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  1. It's Always a Good Idea To...

    Don't get me wrong I love chatting. It's something I'm really good lol. But I'm the sort of person who will chat all day just to be nice. Even though in my head I'm thinking I'm losing money. Like you said though @Dave B I have gained lots of work from chatting. It's the best way to get known in these small communities. But I agree with @adamangler really just want to get the work done. If I stop it's hard to restart lol.
  2. It's Always a Good Idea To...

    You can't get all 3 all of the time unfortunately. Would be the dream round though. Sometimes I clean customers houses on certain days because I know they won't be in to avoid the wasted time chatting. Lol.
  3. Employee nightmare

    I like the idea adam. Most likely get more done with you both working alone. Have you noticed an increase in money since taking on the employee. Cost of van and fuel etc
  4. Employee nightmare

    Quite interested in this. I assume you just give him a sheet of paper with addresses. I think telling him you do these number houses and whatever time you finish that's you for the day. Then pay him a daily wage. Did you just get another van on finance or so?
  5. The background checks I assume are strictly for people who are unreliable to work with the public. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but it's the price we pay for being in Scotland and I'm happy known that my company is professional.
  6. It's not just the business owners who need a licence. It is also all employees. On the topic of iron giant. Yes you get a police background check but you would only get rejected if you were a harm to the public. So you will be fine.
  7. You HOPE? There's nothing stopping these people from picking up the tools and chapping doors. Is every customer going to do a background check on there unlicensed cleaner? I used it as an example but it's easy to translate to other criminals. Licencing is a good idea like I said but needs to be policed and public knowledge.
  8. The licence is a good idea if policed correctly. Most of you are looking at this all wrong. Would you like a paedophile to be cleaning your windows and working around your children? The licence pays for itself overtime. ID is such a good investment. It gives customers a sense of relief or security. Although most don't know you need one.
  9. Help needed guys [emoji6]

    I'm unsure but if it takes you a day that's a good wage. You could wfp those roller doors on the inside if you stand by with a brush to sweep it back outside. Ask for permission first this is obviously depending on the snow/ice.
  10. Help needed guys [emoji6]

    Get a good price and don't leave till it's perfect. It'll come In due time.
  11. Help needed guys [emoji6]

    The only option for you is to use an 22ft pole and trad the insides.
  12. Feeling like taking the leap

    The thing about being self employed is when it's raining and you feel like sacking the day off or anything like that. Enjoy tomorrow because you've caused double the work. Best decision I ever made and I'm still at the very early stages where I'm learning and making mistakes daily. You just have to decide if you want to work for someone else or do the work for yourself. Oh and the figures look good. But don't forget alot of hours will be unpaid and alot of these guys work more than 40 hours.
  13. Feeling like taking the leap

    Old job 40 hours £15.63 per hour Which is slightly 30k per year. Can you make more than £15.63 a hour for 40 hours per week? Yes ofcouse you can. Let's say you clean an average of 2 standard homes per hour. You charge £10 per home that's £20 per hour. £20 per hour which is £160 per day. Alot of window cleaners can do this no matter where in the country they are. Gives you a grand total of £38400. You also need 320 PERFECT customers to hit these targets. Which will be hard at first but after a few years it's possible.
  14. First day tomorrow....

    1. Don't take anything to heart. I struggled with this to start with. 2. Don't slip into a bad routine. If you get up at 6am at your old job. Then get up at 6am for window cleaning. It's so easy to get into a bad routine. "Oh I don't have much work today I can do it tomorrow". Yes it can work, but it's not the right attitude. 3. Don't over complicate things/over think it. 4. Be prepared to drop alot of customers.
  15. Tfr 20

    I'm going to give that screwfix no nonsense degreeser a try. Price wise it's good and i have read of people on here rating it.

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