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  1. mike007

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    I just normal moerman fixed handle for "hand work", do not need swivel except for pole work, then I use combinator. But have liquidator swivel handle set to fix on my 14inch and both worked fine in Fridays torrential downpour as I was finishing a conservatory....no detailing required.
  2. I have drilled holes in my ladder stoppers so I can tie wire/rope between them to make carrying easier. Remember you have to carry what you need.
  4. mike007

    Favourite squeegee?

    I use moerman liquidator with moerman bi component handle for hand work or s plus channel again with the moerman bi component handle.
  5. mike007

    6" squeegees to recommend.

    That you cut down yourself?????
  6. mike007

    6" squeegees to recommend.

    Not seen a 6inch, use a 4inch if your 10inch is too big...alternatley cut down a bigger one as rugbywolf advised
  7. mike007

    Playing the Vertigo Card

    Or maybe the effects of a few drams the night before???
  8. mike007

    Playing the Vertigo Card

    Risk asses yourself,If you are dizzy when up a ladder, you are risking injury, so do not use a ladder!!!!!
  9. mike007

    Pricing too high?

    Kelly McGillis said it to Tom Cruise who flew inverted against a Russian jet,showing off how good he was
  10. mike007

    Pricing too high?

    So your the one?????(quote from Top Gun)
  11. This weather getting mighty hard work especially doing first cleans on windows that haven,t been cleaned in ages, so many times even doing one pane at a time the prewashing dries on windows before can squeegee, so having to sometime go over several times to get good finish....but hey, getting a great tan....and new customers. Even maintenance cleans I am doing lots of applicating one pane at a time instead of multiple panes because of drying times in this heat
  12. mike007


    I see winter as a oppurtunity to grow, the fairweather and beer token windies dissapear......so better for us.
  13. mike007

    Traditional versus WFP

    I started up again and was completely Trad, now I still do Trad bottoms, but after first cleans usually use packpack and wfp for upstairs for reasons stated by other members
  14. mike007

    Ladder Mitt safety tip

    Like farmers..never hear one saying he,s rich,but never seeing a poor one!!
  15. mike007

    Ladder Mitt safety tip

    I use ladder especially for first clean,especially in this weather...up close and personal to ensure a good job....then my wfp backpack for the monthly thereafter usually.

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