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  1. Carts69

    Backpack question

    Hi, just wondering the best way to setup my backpack for spraying hypo onto patios/paths, is there an option out there for a suitable metal lance/wand that will fit the standard gardiners orange hose from the BP?
  2. Carts69

    Give this lady a quote for her windows

    And the width of her ass 😬
  3. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Ok thanks, seems like the best idea! Cheers for you help pjj, I shall call them shortly.
  4. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Cheers, yep that all makes sense, ive just tried locating the parts on Rutlands but can’t find them, have u got a link to any of them?
  5. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Cheers, so how does the work, hose in from the top filling, how does the float work & the outlet tap looks different, can u explain the working procedure pls?
  6. Carts69

    Pump problem dead end

    Her indoors always says that to me 😬
  7. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Yeah, cheers I’d like to see what u got there!
  8. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    What’s the wheelie bin set up you got there, connections etc, got a better pic?
  9. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Who repointed a section in pic 2, surely could have got it a little closer to the original?
  10. Carts69

    Most practical 15 vs 21 lpm?

    Cheers, very useful info
  11. Just wondering if a 21lpm washer is more hassle than not, as I understand these need to be barrel fed,I presume with a good supply of water constantly running into a bin or whatever, can I get some opinions on whether a 15 lpm is more practical & is there really much difference in the cleaning power between the two?
  12. Carts69

    Pure freedom controller

    Thanks, I have a digital controller so I suppose my calibration would be slightly different!
  13. Carts69

    Pure freedom controller

    Do you have to fully extend the pole whilst calibration is taking place?
  14. Carts69

    Pole bag locating

    Good idea, cheers Cornish
  15. Carts69

    General advice for new starter

    Learnt something new there, worth knowing 👍

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