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  1. Carts69

    Viro-Sol through univalve?

    I’ll chance it & rinse out after use, cheers guys
  2. Does anyone know if running a diluted Viro-Sol mix through a univalve regularly have any ill effect on it?
  3. Over priced, over rated... over and out!
  4. Carts69

    Metered Water concerns

    Yea fair point, cheers
  5. Hi, Any advice please on metered water, I’m using loads now and fearing a huge bill, is it possible for the water board to meter the outside tap separately, anyone else in the same boat could advise please?
  6. Carts69

    Wiring for trolley?

    Although, I’ve now wired it up successfully I still have the fuse to wire in, it has 2 terminals on it, am I right in thinking this should be wired in just after the on/off switch, live & negative, any ideas?
  7. Carts69

    Wiring for trolley?

    Superb thanks, that helps no end, cheers
  8. Ok, I’m looking for a diagram or someone who can talk me through wiring my trolley up, I have the battery,the on/off switch, the fuse, the pump, the speed controller, the voltage meter & a charging socket, can any of you guys help on this please?
  9. Carts69

    Backpack question

    Hi, just wondering the best way to setup my backpack for spraying hypo onto patios/paths, is there an option out there for a suitable metal lance/wand that will fit the standard gardiners orange hose from the BP?
  10. Carts69

    Give this lady a quote for her windows

    And the width of her ass 😬
  11. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Ok thanks, seems like the best idea! Cheers for you help pjj, I shall call them shortly.
  12. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Cheers, yep that all makes sense, ive just tried locating the parts on Rutlands but can’t find them, have u got a link to any of them?
  13. Carts69

    Couple of little jobs from today

    Cheers, so how does the work, hose in from the top filling, how does the float work & the outlet tap looks different, can u explain the working procedure pls?
  14. Carts69

    Pump problem dead end

    Her indoors always says that to me 😬

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