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  1. Samthewindowman

    Round for lease Norfolk/Suffolk!

    Well if it all works out okay I will keep the rent leased out as my wife can work remotely also. All depends on if I'm messed around or not
  2. Samthewindowman

    Round for lease Norfolk/Suffolk!

    Hi thanks for your reply, yeah I know it seems like a lot but I think it's all relative if the round earned £1800 a month then 25% would be fair but as it frequently earns over £5000 a month I didn't think £2550 a month for 3 days a week short days was pretty good. Maybe employing would be a better idea, just didn't want to deal with the hassle of employing someone..
  3. Samthewindowman

    Round for lease Norfolk/Suffolk!

    Leasing as going travelling for a while but would still manage the round as much as possible on cleaner planner abroad. sorry looking for someone to do the lot and not separate it
  4. Hi guys, Looking to rent out my round in Norfolk/Suffolk including villages like Southwold, Beccles, Norwich, Cromer, with an average of a 5 min drive between each property. I will need to be paid £2450 PCM for the round. I can include my 2014 van with all the equipment set up but that would be £2850 a month. Round makes roughly £4500 a month, but pretty much every week I have gutters/con roof cleans so often make over £5000 a month. Work can be done in 3/4 days 8:30am till 2:30pm. Appreciate it may seem like I'm asking for a lot but it's high quality work, over £50 an hour easy. Looking for an honest reliable guy, will get all paperwork sorted and a contract signed. So potentially £2550 a month for part time hours! Text me on 07706839669 if you're interested. Thanks guys

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