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  1. @Alex Gardiner is it caused by the base of the gooseneck expanding ? It seems unlikely - i thought as it happend to both my poles it was something i had or hadnt done ? Ps im not looking for a freebie replacement! im just interested to know 😁
  2. Yeah you could try grease, if you out working now you could push the hose up straight through without the john guest fitting and you should be able to get it through the little hole. Like i say mine was fine then one day just stuck solid and i managed to twist it out ,after that i didnt have a clamp in and it was only half way in ! I tried grease but it was like the plastic had expanded so i filed it down gradually until it fit better.
  3. Cool, i just wanted to make sure i was thinking the same as you. Mine has been the same.... Open section one so you can a grip about 4 inches lower than the clamp Remove the clamp from the gooseneck connecter completely put it somewhere safe Then grip section one and the the gooseneck so you can twist it and pull at the same time Its not screwed in its just bloody tight ! Gloves might help. You should be able to prize and twist it out Im not sure what caused it but both of my poles were the same they were fine then one day stuck solid, i had them hanging half out for about 6 months until literally last week when i bought a metal file and filed them down to a better fit. P.s i did mention it on here and Alex did offer after care but i wasnt that bothered enough to follow it through .
  4. Ash87

    Most shocking prices

    Isnt that crazy they would be offering out free cleans and doing the work ? Then not following up at least once more to make some money ! You could follow them round for easy pickings really !
  5. Ok so you mean this bit ? This is the goose neck connector
  6. By top section do you mean the 1st part of your pole ? Or the goose neck / brush connector ?
  7. My day to day is a 35cm brush with 4 of the red fan jets i have just had delivery of the black ones and am wondering if with the increased coverage i will still benefit from using 4 ? Or will that be overkill now ? I like a high flow rate if this makes a difference cheers windies.
  8. Ash87

    Resin ? Sorry to ask !

    Thanks guys 😀
  9. Hi, sorry to bring it up again is there still problems with the supply of quality resin ? Iv looked around and a seen some places have it in stock , and one place had a statement saying it was higher grade than others were selling Im just wondering if theres a recent update iv missed. Thanks in advance Ash
  10. What i meant by eco mode was limp mode , like micheal anderson said it shuts down the electrics to protect the battery, but this also causes the vehichle to not turn over some times Same as the pump controllers when tje voltage get too low
  11. It might be an issue with the battery, you didnt notice your dashboard light up 'eco mode' did you ?
  12. Ash87

    Gardiner Brush Advice

    They used too price match from the web all they asked for was proof and that the item you was after was instock from wherever they were price matching @steve garwood
  13. Ash87

    Any cardiff or welsh lads

    Cheers lads , we are on the way so will see how it goes :) . If i get stranded maybe come and help some of you catch up with work tomorrow ! 😁
  14. Is there any lads on here in or around Cardiff that could tell me what the weathers like and the travel is like today please? Was meant to be on a stag do and just had conformation from the coach company they are still taking us 😨
  15. Ash87

    Who's out today then?

    I'v been out since 10 here in Devon, was all going lovely then the ground froze at a front door ! Iv managed to defrost and clear it Im not sure whether to sack it off now or carry on

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