head again .? Obviously I can sit it in The van and try to line it up with under neath I was hoping someone might know exactly where to sit it ?? Many thanks
  3. Hi. Just bought a new citron dispatch 07 and I am wondering where to fit my 500 ltr tank I only had it fitted a few months ago but my van got written off thurs it's a big tank which needs bolting to the floor and don't know how to drill the holes ?? Any ideas thanks