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  1. mike007


    Agree, You will find you want to tweak your flyers every time you order some more.
  2. mike007

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    I always use a 10inch Moerman with fliq pad and their adjustable handle for pole work, and about 80% of the time, a 10inch Moerman with their normal handle in my hand, both have razr red rubber.
  3. Fail to prepare....Prepare to fail.....my motto.
  4. mike007

    how to get them first customers

    If he did the customer on a Monthly basis and charged lets say £10, Multiply by 12 Months, and leaving that van got him £120 !!!!
  5. mike007

    how to get them first customers

    Oh...and when you do a job for a customer...do a decent job.....then you get recomendations........and also neighbours watching see you doing decent job, are more inclined to use you...especially after seeing you turn up two or threetimes on the street.
  6. mike007

    Pent House

    Did same sort of thing with new house couple Months ago.......time consuming going up stairs with kit....glad only once in blue moon
  7. mike007

    how to fan a window

    Look for Christopher Dawber on youtube, and abc window supplies (an American)
  8. mike007

    Help beginner rubber blade issue

    Plus can start further in on your first stroke, then fan behind it as you go down the window if you know what I mean........think you may be doing straight pulls from edge so leaving slight residue of water!!!!
  9. mike007

    how to get them first customers

    Get leaflets or flyers printed then go knocking doors. Look for streets with upstairs windows looking bit dirty. Someone in give them your spiel, and leaflet,no one in leave your leaflet Not rocket science.........but you will get more no,s then yesses....how the game works, remember in football, the best strikers are the ones who shoot at goal most, not every one goes in the back of the net, but more tries more goals!!!!, like door knocking/canvassing.
  10. mike007

    Q) WFP top and TRAD BOTTOMS?

    Was fully Trad, but now for more personal safety mostly wfp upstairs with my backpack on a trolley, but Trad down. Also easier selling point in my mind.......oh and I like tradding.
  11. mike007

    Cardiff city on there way

    Deserve their day in the sun in the Premiership again☺️
  12. At moment still use a big diary to keep my customer schedule in. End of day tick of the jobs done and book them in four weeks on, easy peasy. Also have all info on a excel so not a complete caveman. BIG PROBLEM Wednesday, Computer wouldn,t open Windows!!!! took to computer nerds, got it back next day with new hard drive and had to try to get it back and running.Had some stuff backed up thankfully, but discovered how much I rely, maybe too much on that computer tower of tech. We must I suggest be mindful of how easy something can go wrong with technology we rely on to aid us and make things better. If I didn,t use my diary and relied solely with excel spreadshheets would of still muddled through till found a fix to the problem, but sometimes low tech is good enough tech, if your a one man band, methinks.
  13. mike007

    Starting up again

    Personally I will work 7 days a week for a few years if it makes me 6k a month, then get some employees onboard and take some time back. Thing about human nature is saying and doing are two different things.Working 7 days a week is a recipe for stress, burnout etc. Some guys on here probably earn 6k a month, but bet was gradual on year rise. A big reason for people to set up in this business is to have that work/life balance back. But good luck.
  14. Fine and dandy in East Midlands, relaxed after Bank Holiday with family and ready for a steady day on the glass.
  15. mike007

    Urgh! Problem with a commercial job...

    Think you can have a verbal contract in law, but seems like bad communication between all concerned,and that one of the showroom guys is keeping his head down. They may still say to you when you can contact them that they are going to use you for your reliability. As for trying to get recompence for time lost,I would not hold my breathe

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