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  1. Leafleting campaigns - Yes Please

    The “menu” idea is interesting, like that people can see right away a ballpark figure - am finalising my first leaflets before getting printed, this was useful thanks Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  2. Nano trolley or Water Genie which is best

    I use the orange xline trolley, chunky and so far very reliable. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  3. A BAD DAY!!!

    I’ve been mobile using a trolley since September, takes a while to work out efficient ways to work, but you will get quicker as you go, and you will know your own bottlenecks in your approach that you can think about making slicker. Quick one for me was wasting water, bought a Univalve and it made an immediate improvement. Using a 100m hose reel and leaving the trolley in the car where I could works better too (instead of wheeling it everywhere with a 20m hose as I did before). But you will work out yourself what to try to focus on... Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  4. Hello, I haven’t lacquered my poles but frequently wash them out from the bottom with soapy water, extending each section and giving them a good rinse and dry off after - advice from here too about extending the life Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  5. FSG newbie Pricing help - North West

    Good advice thanks - I think it’s the best part of a day’s work especially as haven’t done one before. Sounds like I’m better taking some basic tools along too in case have to dismantle downpipes etc? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. FSG newbie Pricing help - North West

    Thanks everyone for your input so far - very useful. Will let you know how the quote goes...as commented above, I want to do it almost as much for the experience (good, bad or ugly) as for the wage, will help me decide what to do for future jobs etc.
  7. Hi guys, looking for a bit of help quoting this job. Never done FSG before and have had a look at some of the the forum topics, but welcome any suggestions. Am in the NW. Customer is replacing all the soffits/windows etc in the future so this is purely a tidy up rather than a restore. I plan use customers outside tap to the hose reel, Gardiner flocked sill brush and screwfix degreaser either straight onto the brush or onto the plastic from a cheap hand pump chemical sprayer, then scrubbed off. Don’t have access to a gutter vac, but have a Gardiner gutter agitator. Customer knows I don’t use ladders either so will be whatever can be done from ground level. She has done some cleaning herself at the front & back of the house using a brush and a chemical cleaner (grime-away?) and they came up ok, which is what she wants from me too - cleaned, not restored. Nothing has been cleaned in years, most window frames got a bit of greenery. Ideally I will split the quote: 1. Clear the gutter contents 2. Clean the soffits, fascia and gutter exterior 3. Normal monthly window clean (first clean done after FSG, included with quote for soffits etc). FSG then windows done with pure afterwards. Would suggest around £20pm for a normal monthly window clean. Anything I might have missed? Any potential problems? How would you quote for each part? Pics below! Thanks guys! There isn’t a decent pic of the front of the house, but the windows with the louvres are at the front of the house, end of the wall where the door is.
  8. Hi guys, doesn’t seem like rocket science but do you find a wider brush (35cm upwards) more efficient than a standard 25-ish cm brush? I do domestic only just now, some of these brushes are the width of the windows I clean. Know a wide brush will cover more surface area, but do you find it makes you quicker, or is it harder to control - what’s your opinion? Gardiner sale items caught my attention... Thanks! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  9. A quick spruce up.

    That’s an epic end result Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  10. Just how?

    Ditto - would look at £15 for that. Customer recently cancelled me after a fairly pricy first clean as relative of theirs said he has a bigger house, more glass, but was paying half what I had quoted for a regular monthly. Just replied “not all window cleaners created equal” and moved on [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  11. I got a SumUp card reader, very professional looking and easy to use but haven’t had to use it once out on jobs, bank transfers all the way. Is a good advertising angle tho, “multiple payment options available”, “visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay” etc. Sits in the glove box just in case! Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  12. Pricing for Domestic Homes

    Be choosy about the houses you want to do as well - I found that being a bit desperate for business at the start meant I canvassed and took work from houses I’d now rather not do (poor access or separate access to parts of the building/bad angle to get to the windows; dogs = back garden poop minefield; not as nice areas so less £ per house). Some great advice on this site about dealing with “messers” and not undervaluing your work. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  13. Hello folks, looking for some guidance please! I have my water supplied by United Utilities (live in Cheshire). Turns out that as a commercial / domestic property mix, my water needs to be supplied by a company called Water-Plus - has anyone had any experience with this company, costs, is it metered water etc, also whether you switched or not etc, any input welcome thanks!
  14. Newbie Introduction

    Will do Aspect - I asked a question about what chemicals to use (if any) - for it, got a lot of suggestions so will need to get that decided, but will take some pics Sent from my iPad using Window Cleaning Forums
  15. Newbie Introduction

    Hi Aspect, I'm a newbie too, got a conservatory to do as part of my first job , hopefully can do just as tidy a job as you!

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