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  1. Gazz

    First van

    Nothing wrong with getting a smaller van and testing out how it goes. You can manage a full run on a berlingo/connect. Just make sure you equipt it with a tank that suits the payload. I wouldn't worry about the look of the van. Focus on how it runs and worry about the looks when you are at the level when forking out for a van is just for tax deductions.
  2. Customers who complain because it's raining as silly. You leave the windows wet and clean windows all week with waterfed pole. You know yourself that it's fine to clean. Most customers are at work anyway and gocardless sorts the payments out. So happy days.
  3. Really does amaze me how well the response is for new potential cleaners. It was really helpful for when I was first starting and I'm glad people continue to benefit the way I did. Thanks @Gav, @Dave B, @Chris33, @Green Pro Clean Ltd forum team old and new and to everyone else who regularly comments. 👍
  4. Gazz

    Dropping nice customers

    I'm the same. Had turned someone down a few days ago because they wouldn't sign upto gocardless. "I'm in most days and will always pay". Sorry to get onto our schedule you must sign upto gocardless. If you are in you can pay by cash on the day, but gocardless is how we work.
  5. Gazz

    Buying work

    Unfortunately the piece of paper doesn't stand for nothing. If you have his signature you could possibly take him to a small claims court. But your buying nothing by someone word that the will sell you the work. Doesn't say they won't go back. Same happened with me. Take it on the chin and build your own.
  6. Gazz

    Dropping nice customers

    I can just reach 3rd level with my slx-22' but I have to use a 2 step ladder because I'm only 5ft 7'
  7. It really depends. 1. Facebook I just send them a message with all the details by messager, this includes the gocardless link. 2. Door sales I give them the quote and before I leave ask for the phone number and I text them the gocardless link. You can improve your door sales by adding a tablet and giving the customer the tablet to sign up. You can do this while your cleaning. So best delete your browser history lads 😂
  8. I tell customers we only accept gocardless or cash on the day. But you must sign up to join my schedule. If they don't join up then no cleaning. I'm in my first year and can't stand collection. For our business cash flow is crucial for our growth and chasing payments cost time and obviously money.
  9. Gazz

    It's Always a Good Idea To...

    Don't get me wrong I love chatting. It's something I'm really good lol. But I'm the sort of person who will chat all day just to be nice. Even though in my head I'm thinking I'm losing money. Like you said though @Dave B I have gained lots of work from chatting. It's the best way to get known in these small communities. But I agree with @adamangler really just want to get the work done. If I stop it's hard to restart lol.
  10. Gazz

    It's Always a Good Idea To...

    You can't get all 3 all of the time unfortunately. Would be the dream round though. Sometimes I clean customers houses on certain days because I know they won't be in to avoid the wasted time chatting. Lol.
  11. Gazz

    Employee nightmare

    I like the idea adam. Most likely get more done with you both working alone. Have you noticed an increase in money since taking on the employee. Cost of van and fuel etc
  12. Gazz

    Employee nightmare

    Quite interested in this. I assume you just give him a sheet of paper with addresses. I think telling him you do these number houses and whatever time you finish that's you for the day. Then pay him a daily wage. Did you just get another van on finance or so?
  13. The background checks I assume are strictly for people who are unreliable to work with the public. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but it's the price we pay for being in Scotland and I'm happy known that my company is professional.
  14. It's not just the business owners who need a licence. It is also all employees. On the topic of iron giant. Yes you get a police background check but you would only get rejected if you were a harm to the public. So you will be fine.
  15. You HOPE? There's nothing stopping these people from picking up the tools and chapping doors. Is every customer going to do a background check on there unlicensed cleaner? I used it as an example but it's easy to translate to other criminals. Licencing is a good idea like I said but needs to be policed and public knowledge.

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