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  1. Ash87

    Fan jet problem!!

    Its odd i tried the same jets in diffrent brushes and swapped them because i bought several pairs but they just all spray all over the place ! Its fine because i use a 35cm and rinse on- if not very close to the glass so it controls the spray but id would feel happier if they were uniform @Stallion yeah i like it too much to change ! And i also save loads of water
  2. Ash87

    Fan jet problem!!

    Im pleased im not the only one who's jets get blocked Do all your jets spray out equally on a straight line ? Mine are all over the shop , i have even trimmed the bristles on the brush to no avail.
  3. Ash87

    Fan jet problem!!

    Might be a piece of grit or something in one of the hoses, i would also disconnect all the brush fittings and flush it all through in the opposite direction. Every so often i somehow get a blockage at the brush head which interferes with the spray.
  4. Ash87

    Van/system upgrade

    What Jets do you use? When i switched to gardiners black fan jets i was able to run my pump on "4" instead of the "6" it was on before , i know its not a long term solution if your getting busy but its worth considering * meaning i was saving tons of water everyday
  5. Ash87

    Special offers from suppliers

    Europarts have a sale on this weekend , they are offering 40% off batteries amongst other sales.
  6. @kevinc250 i see a chiropractor regularly i have a long history of back problems due to a condition with my vertebrae . I dont struggle with the weight of the pole up and down or even working off to the side, its the return of energy as @Green Pro Clean Ltd put it that I think is contributing to my pelvis trouble. Im using a CLX atm and if i use it side to side i can feel my glutes twitching trying to stabilise when the pole bends a bit.
  7. Yeah i did look at the extreme as can see the weight is much lower, i was under the impression they arent very robust though? I have a few jobs where im working at an angle (over a conservatory for example) do they widthstand much other than just up and down windows ? Having re read your post what do you mean by delicate? Thats my concern with the extreme other wise its a no brainer id just get the lightest pole stiffest pole available
  8. Hi, its new pole time for me i know theres not much weight difference between an 18ft CLX and SLX im wondering if because the SLX is more rigid it puts less strain on the operator ? I struggle with bad Hips and lower back and i think having a more rigid pole will help stabilise my muscles. Cheers Ash
  9. Ash87

    Need Help with software

    Theres a few , cleaner planner and aworka are the two im aware of , personally i would recommend cleaner planner but iv have never used aworka, also with CP you can upload your worj from George really simply and also send your worklists to staff on their mobiles .
  10. Ash87

    Pole hose repair.

    B&Q and some handyman shops sell pvc pole hose aswell its not ideal for everyday but it would do you while you wait for delivery- alternatively use a barb to join it.
  11. I like it , id be happy with that myself. Perhaps the only improvement might be to add you clean the frames everytime (if you do) as i still see clean glass and black and green frames and i just always think why do custies accept that these days !?
  12. Couldn't of put it better myself .
  13. Hi Im going to treat myself to a new battery this weekend i have always had 115ah batteries from halfords and they have always seen me right and lasted a few years , im just wondering though does having a larger battery increase the life span ? And does it make a diffrence with its day to day voltage levels ? I dont have a split charge relay i dont do enough driving Also euro parts have 35% off this weekend
  14. So can i ask then , everyone who goes tubeless prefers it is anyone using the exceed kit ? It seems to me everybody is using a diy version Personally im happy to pay the 60 odd £ and then some to convert the rest of my poles so i have peace of mind i have a reliable leak free set up are you guys all using diy tubeless set ups without issue?
  15. @Alex Gardiner is it caused by the base of the gooseneck expanding ? It seems unlikely - i thought as it happend to both my poles it was something i had or hadnt done ? Ps im not looking for a freebie replacement! im just interested to know 😁

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