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  1. I know lol. It was worst case scenario. I'm at the stage where I'm making my round stronger and faster. So many new customers and first cleans.
  2. That's the plan. I use moerman gear so I'd be able to get rid of my unger boab and unger Holster by getting the moerman boab.
  3. I'll have to rearrange it all and decide. Could get rid of alot. I use a spray bottle instead of a bucket so I'll find it out.
  4. I will be doing that. I'll have to get a moerman BOAB because my unger one is useless for my moerman gear. I use a unger Holster to hold my liquidator.
  5. I'm sort of a pack mule. I have everything on my trad belt. But taking it off all the time is frustrating. So I'll have to work around it.
  6. I really need to find a way to wear my trad belt and I think I'd mostlikely just buy the rhyno clamps.
  7. I think I'll go to screwfix and ask. It's just about saving time.
  8. Where did you get them from?anything to save time.
  9. I currently use universal ladder clamps from screwfix and it takes so much time to load and unload my ladders from my car. Here's some poor maths: Out the car/van, then have to turn, then then and turn until you loosen up the tension. Pull one clamp off, then do the other & Repeat to get it back on. Then you put your utility belt on/BOAB/OFF 2 min each time? That's 4mins per job. You do 15 houses per day that's 1 hour per day you spend messing about getting your ladder off. That's £20/£30 per day x 5 days a week is £100/£150 per week. So I seen rhyno clamps for around £40 with free delivery. I know these would be a massive upgrade for me, but anyone got another solution? Someone mentioned to me a modded seat belt. What do you use? Edit: I won't be using a WFP or a trad pole. Just thought I'd state that lol.
  10. I'm heavy on the rubber and I have lots of rubber killer wooden frames lol.
  11. I currently use moerman hard. It's cheap enough to replace but if you don't keep an eye on it. It wears away fast particularly at the edges. Im going to try out the Ettore master rubber.
  12. I started with the unger ninja and decided to upgrade to the less detailing squeegee that is the moerman tool. At first I bought it and put the thing in a cupboard but it came back out and I'd never leave home without it. @Trad-Man just put out a good video on it.
  13. Hello from a newbie and a few questions???

    Valeting and window cleaning would be a good combination for you. I dare say some on this forum have done both or still do. For ladders I'd recommend a set of lyte trade ladders. You can pick them up for around £100- £120 max. There 3 sections and you can take one section off and you'll reach nearly all standard houses with 2 sections. Mines was around £172 for the full year and because I'm Scottish, we're required to be licensed. So make sure you get a licence if your local council requires it. Best advice from someone still in my first year? Advertise on buy and sell pages from facebook. Gain a customer or two and canvious the area alot. Don't undersell yourself, stick to your guns and make what you want to make. Forget what other people make. Good luck
  14. Get a young family member to join your team. As long as there not lazy you'll mould them into a good cleaner for you. Or I believe the best employee would be either 1 or 2 part time workers that attend college/university. There long term goal is not to clean windows but to attain a qualification. Which means you'll not likely be screwed over by them until they decide to move on.
  15. With employing make sure you get insurance for your employees. If you don't it'll take you out of the game.