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  1. Toolbelts

    I have the same problem with the unger ergo belt. Mines bends and folds all over the place. Think I might look into a proper leather tool belt. It'll be more expensive but hoping it holds well.
  2. 2 hour trip is between £40-£80 you'd potentially lose. I say instead of pushing yourself so far out id start taking on add ons and perhaps get a helper to help you with all the work. You'd lose 10 hours per week driving to your new round. Or Find someone in this new area to do the work for you. It would take time to build up but eventually you could make a deal with him to leave him in control but you take a cut. I'd get this all in writing though. I'v not done any of this so I don't know how effective this would/could be.
  3. Street already has Window clean

    So much work out there. If someone tells you this is my street then it's because there scared of your competition. If someone tells you blah blah. Tell them the house he just cleaned asked you for a quote. That'll mess with there head
  4. What methods on buy and sell pages do you use? Do you use the pictures and post them up for people to look at or do you use text? Pictures as in your details and some selling points, perhaps a flyer. What's more appealing to customers. Any idea what methods gets better results or just the same?
  5. Getting clients via leaflets

    I tried leaflets and gave in. The results ain't as instant as facebook/online.
  6. GoCardless confusion

    Brilliant, I'm going to just make this the norm from now on. If people message me via Facebook or my website(when I get one). That's now the norm to use gocardless.
  7. GoCardless confusion

    Meant to ask, out of your full run how many questioned it or made an attempt to drop off?
  8. GoCardless confusion

    I don't use the system yet mate. I'm not a busy window cleaner yet. But I did look into it and will be going that direction. You send the link to the customer,they fill in there details and when you clean you send over the bill. Which they need to accept and it goes into gocardless and you need to wait 3-5 days I believe before it clears into your account. It's only a few clicks for the customers and it seems the way forward.
  9. GoCardless confusion

    When you clean it. The link goes to the customer and they read the details and amount of money,so there is no scamming.
  10. Franchise

    20% for all of that does seem really good. I wonder what collection methods they use. Must have everyone on gocardless etc.
  11. What is deemed acceptable

    I try to start around 10am but feel I should be going out earlier. Some good points you've all made. No harm in testing 9am and seeing how it goes.
  12. Monday to Friday. You turn up at your first residential Job. Bashing your wfp off the window or clunking your ladders of their wall. Saturday-Sunday? Late start perhaps What times would you say are normal to start at a residential home? Without pushing it. Have there been times where people have complained about when you started cleaning?
  13. Best vehicle type

    You can use anything long as it gets the job done. I know of someone who uses a Citroën c1 and I use a vauxhall Corsa. You can store most of your gear in your boot or back seats. Ladders on the roof and your on your way.
  14. my business

    Good progression there mate. I'm not long into the business myself. It's good to see people get past there first year. Many unfortunately drop off by that time.
  15. liquidator 2.0 trouble (fliq)

    Going from an unger ninja to liquidator was so hard for me. Countless times of putting the liquidator away in a box. But then I got It back out and I'd never leave home without it. Here are some tips I used to fix my problems. 1. Changed the rubber. Moerman soft ain't for me. Went to moerman hard/Ettore 2. Changed to fairy platinum 3. Unger endclips 4. Changed to a smaller channel - 14inch to 10inch. Perfected my technique before moving up channels. @Trad-Man - These are solutions you helped me with. That would mostlikely help fix his problems.