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  1. Just sack him

    He did ask me to clean the insides after i pointed it out. I really didnt want to do them. Really busy cafe and tables everywhere. I just said i didnt clean insides. Just unfortunate that a guy whos been doing a good job for 2.5 years gets sacked because of someone else. Not that im complaining.
  2. I signed up a new job. The job was a cafe bang center of a big town. The cafe had 100 year old glass etc. The old window cleaner of 2.5 years (i think) Was sacked. The owner said he kept leaving streaks and spots. I questioned the method and it was waterfed pole. The owner was adamant that the pole doesnt work. Anyways, i got my trial and cleaned them today. Cleaned the windows, rinsed and then rerinsed just to be safe. Went inside and said to the owner im just going to sit down for 15 mins to watch the drying process. So 2min later he came over and said see still streaks etc. I said ill be back in a minute. Got a scrim out and started cleaning parts of the inside. Then i went over to the owner and said can i see the squegee you used to clean the insides. I was then presented with a £5 lidl moerman combinator knock off with a very blunt rubber. The owner pretty much sacked a window cleaner because of his staff cleaning the insides with a blunt rubber and leaving streaks. Quick 5mins education to the staff and the owner and off i go. Come back next month please.
  3. Liquidator handle?

    You can buy a fixed handle liquidator. Although when closing out just press the button on the side which will change the angle when closing out. If closing out at the bottom and it keeps happening, close out at the side.
  4. The Gamers

    Age is only a number ae Darren. I play most popular games. Fifa, skyrim and witcher. I love and still occasionally play Age of empires/age of mythology. Although these days I don't tend to play much games. I'm still early 20s
  5. Employing somebody

    If your off work as employed staff. You are entitled to 28 weeks statutory sick pay. They didn't pay a penny until you work there for 5 years. Hence why no one took days off, I only quit this year.
  6. Employing somebody

    I worked for Mitsubishi, not an agency. It's in there company policy. Everyone is entitled to statutory sick pay by law. But not full pay.
  7. Employing somebody

    You don't have to pay them sick pay. I worked for Mitsubishi and they didn't pay anyone sick pay until after 5 years. Regardless, any employee you hire will have teething problems. I think college students would be a good option. Part time, Studying for a new career and hopefully if they follow there education you won't fear them taking over. Edit: Everyone is entitled to statutory sick pay. But there is ways around this. I don't think part time employees count. Full time employees would need to take off 4 working days to qualify.
  8. Gardiner backpack

    I had a look mate. Do you use a reel or just wind it round the Sack truck and carry the hose when using it?
  9. Gardiner backpack

    Anyone got any ideas where to find a decent hose reel that would fit a sack truck. @Dave B
  10. Gardiner backpack

    Honestly mate. I'm in a mess cos of the hose. Anyone else have a phobia of tangled wires?lol
  11. Nope this ain't a complaint about the system type of post. The product its self is truly amazing for my jump to wfp. Just looking for advice from anyone who's added a reel of some sort to fix the hose issue I have. I constantly drag my sacktruck wheels over the hose and then before I know I'm trying to extend the pole with the flow spraying and the hose is stuck and stops me from extending the pole. I'm looking for any tips to help fix this. I want it a bit more organised. I tried to keep the hose in my hand but it just doesn't happen for me. Anyone got a solution or found a good reel that works?
  12. Soaping the applicator

    When doing trad I tend to use a spray bottle and spray the glass and then mop. Never had a problem
  13. Just how?

    It just makes you think though. Someone who has paid £200k+ for these brand new houses won't pay out to make sure there windows, frames, sills and doors get cleaned. Happy to pay a glass only guy £5. My council or private rent customers happily pay the price and it's not even there home. I'm going to this area and I'll charge £10 just to get into the area. It's 2mins from my house so it's worth it.
  14. Just how?

    He's been cleaning the house for a few years. From what I gathered he's not old either.
  15. Just how?

    I'd do these for £10 but only if I can link more of these on the same Street. But for £5.00 and doing these trad would emotionally drain me.