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  1. Battery issue VariStream

    You could just bypass the controller and wire straight to pump but be aware it might use alot more water
  2. Battery issue VariStream

    Depending on the age of your battery, i think its a thing with varistream controller it has a protecter built in to prevent the battery being run completly flat the "L" means low voltage and the U is when it cuts out, mine still flashed L when my 115a battery was brand new one thing that helps is to have the battery as close to the pump and controller as possible and thus keeping the wires shorter and also have clean uncorroded connections
  3. All the Time ! And iv had most of my customers 8 or 9 years. I dont mind, they recognise me away from window cleaning and most know my wife and sons name too so it must be a mental block for them now !
  4. Solar panel cleaning

    To be fair its him vs them on CIU aswell ! At one point last year they slaughtered him for about 3 weeks non stop !
  5. battory need a replacment

    If you get your battery from europarts you can usually make a decent saving by Google searching for a discount coupon, they Have 34% off today .
  6. I think if you usually avoid internals then these are defo going to be a pain !, if it were me doing that job i would use a 6 inch blade where possible for the first internal clean and cloth then rest, i wouldnt expect a fantastic finish but it would clean the worst and be reasonably painless for you.
  7. Does anyone else have this ? Its tight enough i dont need the clio in but its a real B ache changing brushes ? Im not sure if its a maintance thing iv got 3 poles and 2 of them are like it they are gardiners clx btw. Cheers guys
  8. https://www.howardworth.co.uk/dont-forget-claim-tax-relief-annual-christmas-party-8327/ I heard on a podcast you could claim relief or whatever you wanna call it, i dont know if this is common knowledge. Anyway im delighted to find out ! every year i pay for dinner and gift for staff in at my other business and from now on il have a beer and treat myself to a prezzie of some sort :)
  9. customer letter

    I would reply with a letter that says the same as Part timer's post.
  10. customer letter

    Sack them off , no need to be like that over something so trivial. I feel like that letter is disrespectful .
  11. Church windows

    Be careful with church windows, they leak becuase they are Holy 😂
  12. The Gamers

    Now my son has passed a year of age iv got time to sit and play again ! I play Fifa mostly and il get the new COD im the same as you cleanerwindows i need a few hours at least - isnt it amazing how quick time goes infront of a console !? Also to add my favourite game of all time is Metal gear solid .
  13. Exeter pure water

    Spotless are setting up in exeter at some point- not sure of any others around exeter myself.
  14. Nicotine sent me home sick.

    @Eddie dragon if you still feeling rough have something sugary- the best thing is a straight table spoon of sugar , My BOTL tell me it helps curb the nicotine hangover .
  15. Resin Shortage In The Uk

    I have a feeling Yes and Yes. That might be the reason i didnt argue it more at the time, it was a couple of years ago when i tried, i think she asked about my consumption and reasoned that a commercial water taffif would cost more, I would agree with Spruce has to be worth asking others about there arrangements.

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